AutoXTen 3 Days left to Lock your Position

In what looks like being the fastest growing business this year, AutoXTen is now accepting upgrades to lock your position in the matrix. The matrix itself will be shown in the backoffice once the launch happens. This means people need to upgrade or else lose their position and any people under them in the matrix. There is some confusion as people looking at their team in the backoffice are thinking that is their matrix. That isn’t the case, the backoffice where it says your team only shows people you personally sponsored.

For upgrade options it is explained on videos now in the backoffice. Here is the basics for you

$10 gets you locked in. As you progress through levels your upgrades will be paid for from earnings.

$150 pays for all 4 levels straight up.

$20 Freedom phase, this is an optional monthly subscription giving many the opportunity to earn more. For those that have not sponsored anyone it will not give you any return. This is where the figures in the your team area in the backoffice helps. Effectively you will make $1 for everyone in there.

At last count there was over 68,000 people pre-subscribed. Obviously not all of them will pay for the upgrade and those that don’t will be removed from the matrix losing all of the people that are under them. Unfortunately people do not know how many are going to be put under them from spillover. This means some people that do not upgrade will be throwing away money. Why take the chance, for $10 you have your postion and you also get a internet marketing course. Why wouldn’t you upgrade?

Lock in now, this is still growing fast and the money is about to flow. Click the product pack image below to signup.

AUtoXTen Product Pack 1

To upgrade you need an Alertpay account. If you haven’t got one click the banner below to get one

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