Christmas 2011

As it turns into Christmas day around the world, children rush to open presents, people celebrate in their own various ways. Some have lavish dinner parties, some will have big family gatherings, others remain alone.

Christmas Turkey

So while everybody is different life remains the same. People that are well to do sometimes forget about those that are struggling. It is a time of year when the charity type of agencies are working overtime trying to help those less fortunate but they can only do so much.

Some people will say there is nothing they can do as they are too busy. This is often an excuse to do nothing, or they give $2 thinking that is enough to keep their concious clear.

Are we doing enough?

Most people come to this page looking for opportunities to make their own life better. That is why we are here but sometimes we have to think beyond ourselves. What have you done this year to help someone less fortunate? Have you done anything at all? If you haven’t you are not alone, most people get too caught up in their own lives to do something for someone else. Often the excuses flow freely as to why they have not done anything;

  • I have no time
  • I haven’t got money to spare
  • I haven’t got anything they need

Do you really believe it when you say it?

It is amazing to think of how much could be done that isnt. Recently Google announced that they had donated 100 million dollars to charities, concentrated on 4 that they focus on. This sounds like a huge amount right and should be commended. But it isn’t always as good as it sounds.

google Headquarters sign

Google made 9.75 Billion dollars in the 3rd quarter of 2011, yes just the quarter. If we count the first two quarters and project the same for the 4th quarter they will have make just shy of 40 Billion dollars.

This means that their ‘huge’ donation accounts for only 0.25% of the money they made in the year. Let’s put that in perspective. For someone that earned $100,000 in 2011 that would be the same as them making total donations of $250 for the year. It does not seem that big any more does it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is great that Google donated the money, I am just saying that they could do so much more. The reality it that the amount they donated in comparison to how much they earn is very small. They make a big publicity push about it making them seem so good when reality it that someone donating $500 who earnt $100K for the year has done twice as much as Google. I am pretty sure there are people that have donated much higher in % of income.

I have done a little research and found a good article showing some of the top company charity givers in America.

Read it Here

Now these figures work off % of profit so it is only fair that I tell you that the donation Google made worked out to be 0.82% of profit. Yes less than 1%. Some of the companies in the article gave around 10%, so think of this, if Goggle had given 10% they would have donated 1.22 Billion for the year. Imagine how much more good that would have done!

Christmas has become very commercial and it is easy to gt swept up in it. If you take nothing else away from this article remember this.

The best gift you can give someone is your time.

Now this is especially relevant when it comes to children. I have two boys of my own and as much as they love to play on a computer or watch tv, the time they enjoy the most is when they are doing something with me. That might be going fishing, playing in the backyard, even watching a movie together. My boys are 8 and 12, they both still love to have a cuddle, maybe it makes them feel loved. I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Kid Vs WildFirst Snow

T3 Power Station Talbingo

Kid Tired out

It is so easy to get ‘busy’ and put off spending time with the things that matter most. I do not have a wife, or girlfriend so I do not have time constraints there, but for those that do make sure you give quality time to your partner as well. Make them feel special. If you can make them smile you have won the battle. Give a little more than they expect to get and you will always be in a winning position. Even better you will find that you will receive more in return without asking. The motto of give and you shall receive is truer than you think.

Time is the most precious commodity on earth. During this period when most people have a bit of time off, spend it wisely. Make someones life that little bit happier, whether it be a family member, a child, a friend or even someone you don’t even know.

So all in all I hope you all have a great Christmas however you celebrate it.

Merry Christmas

PS: I did mention I was single so if anyone wants to brighten up my life send me one of these;

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