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Network Money Makers has the goal of ‘helping ordinary people create extraordinary income’. That is a big ask especially when people begin in a variety of situations. Some will have money to invest, some will have none. Some will have a large circle of friends and acquaintances, still some others do not. There are millions of websites that claim to be able to make you money. Some of them will, a lot of them wont. Below you will find many business opportunities that I have or am involved with. I will give a description of each. Later as I get time and the site develops I will attempt to make a page giving more detailed information about each one.




TagVillage is an online advertising distribution company. With concepts never before seen it is on the verge of revolutionalising the industry. At the very least it will find its niche and generate a lot of revenue which in turn will flow through to members. The company donates 10% of revenues to causes chosen by it’s members.  It is also written into their charter that the company has to give minimum of 10% of revenues back to members. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something before the explosive growth begins.

2012 will see Tagvillage launch to advertisers and publishers which will be the beginning of phase two. The CEO David Ruebush believes that there will be thousands of advertisers and publishers joining over the next few months. Given the features and extra earning methods Tagvillage will give advertisers and publishers it is not a stretch to believe he is right.

This is not a company that is going to make you rich overnight but you can generate income and as it grows the income will grow with it. Definately worth getting involved. Great people, great leadership, great company.

Register Here

RATING – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 9.5/10 (Solid as a rock and very underated get involved)

That Free Thing

This is a matrix program with 2 parts. You can be a free member and get 5 freebies a week or be a paid member and have access to hundreds of freebies with new ones updated daily. You also get free video email in your membership and they have giveaways and more. The matrix plan is a 3 x 8 forced matrix and I have to say that I have never seen anything convert prospects to paying members like this. I have been highly impressed with the updates that have happened on the site. The membership has grown quickly with over 46,000 paid members plus over 600,000 free members. Paid members get a lot more and are also in the matrix. There is also a customer membership which gets all the paid membership benefits but does not put them in the matrix.

The cost is $25 to join then $9.95 per month. For the thousands of dollars worth of freebies plus income available to you this is a small cost.




Join WowWe

Wowwe is an established business that is out to get a large chunk of the video conferencing market. It has set up a system for people to build a business around it. This involves a 3 x 7 matrix with generous commissions. You can get the video emailing free but to take part in the income side you must be a member of the affiliate program which means paying a monthly fee for the video conferencing.

There are different membership options depending on what parts you want. Video email, video conferencing, autoresponder and more features in the works. A lot of support available

The companies goal is to get between 1 and 3 million affiliates in 2011-2012. This is a great opportunity and you can even just join and get the video email for free.


RATING – RECOMMENDED 8.o/10 (Good products, Good Company)




Kulesearch was regarded as the little sister of Kooday (which failed) and then Tagvillage came along and Kulesearch was overlooked by many. It may not be as popular but it is still around and some people are doing alright with it. It is based on linking keywords to sites to social network searches and other search engines. This is mainly for marketers to get there links out there and I know of people that are making sales because of it.

I think Kulesearch is a program that will never really take off but it does have a place for marketers and being backed by Sokule it isn’t going to disappear at all’



Five Percent Club

14 people = $821

This one is for those really chasing the prize. A higher price tag at $299 but once you have 3 members you have made your money back. After you have your 3 members you will need to pay a monthly fee but it is already covered by the commissions you are earning. There is big money to be made with your income increasing by $80 a month for every person that becomes involved down to 3 levels. That is monthly residual income not a one off!They don’t have to be people you referred either, you make the same amount of your referrals referrals and theirs as well.

You also have your own shopping mall that you can earn commissions from as well and that could make you a lot more than the membership commissions. The best part of this is that with only a handful of people you will earn good money. This is one to get in on if you can

RATING – Possible 6.0/10 (Just get 3 people and you will make money)


10 Million Dollar Blast Club

10 Million Dollar Blast Club is basically a leads supplier but they are so much more. For starters they supply the cheapest leads you can get. If you find cheaper you will probably find out they are old or reused leads. They have made a club where by becoming a member, going Pro, you will get those leads at half the cost of non members. You also are able to qualify for awesome prizes that the company gives out as well as ones that you will get by reaching milestones in a business structure. That brings us to the business side. You can refer others and there is a pass up the 2nd and 4th member. That means members you refer do the same. Ultimately this means that your business can get to a stage where it is growing by itself because of members being passed up.

Going Pro is a $17 membership per month and for each Pro member you have you will earn $5 a month. So with 4 Pro members you are in profit. The prizes you can get start at $200 cash with 25 Pro members and progress through an iPad, $1000 cash, more cash or Gold, Cars and even a house! Obviously it wil be a large business by the time you qualify for a house and you would be earning a considerable income.

Every good business needs leads and that is what they supply here. They also have their own autoresponder that they will put any leads you purchase straight in it for you. Other autoresponders do not allow that or charge you a lot to do it.

RATING – Possible 6.0/10 
Feeder Matrix

Feeder Matrix

Feeder MatrixHere is one for those that like low start up costs. Only $1.75 to get started and then you use profits to get into the higher levels. With some promotion you could rapidly start earning $5, $10, $20, $40….payments into your alertpay account. By the way as soon as you have one person join you (or put under you from someone above) you will get your $1.75 back. Simple and sometimes the best things are. With each level you open you will earn more and you also have downloadable content that you can access. It is a 4×4 matrix and there is no more benefit to personally sponsoring so you can promote the links of your downline once you have 4 to place people where you want to.

RATING – RECOMMENDED 5.0/10 (Cheap and simple)



That is a start. If there is any that you are involved with that you would like me to review let me know.


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