Text Ad Brokers (now WordYum) – Review on if it is worth Joining

Text Ad Brokers – Now WordYum

Note: This was written back when textadbrokers was launched and it has since changed ownership and name. The info below may now be significantly different but I am keeping it here as a copy of what was offered originally.

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This has just come out and is growing fast. It is limited to only 10,000 positions. That may sound like a lot but it really isn’t and will fill fast.

There is also a time limit involved as well. You only have 15 days to get involved as of now.

Right now with fast growth people are making money on the profits from other members joining. I joined and 5 minutes later I had $0.30  in my account. Twenty minutes later it was $1.20. So definately the earlier you are in the better for this as you will earn as others decide to join. The bigger benefits will be from the advertising income longer term though so these little bits right now are just a confidence booster. Also you can earn a lot more if you have referrals, the money I had made was without any referrals.

On top of that if you will have opportunities to promote, you get advertising credits as part of the cost of joining  so effectively are buying advertising but also getting a share of revenue. That means for some people because it is advertising it may be a tax writeoff. That would depend on your country and their tax laws.

I have quite a few friends that are already posting some nice profits from this so it is moving fast.


NMM Review

For $25 one time cost this is definately worth getting in on. You can buy more units for more income if you wish.

You will get money back it is more a question of how much.

You also get advertsing credits that you can use for other businesses.

To make the most out of it you can refer others although you will still get a share of profits even if you don’t.

The ongoing referral income from any advertising bought could be significant.

Recommendation is to JOIN

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Here is more information from the site

What is TextAdBrokers?

TAB was created as the premier Partner for marketing and distribution For the newly created contextual advertising Platform hitcrawler.com

hitcrawler.com is the newest high-tech High touch advertising platform designed To get your Text, Banner, Inline, and many Other advertising formats in front of Millions of people EVERY DAY

Becoming a member of TAB through the purchase of a Partner package entitles you, the end user, to equal share of the Partner Profit Pool Paid the 15th and 30th of every month from the combined sales efforts of TextAdBrokers.com and hitcrawler.com

With TAB you get

  • Residual income from ownership of Prime Internet Real(Ad)Estate
  • $10 Advertising Voucher at hitcrawler.com Launching May 21st 2011
  • 10,000 Limited Partner Packages (Expected to sell out by launch)
  • Unlimited Width Income Structure to maximize your potential
  • 50% of your organizations total sales paid to you 10 Levels deep
  • 25% of GLOBAL sales paid evenly to every Partner package
  • Multiple partner packages allowed per account/household.
  • No maximum earnings, earn daily as you grow.

Maske money fast here

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