AutoXTen replaces OneX

OneX was due to launch yesterday but instead at the last call the owners mentioned that they were unable to secure a payment processor to kickoff. Unbeknown to many there were a few leaders already running with a project that was aimed to be a better version of OneX. They already had a relationship with payment processors so that was not going to be an issue. With OneX failing to get off the ground they quickly mobilised their program to replace it. Due to this with so many waiting for OneX the new program AutoXTen has taken off like a rocket. There is a lot of momentum with over 4500 people already joining and it is still under 24 hours old.

AutoXten 1

The cost is only $10 so the risk vs reward is definately worth it.

To get the best benefit obviously you will do better if you refer people as there is matching bonuses.

There is a 50% matching bonus on your personal members so that will quickly add up.

So do yourself a favour and try to get some personals to make the most of it.
This will be heavily marketed over the coming weeks so don’t wait, get in now. There are some big promoters that are going to be putting in lots of members. That’s why the earlier you join the better.


AUtoXTen Make money


Long Term Prospects.

At this stage the long term is a little hard to say. I will need to study the program a little more to make a judgement on that. Right now I’m a bit stretched for time but I will follow up.


Once again here is the link



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9 Responses to “AutoXTen replaces OneX”

  1. John says:

    What a load of lies! OneX launched a few hours after this unknown “autoXten”.

    • Admin says:

      You are right and wrong John. I was not totally correct in that AutoXTen did not replace OneX I was mistaken in that regard. OneX has now launched you are correct, if you consider 48 hours a few hours then you would be right again. AutoXTen as far as being unknown has over 17,000 members so I would not call that unknown. There have also been some questions raised about OneX because it is not the first time it has been around. So if that is what you mean by it being known that can possibly be a negative.

      Still OneX is sure to take off as there is a lot of momentum.

  2. Dwight Driskill says:

    Both AutoxTen and OneX are incredible business opportunities and with extraordinary compensation plans. Both my partner and myself and our teams are going to push both. Why not, you combine the both together at a one time cost of only $15 and potentially earn over $300,000 if you complete both matrixes. Plus, get $198,000 sponsorship bonus if you sign up anyone for both opportunities. For only a one time out of pocket expense of $15, I’ll flow with both. Anyway, if one stream dries up you still have the other one flowing.

  3. jennine says:

    ‘What a load of lies’ to be sure!
    I joined and put $70 in my account. Bought a few keys and noone has been able to sponsor.
    $20 was placed in my account and I managed to withdraw
    my remaining $14 and that is that!
    I now find that there will be no spillovers for which we was promised.
    I am down $56
    Thanks OneX!

    • Admin says:

      Ok Jennine, you have obviously had a bad experience but you are attacking the wrong company for starters. Either that or you are mixed up. You mention at the end you are talking about OneX but this is actually about AutoXTen. Now maybe you meant AXT and just put OneX by mistake but either way I will respond to your issue.

      The biggest issue sems to be you are not getting spillover. That is a common complaint from people and really it is only people that are not serious that complain about it. I do not believe anyone was ‘promised’ spillover because simply put not everyone will get it. You will get spillover only if the people above you recruit more than their first level. Even if you join one of the top recruiters you are not guaranteed any because you might fall on their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th level or even lower. For each level if the people above are not sponsoring there will be less if any spillover. This applies to every company that has a matrix.

      In AutoXTen I was hoping to get spillover because I was promised a 1st level position under my sponsor and he had over 120 in pre-launch prior to people paying in. Unfortunately I found out that I ended up on his 2nd level and he has only had about 40 people upgrade. Because I had already sponsored more than 4 myself filling up my first level I never got spillover. Obviously whoever is above me and under my sponsor has not done enough to create any either. That also does not mean that you or I will never get spillover, if the upline do recruit then it is still possible.

      One last thing about spillover. If you are looking at getting spillover you will never make much money online unless you are very lucky and get under someone exceptional that creates a lot for you. Unlikely to happen though. To make money you need to put in effort yourself, create your own spillover for your people. Teach them to bring others in which in turn increases your business.

      Now the other part you say noone has been able to sponsor. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that, either no one is wanting to join with you or the keys are not working. I never upgraded in OneX so I’m not sure of the full process. In AutoXTen I know that things have not always gone smoothly and there was an issue with pif keys they are using. I don’t have full details since I wasn’t affected however I believe it was sorted out. Support would help in that instance with either company.

      If you want some more help with how you may be able to do better with it feel free to get in touch with me. I haven’t made a fortune but others have. I also think I have worked out a method to really increase the success rate…Just got to make a video up on that soon.

      Hope that helps.

  4. jennine says:

    Thankyou for taking the trouble to reply to me. Believe me I went to a load of trouble just to get 5 people in and paid for them with the keys but none of them have been able to sponsor and this doesn’t surprise me because I know the job I had and I’ve had a lot of experience marketing in the past.
    Even with more work and effort I have no surety of making any profit I have learned not to waste my time in such situations. I’ve done all that in the past worked my guts out just to give money to my upline and this is what I have done here.
    It is just annoying to put money in like that, work so hard and lose money at the end of it all
    I wish you all the best in your business

    • Admin says:

      Jennine that is a shame and has just shown a big difference between OneX and AutoXTen. If you had done the same with AXT you would have earned $40 straight away. I cannot say whether those people would find it any easier to have people signup but with the benefits given much earlier I think they would have a chance.

  5. Ian says:

    Good day.

    Is it okay to join both OneX and AutoXTen?
    Is it not hard to recruit for 2 companies?


    • Admin says:

      Sure it is ok to promote more than one company. Is it harder to recruit for more than one company, yes it is. The best things to do is to concentrate on what your time allows. If that is one company then do that. Also it is good to have programs that involve tools that can help you with your other companies.

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