Preservation of Wealth New $500 Fast Start Bonus

***UPDATE – Preservation of Wealth has not been paying commissions to all members. It is not answering customer support emails. They have had commission cheques bounce. We recommend you do not join Preservation of Wealth***


Everyone when they start with a company want to EARN BIG. The only thing they want more than that is to EARN FAST. Preservation of Wealth recently went through some challenges within the company resulting in staff changes and an enhanced compensation plan. The most significant changes are the introduction of the $500 FAST START BONUS and the ability for members in all countries to buy bullion.


This is a fantastic incentive for members to get on track right at the start of their business. The $500 fast start bonus rewards members $500 extra on top of the commissions they already qualify for. To earn the bonus a member needs to qualify at the Executive level in the first 30 days after joining. To qualify as an Executive a member needs to directly sponsor 3 members on each side. Members will earn direct commissions for each referral as well as any team commissions plus the $500.

As an example:

  • Bob joins on the 5th of May.
  • He has until the 4th of June to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus.
  • Bob refers 6 members within first 30 days and places 3 on his left leg and 3 on his right leg.
  • For each Premium member he earns $100 direct commission and 150BV (business volume).
  • For each Associate Plus member he earns $15 direct commission and 50BV.
  • For any combination of 300BV on the left and right a $100 team commission will be paid.

As far as monetry rewards it would depend on the mix of Premium and Associate Plus memberships to be able to work out the total commissions that could be paid in the month.

If 6 referrals all joined at premium membership a member would get:
Direct Referral Commission 6 x $100 = $600
Team Commissions 1 x $100 (with 150BV left over on each leg)
Fast Start Bonus $500
Total $1200

If 6 referrals all joined at Associate Plus membership a member would get:
Direct Referral Commission 6 x $15 = $90
Team Commissions $0 (with 150BV left over on each leg)
Fast Start Bonus $500
Total $590

Remember this is the first months commission and is based on no other members joining. It could be much more. If just one of your direct referrals qualified for the fast start bonus and his refs joined at premium level that would add another $300 commissions.

Cost Price Bullion

Previously bullion was only available to Preservation of Wealth premium memberships. With changes to the compensation plan now anyone that qualifies as a consultant can purchase bullion. To qualify as a consultant only requires directly sponsoring one person on each leg. This opens up the possibility to purchase bullion for the majority of the membership.


Preservation of Wealth has solidified their compensation plan, adding benefits to encourage member growth.

The potential is huge and the Fast start bonus is a great incentive for new members.

There has never been a better time to join

Join Preservation of Wealth

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