Tagvillage Contest – Tag Guru Contest $500,000

Tag Guru Contest


tagvillage is giving away $500,000 in prizes!

We are hunting for the Tag Guru. Could it be you? What are you waiting for?! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gobble up some amazing cash prizes. This is the easiest contest to win prizes ever!

tagvillage is building 6 major platforms. Three of them are now complete and live on the site. Three of them are now being developed and will be live over the next 6 to 12 months. However, we need you help to build them!


The tagvillage Referral Platform is now complete. You can refer your friends and earn great commissions! The tagvillage TagTrading Platform is now complete. You can build an incredible inventory of Tags for future wealth! The tagvillage Bazaar Platform is now complete. Use your skills to compete with other tagVillagers and win BIG!
The tagvillage Social Platform is in development. However, we are way too short of the Tags database needed to build proper association systems! The tagvillage Search Platform is in development. However, we are way too short of the Tags database needed to build proper association systems! The tagvillage Tagvertising Platform is in development. However, we are way too short of the Tags database needed to target advertising effectively!


We need more Tags in the database!

As you can see, the final 3 platforms rely on a healthy Tags database to function properly. Tags are required to build associations between conversations, searches, emotions, actions, and advertisements. Tags are also required to deliver advertising channels effectively. Therefore, we really need our members to discover more Tags. There are literally billions of Tags that are not in our database yet!

In order to encourage you to help us build this database, we have decided to hold a Tag related contest called the Tag Guru Contest. We think this new contest will make Tags irresistible!

How does the contest work?
1. Members earn points trading Tags
2. Points earn shares of 3 different pools of $100,000
3. If your referrals trade more, you earn more $$$
4. 5 special members share a pool of $100,000
5. 1 very special member gets their own pool of $100,000

Want to know the complete details?
Then click here!!!


For results of the contest see this post


Desire, Belief, Sacrifice and Rewards

Sometimes I start writing and it just flows out like a river seeking the ocean. Today seems to be one of those days. I started writing a post with all intentions of talking about some updates to programs that I am involved with and instead everything else came out. That isn’t a bad thing, in fact it probably tells you more about myself then anything else. I wrote it on my Kooday Online Blog and I want to share it here because it is so relevant. I would love to hear what you think of it so comment please and feel free to share it to your friends and business associates.

Never Lose hope

Ok, Kooday is dead and buried, the Alexa ranking is finally catching up and has headed south like a flock of geese. People stopped coming, people stopped believing not only in Kooday but also in online business and sometimes even themselves.

It is very easy to blame someone or something else for failure. I’m not saying that we should blame ourselves as certainly in this case Kooday led people on a merry trip that hooked them like a drug hooks an addict. But even drug addicts can recover, one of the first steps is to realize that it is not totally their own fault and that only they have the power within to change.


I have heard some people say that Kooday was the first and last time they will be involved in a company online. I think that is sad that they allow themselves to lose hope for all that they could achieve based on one experience.

lightbulb idea

The most powerful thing in our lives are our dreams. They can be strong enough to move us to do extradinary things. Think of all the things we would not have now if people did not follow their dream. All the inventions you can think of at one time started as an idea in somebodies head. Most of them had to face many challenges before they were able to achieve success. Edison had over 1400 failed attempts at making a lightbulb. Aren’t you glad he didn’t give up. In fact when asked about his failures his comment was that he learned something from each one that he didn’t know before.

Sometimes though it is very easy to give up. Seeing no success, often thinking that it may work for others but not you. I understand the frustrations, I really do. But all in all the one thing that can carry you through is a strong dream and desire. You have to want something bad enough that it hurts, because if it doesn’t hurt then you will find it hard to keep going when the going gets tough. Do you remember that song? Maybe showing my age a bit, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

The one thing you need to do to help you get on the road to success is define what you really want, what you are willing to do to get it, and how you are going to achieve it. The last part of that really depends on the vehicle you are using. No not what kind of car you drive, the vehicle that will provide you with what you are wanting to achieve. That could be money, recognition, charity, power, fame. For most people the money and recognition would be the main ones.

Have you got a desire strong enough?

This is a hard one. One of the strongest desires people have worldwide is to provide for their family. Especially their children. Ok, yes I know there are single people as well that may read this and obviously that may not be your focus, but hopefully in the future you will have a family of your own and you will see that your priorities change.

You see it in the movies all the time where someone sacrifices everything they can including their own life for the benefit of their family. It is not just movie magic, this is common in real life. In recent times we had some of the worst floods this country has ever endured which cost lives as it ran through several towns. One of the stories that really hit a nerve was of a mother and her two sons that were clutching for life in the raging floodwaters as a bystander tried to rescue them. Here is a short version of what happened.

Jordan Rice was only 13, but when he realized not all of his family could be saved, he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice. As floodwaters rushed up around him and his family, the Toowoomba, Australia, boy — who was afraid of the water — made a decision that would cost him his life: His little brother should be rescued first. Rice and his mother were swept away and drowned in the country’s massive floods this week. “Jordan can’t swim and is terrified of water,” his father, John Tyson, told. “But when the man went to rescue him, he said ‘save my brother first.'”

Read about a 13 year olds ultimate sacrifice

Even now reading this I get choked up and have tears in my eyes, and I’m no girl! Maybe the fact that I have a 12 and 8 year old boy myself makes it hit home harder to me. Maybe it would be the same for anyone that has kids. If you click on the picture you can read a full article on it.

Sometimes we all think we have it so bad ourselves but it is a brave person to claim that there is no one that is worse off then they are.

Sure things may be at a low point in your life and that really is something I can understand. You want to pull yourself out of that, you want things to be better, you want to be happy, you want it to be easy. Nothing is easy though that is worthwhile. Childbirth is hard but it is worthwhile. Building a business is hard but it is worthwhile. Raising a family is hard but it is worthwhile. Changing the world is hard but it is worthwhile.

Do not be afraid of the hard stuff, it is what makes it more worthwhile in the end. The satisfaction of succeeding will be far more rewarding and the challenges you had on the journey will seem all the more smaller than the insurmountable obstacles they seemed like at the time. Some say it is character building.

Follow Your Dreams

You are in control of your own destiny. Not me, not your boss, not your friends, not your family, just you. There is opportunity out there for those who seek it, you just have to face the facts that not all opportuities will pan out the way you would like them to. Pick your opportunities wisely and work at them with passion to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. The rewards far outweigh the struggles.

So whether you are just starting in the online world or if you have already been fighting demons in your head trying to break through. I hope this gives you that little bit of inspiration that you can do it, because I know you can. Never doubt yourself.

Tagvillage Front Page Improvements

One of the hardest parts of making money online is getting people involved with you and your opportunities. A good first impression is very improtant and Tagvillage realise this. To help members with referring they have added incentives in the form of extra credits, pif system with extra credits and now have enhanced the front page with some nice info about that, the Bazaar and a bit more. In development is a video that will be taking pride of place on the front page but we do not know when that will be released.

So the Tagvillage developers are very busy right now as active membership has just passed the 15,000 mark. It has taken 10 months to get that far but with all the enhancement on the site now I wouldn’t be surprised if that doubled in the next 3 months. Have a look at some of the new parts on the front page. You can click on the pics to get a larger view or you can see it all at http:budurl.com/tagvillage

Showing some of the Bazaar items

Tagvillage BazaarRight now this is a static pic but the plan is to make it interactive so that it will show current auctions on it.

Pic to show members what they can earn from

Tagvillage Referral ProgramShowing the donations side of Tagvillage.

Tagvillage Weekly DonationsThis is just something to help people with referral right now. The more members there are involved the bigger the benefits to everyone. The reason for that is more members means more activity. That in turn means that the Bazaar items will move quicker, advertisers will do more advertising, profit share will increase, members make more money from their activity. It isn’t hard to realise that in turn will bring in more members and more activity which completes the cycle.


If you want to make a quick thousand dollars then move onto the next big thing then Tagvillage is not for you. If however you want to build up a business that will grow for years to come and provide more and more benefits to you then you should be getting involved. If you know people that are interested in penny auctions they will love this format as they can win easier, more often for less cost. If you are the one that refers them in then you will share in activity points they are generating and benefit yourself.


Don’t wait till this is huge, the foundation is set get involved now.

Join Tagvillage at http://budurl.com/tagvillage

Tagvillage Bazaar about to Ramp Up

Well after several auctions Tagvillage has paused the items bazaar to check the data gathered so far prior to ramping up operations to the next level. Here is the info posted.



We are checking data and making sure the preliminary launch of the Items Bazaar is good. We will be loading 100’s of items from 100’s of retailers very soon. So, we want to make sure that the 1st 24 hours of bidding and items was functioning as well as possible. Please bear with us during this delay. It is our intention to create the most fair and balanced item auction ever. So, we must take the first few days in stride. We appreciate your patience and support!

This is one of the reasons that Tagvillage is better than the opposition. Not content to just put something out and let it run, they will always make sure that everything is the best it can be and fair for one and all. Soon the item Bazaar will be running with hundreds of items, make sure you become part of the village.

Join with me

Join Tagvillage



Tagvillage Bazaar is Live


NOTICE: We have noticed an issue with our reporting server for the Items Bazaar. We do not want to close the Items Bazaar, so we have decided to simply remove the reporting pages for now. We will be working to fix this and place these pages back online soon. For now, here is what to expect:

1. You WILL be paid 5% referral commissions but will not have a page to see them
2. You WILL be paid 1% Tagvertising commissions but will not have a page to see them

Essentially, you will see your Total Credits Balance increase when you earn referrals commissions and Tagvertising commissions. However, there will NOT be a report for you to see what you were paid for. We will fix this report and it will be on the site for your records as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies.

The first sale made in the Item Bazaar was a new Kindle won by a woman named Wendy. To say she was excited is an understatement, here is what she had to say about it in a skype group.

Can’t believe I just won the very first Auction on TAGVILLAGE BAZAAR.
Brand NEW Kindle for .10
My sponsor Maxine showed me how to buy bids etc and helped me through the whole process…. Thankyou so much for all your help. During the timer, the battery on my mouse went flat and I was saying not nice things while I was changing the battery. I really thought I had missed out on the chance to win. Once I fixed my mouse, I looked up at the screen and saw this great big message saying that I had WON. I was saying OMG OMG and sitting there shaking with excitement. I called out to my husband and he came running in thinking that there was something wrong (I have been unwell for 4 years).
Good luck to everyone for future Auctions… This is going to be BIG. I can now see why Maxine has been so excited about Tagvillage.


Win in the Tagvillage Bazaar

This is just the start. Some people might think this is just another penny auction setup. Well maybe this part is which is fine but there is some big differences. For one as you can see above you can earn commissions from referrals that win items. It also is fairer than other penny auctions. It is also the only one that you can be anywhere in the world and have an item sent free shipping to them.

So what other sorts of items can you expect to be able to get. Here is just a sample

Tagvillage PS3

Tagvillage Macbook

Tagvillage Ipad2

Tagvillage Coach Purse

Tagvillage IKEA

As you can see there is some pretty cool stuff available. It will not all be available at the same time and there will probably be other items available as well. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the item bazaar. Get a free membership to Tagvillage from there and check it all out.


Just after I posted this I found out that they have added an EBay and a Amazon $50 giftcard. This was requested in the leadership group but it may have been going to happen anyway. The advantage of these are they will go faster through the Bazaar.

Tagvillage Item Bazaar Launching


Last update the Tag Bazaar had just launched. Now the item Bazaar is about to go live. This is a major update that is sure to really appeal to many more people and build membership. Currently the active member count is at 14,901.

Another Major limited time offer is a High Yield Investment Plan where people can get a 7% pa return for a 2 year period withthe option to convert the investment to Tagvillage shares at the end of the 2 years. This represents a discount to the current share value and in 2 years would that share value would probably be a lot more. The current share value is $1,087 and the investment would be about 20% less than that.

You can readthe official news page by clicking  Tagvillage News

Here is the main bits.

What new things can you expect on the site?

1. High Yield Member Investment Plan
Ever since the launch of tagvillage many members have emailed asking if they can invest in the business and actually own a piece of the company. We truly appreciate our members and wish to offer you an opportunity to be a true partner. Therefore, we are announcing a brand-new High Yield Member Investment Plan. You can actually own a piece of tagvillage, inc.

2. FREE Credits Special
In order to buy Tags, you need Credits. In order to get bids you need Credits. Since we are about to offer Items in the Bazaar, you will want a lot of bids. So, we are going to help you! In the next few days, a special will appear on the site and will run for a few weeks. For every $5 in Credits you purchase, we will match you with 1 FREE CREDIT! Watch for this special to be live on the site very soon.

3. Pay It Forward Program & Special
In order to attract new referrals, it would be nice to offer them FREE CREDITS! So, we are announcing a new “Pay It Forward” Program. In the next few days, a special will appear on the site and run for a few weeks that will allow you to give FREE CREDITS to your new referrals. For every $5 in Credits you purchase, we will give you 1 FREE Pay It Forward Credit you can use to attract new referrals! Watch for this special to be live on the site very soon. In addition to the free Pay It Forward Credits, you will have the ability to exchange Credits for Pay It Forward Credits and grant them to new referrals. So, you will have a nice program for attracting referrals.

4. Tag Bazaar Changes
Every change mentioned in the past news article (Bazaar Enhancements & Time-Line) will be live on the site within the next 14 days! We are almost finished developing each of them. As they are finished, they will be released live on the site. So, watch for each of these changes to appear over the next 14 days.

5. Items In The Bazaar
We know you have been waiting. So, we are happy to announce the Items platform is almost ready to go live on the site! There are a few small details that remain to be finished. They will not take long. Our developers tell us the Items platform could be ready within hours. We are running final tests and fixing final issues. Therefore, we are prepared to state that Items may appear in the Bazaar any time now. They may appear in a few hours. Or they may appear in a few days. The development team guaranteed our CEO that Items will be live in the Bazaar some day between September 1, 2011 and September 10, 2011. So, get ready. Watch the Bazaar. They will appear any time now!

In addition to the Items in the Bazaar, you will start earning actual Tagvertising commissions! So get ready! You are only days away from seeing the true benefits of Tag ownership. Why do you really own Tags? To get Tagvertising commissions. So, here they come!


Tagvillage donations

If you haven’t yet joined now is the time to see what is going on.

CLICK HERE to join Tagvillage

CoOperative Achievement Plan Main Caps Launch

This has been a quiet achiever over the last few months. Many thought it was destined to fail because people do not earn from referrals. Hence the big marketers were not as interested but this took a different turn. Instead people began to band together helping to build to ensure that the program would reach its target of 5000 Caps sold. To ensure its success the mini-caps were introduced as a sort of feeder. This was a good move and very successful but alone was not going to guarantee the main Caps would sell.

Now I do not know if it was all part of the original plan or not but more was added to the site, all for the benefit of members. Small things add up. A PTC part where you can earn credits towards purchasing a mini or main cap. This way people could earn their way into the program.

Cooperative Achievement

But now the excitement starts since the main caps have now launched. It is good to see a program with the right ethics. That being helping the members wherever possible. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying join up and you will make a ton of money because that is simply not true. But what this program gives you is targeted advertising with positions gained each time you buy advertising units in it. What that means is you can advertise your program and as this grows more you may end up making money from progression in here as well.

Cooperative Achievement Plan

I’m not going to go into the full compensation plan. But I will say that I have already made money with it and guess what. Telling you about it earns me nothing. That’s right, there is no referral commissions and this is not a normal matrix. It is more like a company forced matrix. That means that people coming in benefit everyone.

Because of this some people are not interested in this sort of program. Particularly big marketers that prefer to make money straight away from their referrals. On the other hand those that are not good marketers will get as much benefit as anyone else. They just need to stick around.

Cooperative achievement plan is worth checking out. If you have other programs, buying a CAP will give you advertising credits that goes to people that are all wanting to make money. Targetted advertising with the bonus of possibly making some money later.

Join Cooperative Achievement Plan


Business News Aug11

Just a quick update today click on any titles to go to the program itself.


Finally Tagvillage has released the Tagvillage Bazaar which was recently called TSP or The Secret Platform or Top Secret Platform. It is only half released with tags being able o be bid on. Within the next 1-2 weeks items like ipads, ipods, and basically products from apple, ike, sony and amazon will be added to items. That will bring a new resurgence to Tagvillage with an expected increase in memberships joining for that alone.

So far the Bazaar has had mixed success with tags and people are just getting used to how it works. I will add more on that later.



While still growing strongly I think a lot of people are missing the point here. They are expecting it to grow for them without effort. Just a little effort on their part would give them profit straight away. Already close to 1 million dollars has been paid out in commissions and it has not hit a peak yet. There has been a few times when there was problems accessing the website but I think that is all sorted now. Still a good time to join.


I think the best part of this business is the tools you get access to. In all honesty I have not had the time to go through them yet but I certainly want to make use of them soon. There have been over 2000 paid members since this launced with a lot more that have yet to upgrade. Check it out



New data centers, more local meetings, new recognition, more compensation. WowWe is going from strenght to strength. This is a business that can really pay you well. Stories of people signing up a dozen people in a day is not uncommon. Think about it that is $300 in commission straight away for fast start bonuses, not to mention the ongoing commisssions. The website has been improved and they hope to have a new landing page by the start of next month. This will help to improve conversions and signups. If you haven’t already joined this click the title above and get involved.


Well that is it for today. I’m time limited but hope to add more very soon. I also have plans of adding a page about each opportunity. Obviously this will take time but will be worth it.

Updates Coming

Apologies for not having any posts for nearly 3 weeks. I am going to try to get an update up this weekend. If there is anything you want me to write about let me know.

AutoXTen 3 Days left to Lock your Position

In what looks like being the fastest growing business this year, AutoXTen is now accepting upgrades to lock your position in the matrix. The matrix itself will be shown in the backoffice once the launch happens. This means people need to upgrade or else lose their position and any people under them in the matrix. There is some confusion as people looking at their team in the backoffice are thinking that is their matrix. That isn’t the case, the backoffice where it says your team only shows people you personally sponsored.

For upgrade options it is explained on videos now in the backoffice. Here is the basics for you

$10 gets you locked in. As you progress through levels your upgrades will be paid for from earnings.

$150 pays for all 4 levels straight up.

$20 Freedom phase, this is an optional monthly subscription giving many the opportunity to earn more. For those that have not sponsored anyone it will not give you any return. This is where the figures in the your team area in the backoffice helps. Effectively you will make $1 for everyone in there.

At last count there was over 68,000 people pre-subscribed. Obviously not all of them will pay for the upgrade and those that don’t will be removed from the matrix losing all of the people that are under them. Unfortunately people do not know how many are going to be put under them from spillover. This means some people that do not upgrade will be throwing away money. Why take the chance, for $10 you have your postion and you also get a internet marketing course. Why wouldn’t you upgrade?

Lock in now, this is still growing fast and the money is about to flow. Click the product pack image below to signup.

AUtoXTen Product Pack 1

To upgrade you need an Alertpay account. If you haven’t got one click the banner below to get one

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