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This is the first of what may become a regular item on here, a weekly update of news from several programs to keep you informed on what is happenning. Idealy I would like to do it as a video update but for today I am just going to stick with the basics so I can get it out to you faster. So here is some of the latest. To join or learn more about the programs, click on their title.



Big news this week is that Textadbrokers have taken legal action against their hosting company who shut them down shortly after selling out the 10,000 positions. Action is being taken to recover all the data that was stored at the hosting company to be able to set members accounts up correctly. A copy of letter of demand was contained in the email update to members.

Further to that website is up and running and members have been told to signup for their accounts. You can do so by clicking on the link. It is suggested that you signup for both an advertiser and publisher account.

It is good news that the information has been given so members know where they stand now and can have a little more confidence that this is going ahead as planned. Just a reminder you can no longer join Textadbrokers but anyone can become involved in hitcrawler which you can use for advertising and you can also earn commissions from referring to it. Click the link above if you want to sign up for it.

SCAM Warning: In related news a new website with identical sales pitch to Textadbrokers is doing the rounds. It is called clickadbrokers and it is looking like it is a straight up scam. Cashing in on the was TAB sold out really quickly. I would personally recommend staying away from it as it looks very dodgy.



The matrix is set, the first commission run has been made and now it is time to push ahead with building up the business. There are still people that have not upgraded their accounts with the video conferencing to cement themselves in the matrix. This has already cost some of them commissions. It will be very interesting to see how things progress over the next month as wowwwe begins to ramp up their marketing. Last week was all about getting the matrix and commission settled, looking forward to what is in stall for the next lot of updates.


Tagvillage is not a get rich quick plan and never will be. Some peole think they are not making money fast enough with it and look for better things but the truth is Tagvillage is going to be around a long time. It has concepts that are revolutionary and are going to really make people take notice. Alright that sounds more like a plug than a news item. It does lead into the Secret Platform they are currently producing though. The latest news articles which you can read here talks about how people will be able to buy merchandise from the Tagvillage site for only 10c per item. Not small items either, we are talking Ipads, computers, clothes, everything all for only 10c each. It is getting close to the testing phase of it.

Also making news is that Tagvillage is currently being translated into over 20 languages. This is going to be a springboard to getting more non english people using the site and will be great for exponential growth.

Trading has definately picked up and for the first time Tagvillage has surpassed Kooday on the 3 month traffic ranking.

Tagvillage vs Kooday traffic Ranking

This has been almost a certainty to happen since Kooday has been having some accounting issues (read below). Tagvillage have been beating Kooday in every other ranking lately showing their strength. One of the most notable stats is the pageviews per user which shows the growth happening on the site.

Tagvillage Vs Kooday pageviewsIf I get time I will do a deeper analysis of the keyword trading sites and how they are fairing. Tagvillage is certainly moving forward and it is all positive. If you aren’t already involved you would be a fool to miss this opportunity.



Kooday has not had a good couple of months. Problems with the new profit share system since it was introduced has caused havoc. People have not been getting their withdrawals when they should be and some have said they are not being credited their profit share. So does all of this indicate that Kooday is just one big scam? The surprising answer is no. Kooday have been working to get members their withdrawals and as usual their communication is poor to say the least but they have been slowly getting some sorted out. The most worrying thing for Kooday right now is that they do not seem to have a solution to the current problems as indicated by their most recent statement;

May 20
As previously announced, Kooday is working to solve a few problems with our new scripts but as of yet does not have anything concrete it is allowed to report. Progress has been made and hopefully next week Kooday can provide a proper update.

Many are screaming scam and then there are the die hard supporters that are super focused and pouring resources into Kooday. One thing is for sure Kooday need to get this issues sorted before it can move ahead.


10 Million Dollar Blast Club

Damn where is the reference. I know I saw it and was real excited about it but now for the life of me I cannot find it. So call it a rumour if you like but there is big news. But first the launch is set for 26May11 which is now just a few days away. There is soon to be the $1,000 giveaway but the info I cannot find was a reference to a $10,000 and $30,000 giveaway. I wish I could find it I’m sorry I will have to confirm it later.

The other news is that the autoresponder is out and will increase in lifetime membership cost on launch day by $2oo. It is currently $297 for lifetime membership which means no other fees ever. Good deal for an autoresponder that they will put leads into for you.

The Ultimate Feeder

Big news here is that there are going to be changes made to try to stimulate more growth. To do that they are going to change from a company forced matrix to a sponsor forced matrix. Some people will like that and others will not. To go along with that there will be the ability to see who is in your matrix. This will be a positive to get big leaders involved as they prefer that model.


That Free Thing

There was a few things in the news, what they are most proud about was the recognition they have recieved on other websites with new rankings coming out. Here is the posoitions they stated;

1. (we are #3 here)
2. (we are #2 here)

That Free thing has gone from strength to strength now having paid out over $600,000 in commissions since 01Mar11. The most impressive thing for me is that they have implemented everything they have said they would pretty much right on the times they stated. They have become a very reliable company.

The other news is that the invite tool is now available for members to use and they are getting close to a launch date. Hang on I hear you say I thought they were already launched. No there is more to come. There was also the release of new marketing emails and replicated sites making it easier for members to promote the business.

The Customer Advantage

Not a lot to report, they are getting closer to a launch and are finalising some contracts. Those that are part of the co-op will be getting their members soon.

Cooperative Advantage

The site is progressing well. There is still some way to go but it is starting to look good. More advertising platforms have been added.


NEW PROGRAMS will do a full writeup soon

Earn 2 Prosperity


I’ve already made $90 from this and haven’t referred anyone yet! If you like cyclers you will like this one. Only 100 members signed up at time of writing so it is still in beginning stages. Best time to get involved right now.


Follow It Up

Cheap autoresponder with some neat features You also go into a matrix and get paid $1 for people down to 8 levels.


Cash Plus Cars

Cars Plus Cash System

This looks to be a very lucrative deal, some people have already made $20,000 in less than 3 months. It is fairly new and just starting to really take off. A little like tha ROI plan which took a few months to really get going but has flourished since. This has a one time cost and big rewards like $10,000 and $20,000 payouts on offer and as the name suggests rewards including getting a car and also cash. Definately worth checking out and getting involved while it is growing.


That’s the wrap up ensure to subscribe to keep informed.

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