Money Doublers – Jackpot or Lottery?

Money doublers are attractive, put money in and it magically doubles. Sometimes in just a few days or even hours. Some last weeks, some days and some don’t even get going to start with. So in a way some people hit the jackpot an make a large amount of money while others are basically paying for it. I think you need to treat these more like a lottery, if you win great but do not depend on it. Some you may put in and weeks later it may pay off for you and that is great, some may work much quicker or not at all. Recently there has been a lot of these programs starting up and here is why.

It started with a program Dollar Monster that was bought out by a new admin and relaunched. Because of the large member base it meant a lot of people saw benefit very quickly. The program was promoted as CashFlowBot and quickly took off like wildfire. Soon big investors put in large amounts of money making those already in see their money double very quickly. Everyone was excited and looking to doubling again and again. The momentum built more and more with thousands of dollars starting to be deposited hourly. People thought it would continue to speed up.

happy people with money

So what is the problem? Well with so much activity the site had to shut down to perform a server upgrade. Many thought the momentum would continue. The previous day had over $200,000 deposited, a hard thing to continue. Once back online things started moving again but at a reduced rate. The deposits got less and less meaning that less people were cycling. By this time there was over 7000 lines waiting to cycle and the amount required to be deposited for the last ones was closing in on a million dollars.

This is where it gets ugly, less deposits, less cycling, less happy people. Some start to put in refund requests which further complicates it for the admin. Realise this is not a scam it is just the way this sort of doubler works. The only way to make less lines is to have another income source to pay out extra lines. It managed to get to over 8000 lines.

So while dollar monster slowed it still cycled some people, just very, very slowly. The funny thing is, if it was to cycle every person in a year period that would mean doubling their money in a year. For most people that would seem like a good return. Not to the people involved in Dollar Monster though who seem to think the program has failed if they do not cycle in a few days time.


But people got the taste for it and others looking to jump on the success started launching their own doublers.

So up jumped many new programs, some using the same scripts, some subtle differences some promoted better than others. All attracted at least some people and with numbers any could claim success. Still none have taken off like cashflowbot did. In a way it is strange that so many were holding out and still depositing in there when they could have had much better success elsewhere. I think it was because so many people still had money stuck in there.

Momentum is a big thing in a doubler and it is also a strange one. A doubler that does not get too big could potentially relaunch with more success than it originally had. It is important for a program to get a good start. One that seems to be doing it right by doing a decent prelaunch is megaflowbot. At time of writing it has not yet started taking deposits and already has over 400 members. This means when it starts it will have quick cycles. It is also using the same script as cashflowbot was.

Don’t discount the small not as popular ones either. As mentioned it only takes a bit of good promotion to really get them going and success breeds success. If you are involved with one that is early and not moving much then you should help to promote it. That is if you have trust in the admin and program itself. This way you will be more likely to make money from it.

It is important to remember that the money you put into a doubler is money you should be prepared to lose. Why do I say that? Well there are things that could go wrong. Members may stop depositing money making the cycles stop, the admin may be bad, I have even seen one where the admin had the site closed down by his government. To his credit he refunded everyone. The worst thing you could do is put all of your money into a doubler and not get a return. So the best thing to do is put some in that you are prepared to lose. When your money doubles you can choose to put the lot back in or just half. If you do the latter you are playing with money you did not have at the start so if you lose it you are back where you started.

As I said though you can make some money in these, you just have to go about it the right way. Once you are playing with money earned it is a good idea to only put in half amounts so you are always in profit. If it is really early in the program or has really solid momentum and quick cycles then you may be better doing a full amount after your first double to maximise the return.

Always keep tabs on what your money is doing, is it moving, is the program doing anything, are members growing etc. These can provide insight as to whether you should risk another double or not. The hardest ones to gauge are programs that have few members. They would still have the capability to takeoff at any time. But make your own judgements.

Here are some that I have been involved with ***UPDATE*** Since this article was written all of the programs below have ceased. Cyclers have a short lifespan as mentioned and eventually die. All cyclers work that way so use any new ones you find at your own risk. Only put money in you are prepared to lose.

Cash Flow Bot – I would recommend NOT investing. There is too many lines and you will not cycle

Lite Cycler – The admin of this one is working hard to get it going. There is very few members currently so a good time to join and get a deposit high in the list. He will be working on getting a lot of people involved. Payments for cycles are instantly sent to Alertpay.


Mega Flow Bot – as mentioned it has had a lot of interest in pre-launch and looks like having over 500 members for launch, so definately check it out. The key will be what happens after it opens to deposits and how much momentum gets going. There is potential for this one to grow very big.

Elite Dollar Makers

– The admin here is very good as well. He has been in contact with members and has been trying to do the best for the members. This is one of the keys to a good program so worth a shot. It has slowed down and needs some new investment. It has two lines that are not too big to get moving.  

Mega Bot Doubler

– This was the first carbon copy of Cash Flow Bot. The big difference was a 50% automatic reinvestment. You also get credits to advertise with banners or text ads. So in a way it is worth doing just for that. There is 591 lines at time of writing and it has slowed so it depends on your reasons.

There are others but these are some of the most current ones to watch.

How have you gone with the doublers?

***UPDATE 02FEB12***

The way doublers work tends to be very quick with new ones opening up almost daily. The doublers above still exist, as I said there is no reason for admins to remove them. It is wise to check them out before investing. As such and due to the nature of them I have taken recommendations off them.

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