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BitBillions now has an improved process for signing members up. Previously people would have to email bitbillions before receiving a member ID. Now they get it with just the click of a button on the website. They then need to send an email in to apply for membership.

Bitcoin treasure

There is an Alert for members to take note of.

This is the ONLY time you will EVER receive this membership identification number and password! We NEVER re-issue or send this information to you by email. Write this information down! Copy and paste this information and save it to a file! It is your responsibility to guard and protect your details for life. Safely store a copy where ONLY YOU can access this information. If you lose this information, you will NOT be able to restore it. Do NOT email us or ask any other member to help you recover these details. Misplacing this information shall immediately result in forfeiture of membership and assets (such as revenue share) distributed to the bearer of this information. Guard this information as if it were gold bullion. The bearer of these details is automatically considered the owner, therefore, if you allow another person to take this information from you, they will have permission to take your funds, assets, and access to our technology. The person in possession of this information also possesses all membership rights. This is the most important information you will EVER have, guard and protect it at all costs. We suggest you keep copies of this information in a few places.

While this is a very new opportunity it seems that it has not yet really taken hold. The first 5000 positions will get the biggest benefit. Right now there are plenty of these positions available. This is a great time for people to signup and get involved at low cost to a program that will pay them for years into the future.


Part of the reason this has not yet taken off is people that think there is nothing behind this website. They think it is just a scam. Actually it is quite funny as some of the people that think that are the same ones that will put money into programs that pay 2% daily then wonder why they crash. If you study the compensation plan here you will see that it is fully sustainable. Money is only shared when the business is making revenue. By doing that they have to make money. This is your guarantee that they will not crash. If no money is made, no money is distributed. Pretty simple concept and it is how all businesses should operate.


As with any new program time will tell. The product will be very important and BitBilions are looking to make many products in many areas. I suspect the first products will be the more simple ones and more progressive ones will come later. Once products are released many people will start joining and it is the people that took the chance early that will benefit most. Especially those that get in the first 5000 positions. The type of technology they are dealing with is new and already establishing itself. This is a great time to be building this before others realize how easy it will be to do. Yes this can succeed, provided it gets support from the people.


This is tough to say and depends on a few things. If you are someone that will refer a lot of people, then you will make some good commissions just from that alone. It will also help in building your matrix. Remembering you only earn from the matrix if the members in it are earning since you get 7% of what they have earned from revenue share. Really there is no way to say how much you could earn. If BitBillions grows big and starts making millions of dollars revenue then you could earn a big amount of money. If it starts to grow huge then that big amount of money will start becoming life changing amounts. To get it you don’t have to do a lot either, just join, donate and then when the software is out, use it.


As mentioned the process is much easier now. You need to have an affiliate link to get through to the signup page. If you haven’t got one click the one below;

Bitbillions Link

    • After clicking the affiliate link you will be taken to the site.
    • Go through all the pages until you get to one that says Exclusive Membership
    • At the bottom of the page click on I accept the GBBA Agreement
    • The next page gives you the Launch Process and at the bottom click on Sign Me Up
    • You will then have a membership number and password generated for you which will look like
      Member ID Number (username) 14A1grVFaAHAdYtDSsxMYo9necRViqe6wV
      Password FudjHeEWdFXv
    • You then need to submit membership application by inserting your email then clicking Join Now
    • You will receive an email which will give you options to make your donation. First you will need to create a wallet to receive bitcoins (for your commissions). Several options are suggested.
    • You then can either send a bitcoin to your membership ID (which goes to the company and proves you sent it). The alternative is to send a donation via GoFundMe on the page
    • You will receive an email saying your application for Founder has been accepted, or if you send less that bitcoin equivalent through GFM it will say that you have a reserved position. You will also get login details that you can use to access the member area on the site. You can get your referral link there.
    • One last thing you need to make sure of is that you send your public address from your wallet so that the commissions can be sent to you.

Once you have that setup you can invite others and earn commissions from that. The more referrals you have the more share you will get later from the matrix revenue share bonus.


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2 Responses to “BitBillions How to Sign Up”

  1. Manish says:

    Would like to know more abt this program. Willing to join if it is potentially a long-term income churner.

    • David Newman says:

      The proper income will come when it launches in July however some founder members have made some good amounts in bitcoin from referring other founder members. There is also a referral contest in May where you may win more as well. The way it is being setup is for long term income, not short term gains. If you read the compensation plan you will see that is how they have set it up. If you need any help feel free to get in touch with me, preferably on skype aussie_striker

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