Kooday Admits they have Problems

Kooday members can be loyal but eventually something has to give and a lot of members seem to have left their business behind while they wait for things to get sorted out. Even some long time supporters of Kooday have been very vocal in their views on recent matters. The news that was posted today did little to allay peoples concerns with mixed feelings. Some people saying that Kooday have finally admitted there is a big problem, others saying that the teaser ‘Kooday will be sharing some fabulous news to all its members’ is just another ploy to keep people going that little bit longer.

One thing I would like to relate before I share the latest news update is a recent event that some would say is similar in a way. Although it hasn’t fully played out yet it is worthy of mentioning. Many people would have seen the ads for TetAdBrokers especially a month ago when it was launched. It sold its limit of 10,000 shares in 3 days which was about 12 days early. Then while members were waiting for the next step there was a delay, followed by another, followed by the site disappearing. People were crying scam even before the site disappeared but for many that sealed it. Then something unexpected happened. TextAdBrokers contacted the members saying that the hoting company had shut the site down and they were disputing it with legal representation. In a matter of days the site was back up and things were moving again.

The point is during the downtime many members sought refunds and gave up on TAB. This was a bit different in that TAB really did have a problem being able to access their data so they could get info out to its members and let them know what was going on. It is yet to be seen whether TAB will be profitable for its members. It does go to show how quick people are to judge. Now admitably there is a lot of difference with a site that went missing for about 10 days and one that has not made payments to some members that were due them for over a month. Also one that had made promises that still were not fullfilled 8 months after the initial deadline.

All we can do is hope that this will be remembered as a difficult time before Kooday got its act together and became great. It is either going to be that or, well the other possibility is pretty grim.

Here is the latest news from the site

June 02
Kooday has decided to restart scripts with corrective measures encoded into them. Since the new scripts were implemented on March 31st Kooday has had minor and major issues. On June 8th we will be ready to complete the procedure. How it effects things will be on our news page on June 8-9th. Until then Kooday cannot calculate payouts (this includes last week’s Diamond-Credit and winshare calculations) or send new payout requests. Members that have incorrect or missing previous payout requests must be amended before any new payouts will be done and this process will begin tomorrow and continue next week. These actions are necessary and we promise to give members a complete update next week. Along with the update, Kooday will be sharing some fabulous news to all its members. Our Live support people will be updated next week so that they will be prepared to assist. Until then they are unable to supply assistance regarding these issues.
Please wait for our official update next week as it will be the only true source of information regarding Kooday. No other information can be shared until then.


Ok now first I want to give you some advice. Make sure that you copy all of your words to a file somewhere so if something goes wrong you have a copy that you can use for evidence. I would also suggest doing a screenshot of your winshare and balance. It would also be wise to copy your referrals. This may be overkill but think of what is happenning. If something with the database goes wrong there could be more major issues and you really need to know where you stand. Anyway that is just friendly advice, it is posible that the database is totally seperate and is not at risk.


Onto the state of transactions for Kooday. It is not at all surprising given the issues that it has been dropping again. Some people may be shocked at how far and how fast it has dropped though. Yesterday had a total transactions (remembering each action is actually 3 real transactions ie buy, sell, commission) of only 20,665 transactions or 6,888 real transactions. In fact if you added up the last 6 days of transactions it is still less than the transaction total on the day they released the monthly profit share.


Kooday tranactions

It doesn’t paint a pretty picture and I would expect that the next week will be even lower with Kooday making changes to the site. This seems to be helping some of the other programs as people are spending time elsewhere while they wait for Kooday to get sorted. I have been meaning to do an article of the keyword trading wars again and will very soon.


What is SearchWoo?

Another website that is going around now that many would not have heard of. It is called SearchWoo and many would not realise that it actually launched back in November. It never gained any traction back then because people were happy with Kooday and it was just a carbon copy someone was trying to jump on the bandwagon with. Now with many people not as happy some have been going there to see what they can do. I’m not going to say it is bad, just do not expect it to be like Kooday. I will say one thing for the admin, at least he has been communicating.  It seems there is a different setup as it almost looks like he is heading for it to be a cross between a traffic exchange as well. In a couple of weeks the site has had more success than it did last year when it came out. I might do a better write up on it to keep people informed later.


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One Response to “Kooday Admits they have Problems”

  1. Willie Johnson says:

    I personally know Brian Lindback (head scam artist and owner of kooday)
    He has been scamming his whole life, friends family etc
    Brian has also been posing as Mark Huhtala
    Funny story, Brians real name is Brian Huhtala @ birth(Lindback is his adopted name) , and Brian has a son named Mark
    Do the 411 on L Lindback in Sudbury, Ontario
    Not hard to find, he lives in a little shack on Dupont st
    maybe the CRA would be interested in his “skull duggery”
    He does deserve to brought to justice

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