CashFlowBot – Will Your Money Double?

I recently mentioned that this program was flying along and it truely was. Money was doubling in under 2 days it seemed great and didn’t look like slowing down. Then the worst thing that could happen did. With so much activity it was necessary to update the server. This resulted in about 20 hours of downtime. In the bigger scheme of things that is not a lot but after such a huge previous day with over $200,000 deposited the ensuing day was a disappointment.

People blamed Alertpay issues and certain people that deposited as much as $20,000 for the slowdown in cycles. The reality is that the more people that cycle the more it will take to go through everyone to cycle again. The only way for people to cycle faster is for a constantly growing amount of money coming in. That is not infinately sustainable so while it is hot it is great but unless there is income from somewhere else to help with the cycling it is bound to continue to slow, even if the same amount of money is going in.

One thing is for sure Cashflowbot has really done well to get where it has. There has been over a million dollars deposited so far. There was around $38,000 deposited in the last day. A long way off the amounts prior to the server change. Cycling is around 10-15 per hour  meaning new investments will take a long time to cycle if they do at all. There is no reason for the site to close down and I would say that now is when the admin should be sourcing an extra income source to push up the cycling rate without requiring extra deposits. People have to be prepared that if they deposit money it could be stuck there for a long time.

If there is a solution that moves the cycling rate up then it will be a great thing. When you think about it, even if it took a year to double your money that is still a great result. The problem is people do not want it to take a year, they want it to be as quick as possible. With the rate slowing so much it will have to be marketed differently to find people with more patience.

My Recommendation

I am reluctant to deposit any more into this one as the risk is great now that funds coming in will dry up meaning cycling will stop altogether. There are much more reliable programs that you can earn from.

If you are going to make a deposit I would suggest you do not make it one that you can not afford to lose. There is over 8300 positions that will cycle before yours so be patient. If it takes a month or more to double your money you have still done well.

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