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Time flies and we need to make the most of it. While most people were out partying as the new year came in I was frantically helping people qualify for the apprentice prize in the tag Guru contest. I could have just let it be as I already had a pretty good number of Master stars and was of the thoughts that I probably wouldn’t have enough to get in the top 5.

So the time I spent certainly worked to help a lot of people in the last couple of days qualify for their prize. Two days ago the results of the contest were published.

The official contest results are in! Your personal winnings are listed above and on the left hand column of every page. We will display the balance of your prize until it is paid in full. The first payment will be paid on February 20th, 2012.
Nikolaus Kirchler (dinoo)
Guru Prize: 143,297.79 Credits
1. Nikolaus Kirchler (dinoo)
Apprentice Stars: 1 | Journeyman Stars: 4 | Master Stars: 226
Prize: 143,297.79 Credits2. Elizabeth Laguardia (slider)
Apprentice Stars: 1 | Journeyman Stars: 1 | Master Stars: 107
Prize: 30,916.81 Credits

3. Yana Svara (kaimanayana)
Apprentice Stars: 1 | Journeyman Stars:3 | Master Stars: 89
Prize: 29,533.83 Credits

4. David Newman (denewman)
Apprentice Stars: 1 | Journeyman Stars: 1 | Master Stars: 64
Prize: 26,659.38 Credits

5. Roger Bice (Valuegreen)
Apprentice Stars: 1 | Journeyman Stars: 1 | Master Stars: 44
Prize: 24,679.19 Credits

Apprentice Star: 123.15 Credits
Journeyman Star: 199.60 Credits
Master Star: 99.01 Credits
Congratulations to our Chosen Ones and the official 2012 Tag Guru! You guys deserve it! You worked very hard to accomplish this amazing feat! We pray that every member had a lot of fun and truly enjoyed the Tag Guru Contest. Stay tuned, there is an even better contest with more incredible prizes planned for the near future!

So in the end the sacrifice to help others certainly paid off. The truth is though that I expect the commissions that will come from the tagvertising will be far more than any of the prizes paid.

The real reward was in helping those that would not have otherwise managed to achieve in the contest.It will be very interesting to see the next big contest possibly as soon as next month.

Tagvillage Tag Guru Contest Prize


What Else is Happening

I like to keep in touch with what is going on and the latest ‘big thing’ is a new website that doubles your money. Is it legit or just a ponzi? Well it is basically a doubler and claims to have been in business since 2004

***See update post regarding Cashflowbot***

While the site may have originated in 2004 the program in its current form was only started in the last few days of December. So in reality it has only been a week or so. It has certainly taken off though as already over $400,000 has been put through it and there is just over 10,000 members. Current doubling time is around 2 days which is very quick.

The question is how long can it last. Momentum is there and as long as people are reinvesting their money it will move.  But the longer it runs the more it need put in to fully cycle everyones payments. So at some point it is bound to slow down.

Is it worth joining? I would say as a speculative investment sure but don’t expect it to be something to solve all your online income needs. If you put money in and it gets through to the top you will double your money. If it slows to a crawl you may end up not getting there. Right now there is increasing money going in every day. So far today at 9am server time there has already been $48,000 deposited. It is taking between 2-3 days to double. I am sure that will change but it is worth putting a little in while the going is good.


5 For Free

With a few teething problems 5ForFree launched with a rather quiet stampede. Unlike a lot of promotions most members joining were already in waiting lists to start. What makes this program different is that you can join and earn from free members. It is not uncommon to earn from paying members but from free members it is.

As soon as you join up and complete an offer you will get credited $5. For anyone that joins you you will then make commissions on three levels. Even though they are not paying anything.

There is an optional upgrade to the program which increases your earnings substantially. You can start as a free member and upgrade later, or even remain a free member the whole time. This is one that has already got thousands of members but is relatively unknown.

With the option to be a member for free and earn commissions from other free members this is a good one to get on.

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