CoOperative Achievement Plan Main Caps Launch

This has been a quiet achiever over the last few months. Many thought it was destined to fail because people do not earn from referrals. Hence the big marketers were not as interested but this took a different turn. Instead people began to band together helping to build to ensure that the program would reach its target of 5000 Caps sold. To ensure its success the mini-caps were introduced as a sort of feeder. This was a good move and very successful but alone was not going to guarantee the main Caps would sell.

Now I do not know if it was all part of the original plan or not but more was added to the site, all for the benefit of members. Small things add up. A PTC part where you can earn credits towards purchasing a mini or main cap. This way people could earn their way into the program.

Cooperative Achievement

But now the excitement starts since the main caps have now launched. It is good to see a program with the right ethics. That being helping the members wherever possible. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying join up and you will make a ton of money because that is simply not true. But what this program gives you is targeted advertising with positions gained each time you buy advertising units in it. What that means is you can advertise your program and as this grows more you may end up making money from progression in here as well.

Cooperative Achievement Plan

I’m not going to go into the full compensation plan. But I will say that I have already made money with it and guess what. Telling you about it earns me nothing. That’s right, there is no referral commissions and this is not a normal matrix. It is more like a company forced matrix. That means that people coming in benefit everyone.

Because of this some people are not interested in this sort of program. Particularly big marketers that prefer to make money straight away from their referrals. On the other hand those that are not good marketers will get as much benefit as anyone else. They just need to stick around.

Cooperative achievement plan is worth checking out. If you have other programs, buying a CAP will give you advertising credits that goes to people that are all wanting to make money. Targetted advertising with the bonus of possibly making some money later.

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