Preservation of Wealth goes Scam

Preservation of Wealth has cheques bouncing, coins not being delivered, is failing to answer customer support emails and failing to pay commissions.

GBBG decided over a month ago that they needed to disassociate with Preservation of Wealth. They informed members to stop their coin optionships. Unfortunately after numerous attempts to talk with the company and hoping they would come through with payments it had to come to an end. GBBG recomends that you


With Team GBBG members still owed thousands of commissions and some still awaiting coin orders that are months late, it is strange that Preservation of Wealth is not answering support emails. To make it even stranger recently Preservation of Wealth has held two webinars in the last two weeks and sent out an email to associates about them. What is strange is that they held the webinar only 15 hours after the email was sent. This meant that the majority of members did not know about the webinar until after it was already over.

According to the email this is what they were going to cover

The webinar will take about 20 minutes. We will cover bullion, optionship, commissions, management and how we will move forward with the continuation of POW’s original purpose and mission.

To add insult they had this to add

The most important things to us are taking care of POW Associates and Customers. The way we are moving forward is the best option.

I put it to Preservation of Wealth if they want to take care of customers they might start by answering customer support emails and paying commissions that were fairly earned. I have tried to find any information of what was shared at the webinars but cannot find any mention of them anywhere online.

Various media that previously supported Preservation of Wealth also show signs of the problems. Here are some facebook comments I have found.

Hi you owe me silver. I have left over 100 voice mails , 100 texts and 100 emails. Message me back


Have you gone out of business? I have been trying to reach you via phone and email since Friday with no response. Now the phone says “Your call can not be completed as dialed” I’d appreciate knowing what is going on. I am trying to make a transaction.
Does anyone know what’s happening at POW? There are many, many complaints at the BBB and on various other internet sites. I have outstanding paid orders dating back to Oct 2013. POW does not answer the telephone or return my calls. I have been very patient but now I have been forced to see legal help. If anyone can help me please message me. Thanks, Rick LeBlond


As a side note one member that was being ignored by customer support tried to leave an email from a different email address asking if POW could help in the purchase of about $10,000 of Silver. Surprise, surprise they responded within 15 minutes. That begs the question , why are they not answering the other emails?

Preservation of Wealth Scam


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