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BitBillions is still in early days with just over a month till the official launch. Since the prelaunch  began Bitbillions set Founder positions to be priced at the rate of 1 bitcoin value. In turn bitcoin enjoyed a rapid rise in value. this made the cost of Bitbillions Founder positions less affordable for many. A promotion selling founder memberships at 1/2 BTC followed then later the Founder positions were set at a price equivalent to $50.

Although the founder positions have been selling every day it appears to be slow growth and probably not as much as they would like. Right now there is a special promotion letting you get a founder position for just $30. This is the cheapest it has been available since bitcoins were valued that when prelaunch began.

In the last two days Bitbillions had webinars with insiders discussing the business. Unfortunately I was unavailable when they were on but I have heard there was some good discussion.

Why should you get a Bitbillions Founder position?

With so many opportunities out there it is easy to ask this question. Bitbillions is not yet proven as the revenue sharing does not begin till after the official launch in July. I am sure that many people will wait till then before deciding whether to take part or not, so is there any advantage to taking the plunge now. The simple answer is yes.

There is a couple of things to consider here. The most important is the way the compensation plan is structured. There is two main parts, the Monthly Revenue Share and the Monthly Matrix Bonus.

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BitBillions Monthly Revenue Share

The revenue share is made up of 6 pools depending on where your position is placed. The first 5,000 positions earn from all of the pools revenue share. Positions 5,001 to 25,000 will miss out on just the first pool. At this stage we wont worry about the other pools because these two pools are the ones currently filling.

The first 5,000 positions alone for the first pool share in 10% of the profits. Because of the way the pools are structured, increasing revenues would mean increasing revenue share for each position in all except the last pool. The positions in the pools will be determined taking into account when a member joined but placing Founder positions first.

This is very important! Founder positions will be placed in the matrix first when it is set in July. This means all Free and Reserve positions will be leap-frogged by Founder positions.

Right now if you get a Founder position you would jump ahead of more than 4700 non-founder positions!

Most importantly you will be in the first revenue pool with a top 5000 position and that is not the only benefit.

BitBillions Monthly Matrix Bonus

Many programs are based on a matrix but I have never seen one that works like this one. Instead of earning from monthly fees or purchases you earn from company revenues based on 7% of what the positions under you on the matrix earned. I think this may confuse many but let me simplify it for you.

If you have 10 people in your matrix and they each earned $100 from the monthly revenue share you would earn 7% of (10 x 100) or 7% of 1000 which gives you a monthly Matrix Bonus of $70. There is going to be points given for people using the applications so not everyone will get the same revenue share.

Obviously if you have more people in your matrix that means more potential bonus for you. That is no different to any other program and because it is company forced matrix you may even get some members forced into your matrix. Especially when the matrix is set in July many Founder positions will have that happen. Like I mentioned right now a founder member jumps over 4700 non founders. All of those will be going under founders somewhere in the matrix.

So you have a choice, you can do nothing and watch, but miss out on getting a early position.

You can get a free position and be last placed in the matrix

You can get a reserve position and be placed in after founder positions

You can take advantage of the founder positions and guarantee yourself to be in all the revenue pools.

For any of these options CLICK HERE

One last thing to check out if you want to really take it up a notch and get on the inside.


Founders VIP Club

Limited to 100 members, the Founders VIP Club is an ultra-exclusive group that will communicate directly with our Fund Managers, inside leaders, and the top developers. This is an extremely rare opportunity to have a hands-on part of the development, vision, and management of GBBG and the BitBillions brand.

Club Features

  • Exclusive Members Area
  • Exclusive Skype Room
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Exclusive Communication

How to Join

If you are interested in leading and managing GBBG, you may apply for membership in the Founders VIP Club. Membership is open to ALL Founder members. You will be required to submit an application along with an additional donation of a minimum of $250 (USD) in Bitcoins or equivalent value. You agree you are freely donating to the development and advancement of the organization and not expecting anything in return. Applicants may begin the process by sending an email to [email protected] with ‘Founders VIP Club Application’ in the body and your member ID number in the subject line.

Additional Note

Members of the Founders VIP Club will have direct access to the engineers and developers of our software. You will interact directly with them in design, development, testing, and other aspects. You do NOT need to be technically skilled, but we will hope to gather marketing and usefulness feedback from you. Members who display utmost trust and ability may also be asked to assist in day-to-day operations, such as processing incoming donations, referral rewards, etc. In addition, ONLY the members of the Founders VIP Club will meet and interact with the inside leaders and originators of GBBG.


BitBillions VIP

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