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***UPDATE – Preservation of Wealth has not been paying commissions to all members. It is not answering customer support emails. They have had commission cheques bounce. GBBG now recommends you do not join Preservation of Wealth***


GBBG BitBillions are looking to help it’s members make some money outside of the business. The opportunity to build up an investment and make money in the process was too good to pass up. Here is what they say;

An awesome opportunity to build wealth with your very own international SILVER AND GOLD business. Also, an even better opportunity to leverage the marketing power of the GBBG network to help you build your business! With over 1,000,000 unique visitors each month and over 10,000,000 banner impressions, GBBG will help you grow your business. FOR FREE!

Every person who joins this opportunity with GBBG can earn weekly commissions and build a valuable stockpile of MS70 Numismatic Silver Coins. But better still, 100% of the activity benefits the entire GBBG network. Why? Because GBBG earns weekly commissions on coins purchased by the entire GBBG team. These funds will be poured into the GBBG matrix pools and shared with our members!

GBBG Collective Support

When you join this opportunity with GBBG you will receive the following support:

  • Official GBBG Webinars to help grow your downline
  • Your referring link rotated in all GBBG promotions
  • VIP and top Team Leaders working with you to promote and build

Important Details

This is your chance to truly become wealthy! Each month you will receive an MS70 Numismatic Silver Coin. The company offers a 4 year 100% buy-back guarantee on all coins. For up to 4 years, you can sell your coins back to the company for the exact same price you paid. So, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO RISK and EVERYTHING TO GAIN! You can build an amazing lifetime of residual income and amass a wealthy stockpile of Silver and Gold. In addition, you get 5,000 GBBG Points each month you receive your Optionship coin. This further increases your share of the residual income granted to you through the GBBG Matrix pools. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Join the GBBG Preservation of Wealth team today and work with us.

This is something you do not want to miss out on. What other company offers to put your link on their websites that have generated millions of views. I’m betting none. Click the banner below for more information


Gold Bullion Silver Bullion Gold and Silver Coins

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