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There is a lot about Tagvillage on this site and for good reason. It is one of the very few very good opportunities that has a potential that is so good it is not likely to be seen very often in a persons lifetime. It is amazing that people go from opportunity to opportunity while not seeing how massive the potential of what they already have in front of them.

The last news item posted on the tagvillage site detailed where it sees itself and what it really is about. I have reproduced it in part below. To see the full article click here

The Bull’s-Eye in Sight

April 20, 2012

Those of you who have been along for the entire ride have seen many refinements over the past 18 months. I am happy to say, as CEO of the company, I have never before felt more assured that we are on the right path. Today we have a clear objective coupled with a precise plan of attack.

During my lifetime as a businessman, I have learned many important lessons. Among these, I learned what every single truly successful business has that makes them leap to the top. First, every truly successful business has a core purpose, a reason the founders wake up every day and go to work. Second, every truly successful business has identified a real problem in an industry and provided a solution. I must admit to you that until recently, I have always felt we did not have a clearly defined method to attain our core purpose, nor had we identified a real problem so that we may provide the solution.

The past 6 months has been especially important for tagvillage as a business. We struggled through a few financing exercises with investors. We looked deeply into our business model. We looked deeply into our software and development process. I spent 1 month with our development team in Ukraine researching, identifying real problems, and discussing possible solutions. I am happy to say that we now have all the important ingredients to develop a truly successful, dominant business. We know exactly what our core purpose is. We have defined our precise business. We have identified real problems within the industry. We have the resources and knowledge to provide the solutions. We have a clear plan of attack.

What is our core purpose? Causes.

We always wanted to be a resource for humanitarian interests around the world. Therefore, we have set a rule that 100% of our future development shall be centered on Causes. From this day forward, every single product we develop will have Causes at the core. We are about to revolutionize the online advertising industry with a means to continuously apply positive affect to the Causes that advertisers, publishers, and viewers hold dear to their hearts.

What is our true business? Online Advertising Delivery.

We are not a search engine, nor do we have the resources to build one. We are not a social network, nor do we have the ability to compete in this field. We are an online advertising delivery platform. From this day forward, every single product we develop will focus on the efficient, effective delivery of advertisements through multiple online channels, while simultaneously benefiting Causes.

Are there problems or ‘broken’ products in our industry? YES.

After much research, we found the majority of the participants in the $80 Billion online advertising industry share the same three primary complaints:

  1. Transparency
  2. Indexing
  3. Creative Ideas
The most common complaint in the online advertising industry focuses on Transparency. Including Google AdSense and DoubleClick, there is not a single advertising network in existence which provides complete transparency to the participants. Ad networks claim to have thousands of publishers, but they do not disclose them to the advertisers. Publishing networks claim to have thousands of advertisers, but they do not disclose them to the publishers. It is impossible for an advertiser to know exactly where all their ads appeared. What pages were they on? What videos were they next to? What articles were they ‘sponsoring’?

What if there were an advertising network that fully disclosed 100% of every detail to the advertisers and publishers? What if advertisers could get a report of every single page and location on the page where their ads appeared each month? What if publishers were told which ads appeared on their sites, who the advertiser was, what Tag they were targeting, and how much they were bidding? This is what tagvillage is building now. Within the next few months, we will be offering the ONLY online advertising platform that is 100% transparent. Both advertisers and publishers will have access to any and all information they wish, even the information that Google and other networks refuse to disclose.

The second most common complaint revolves around Indexing. Every single advertising network in existence uses search-based indexing. In other words, when a publisher submits their website to the network, a spider reviews the page and then a complex algorithm is used to determine the major keywords or topics of the page. Once these keywords are determined, the page is ‘indexed’ into the ad network database and assigned a small set of primary keywords. From this point forward, all ads displayed on the page must relate to this small set of keywords.

While this is a good solution when it comes to relevance (placing ads on pages that actually relate to the content of the page), it is not a good solution when it comes to variety. Many publishers complain that the ads on their pages are the same ‘ole same ‘ole. The only way to get different ads to appear is to completely rewrite the page and wish that the ad network assigns different keywords when they re-index the page. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

What if publishers were given a say in the indexing of their own pages? What if publishers were allowed to change the set of keywords that were being targeted? What if we only relied partially on computers to do the match-making and we allowed human brains to be involved? This is the solution tagvillage will provide to the indexing problem. Very soon, we will offer the ONLY online advertising platform where publishers have some control over the Tags that are targeted by ads on their pages. If ads get old and stagnant, they can change up their indexing list and suddenly have new, fresh ad content on their sites!

The final major complaint in the industry relates to creativity and suggestions. None of the major ad networks offer creative assistance with ad content or keyword targeting. Networks such as Google provide keyword research tools, but they are not ‘creative suggestors’. Instead, they are simply search-based results. If the owner of a blog about nature searches ‘nature’ or ‘forest’ or ‘bird watching’ on the Google network, he will be given a list of keywords related to past searches involving these words.

What if advertisers were given tools to help them find creative ideas? What if the owner of the nature blog entered ‘nature’ into the system and an actual human suggested he show ads related to ‘eco furniture’ on his blog? A computer could NEVER make this suggestion. A person could. What if an advertiser wanted to create 5 variations of an ad and let thousands of people ‘vote’ on the best one and make creative suggestions?

tagvillage will provide solutions for the creativity problem. We are building tools that will allow publishers to interact with Tag Traders and advertisers so they display ads on their sites more creatively. We are building tools that will allow Tag Traders to ‘suggest’ the Tags publishers and advertisers target. We are building tools to allow advertisers to ‘test’ their ad content and receive creative feedback from thousands of viewers.

In addition to all these solutions, we plan to give Tag Traders some say in the ‘indexing’ and frequency their Tags are targeted by ads. One of the most important aspects we will use to determine if a Tag gets targeted is the value of the Tag. When we have an option between two relevant Tags that could be targeted by an ad on a publisher’s page, we will most often choose the more valuable Tag (the one with the highest price in our system). Therefore, if you want to ensure that your Tags are targeted more than your competitors Tags, you must focus on Tag value.

As you can see, we have a laser focus on a bull’s-eye. We know exactly what our core purpose is. We know exactly what business we are in. We have identified 3 major problems in our industry. We are building the solutions for these problems. I have never before felt more confident in the direction our company is moving. I think we could easily become a powerful force in the online advertising industry. The majority of the industry is complaining about the ‘brokenness’ of the current products offered by our competition. We will soon release a product that solves their problems effectively and efficiently.


Finally a company with foresight and enough integrity to give its customers and members exactly what they want. It is these sorts of companies that drive industries and make enormous amounts of money. This is something you should get involved with.


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