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Text Ad Brokers are back again and expanding with another addition to the opportunity. It is somewhat surprising to people that Text Ad Brokers is now offering a different package called Search Ad Brokers. Why do this before they have made the first one profitable? Well there is a couple of reasons and a bit of good business sense.

One of the main differences with Search Ad Brokers it seems they have gotten wind of the keyword trading success of companies like Kooday, tagvillage even zibzoom and want to see if they can get a piece of that market. In reality given the direction they were already headed in, it was not much of a stretch to offer this. They already had the advertising platform, they have built in advertisers, they already were developing a search engine, why not add keyword trading.

Will it work?

They are certainly making it interesting with a limited number of shares being able to earn residual income from it. That is rather attractive. There are enough people out there that are learning how good these systems can be. through success with companies like Kooday and tagvillage etc.

So what do you get?

Search Ad Brokers

Search Ad Brokers is funding the development of the most advanced Keyword driven marketplace built online to date. In purchasing SAB Units Members will receive

$25 in keyword dollars at,

$20 in ad dollars at

– additionally as a thank you we pay 25% of all Keyword Trading net profits to our member base.

SAB members will be the first with funds available to buy keywords upon launch of the Keyword system. This means that SAB members will have a great opportunity to strike first on all of those key words that have the greatest value

As partners you are going to receive 25% of all the net profits in our keyword trading system. This in addition to the profit share system that we are building into the keyword trading venue. This is not an investment program or HYIP this is a fondation we are building for a sustainable long lasting software platform.

We are in no way claiming that you will earn anything in SAB only stating that the potential is great for you to do so.

We are only allowing 18,000 partner units to make sure we don’t spread our partner pool too thin. This is the required target we have to hit in order to ensure the budget needed for Servers, development, Branding, Marketing and advertising.
As in any business the only place it will run it’s self is into the ground. It is imperative that we do this right. We are not planning an extended development phase where member have to wait over a year to see active development in our system. There will be no promises of snapshots and advertiser to ensure your earnings. You are earning from the second we launch and the development will be completed at that time.


Will you need Shares to trade Keywords?

I will add this to clear something up. The SAB shares are limited to 18,000 but that does not mean that the keyword traders will be limited. As the number of keyword traders grows and more money is put into that system, more profits will be shared by those members with the SAB shares. It is unclear at this stage how much keyword traders with no shares will earn. It will possibly be just the retail profit plus the earnings from advertisers, and maybe referral commissions. Profit share will be restricted to shareholders. That is my educated guess only as no detail is yet given.


Income Structure Part 1

Once is fully developed SAB members will be the first in the system buying and selling keywords, this advantage alone is going to set you up for an impressive income. In addition to that every trade or sale you make in Our Key Word marketplace will earn you money in the end, as a SAB member you are going to receive 25% of the net profits divided between the network equally.


Income Structure Part 2

SAB members will be earning commissions pre selling HC Bucks and advertising credits. What you receive for your purchase is a place in the commission pool as well as $25 Keyword Dollars at and $20.00 in advertising credits at

Be sure of this the product you are buying is Advertising and Keyword Dollars, you entry into the profit pool is our way of thanking you for helping fund this development.



To explain the purpose of SearchAdBrokers. With start development in the next few weeks we were contracted to recruit owners to help offset the cost of development. This will help fund an extensive development initiative unlike you have ever seen. Where some engines went on their personal development abilities is reaching out. We already have a team of developers working on the specifications and from here is looks fantastic.

Keywords Are Good For SAB Members

Every time an advertiser at sets up a keyword for a campaign the union between SAB and TAB is made. If I am advertising Beach Houses and you own it you will make a percentage of the click value for that key word. Since multiple words can be attached to an advertisement multiple people can share in the click value. Further more if you own sets of words related to a topic you stand a good chance of having even more of your words included in the dividend.


Network Money Makers Recommendation

These guys have been pretty smart with this and they seem to have a good business plan. It all interlinks and should form a fairly stable business. The thing people have to be aware of is that you will not earn the same commissions as you did in Text Ad Brokers as the shares were selling. This is a bit different with the benefits once the keyword trading begins. They have to ensure they get the balance of profits and commissions right. If they do there will be a lot of money made by all.

Recommendation is to join. Main reason is for the 25% residual commissions from keyword trading.

Search Ad Brokers


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2 Responses to “Search Ad Brokers – Making Money Online with Keywords”

  1. Dipal Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have joined TAB based on your recommendation at your website moneymakers

    Now please advice me how can I recover my money as TAB is giving only initial 5 cent since last 3 days.

    Also when I try to join , I am not able to join because in the joining form they are asking about some text image to be entered but actually on that web page there is no text/touring image
    so how do I join as a publisher

    Also advice me how can i join SAB – IS it free or I need to pay additional on the same ??

  2. Admin says:

    Be patient with TAB, you are not going to make a lot of money in just a few days. You have bought a share in something you will continually earn with from now on. As it is just starting do not expect the amounts to be high straight away. As they complete the other parts like SAB the earnings will increase.

    What you could do to make some extra earnings is refer others to it as you get a bonus for doing that. It still isn’t big amounts but it all adds up.

    If you are having trouble with seeing the captcha to join maybe try a different web browser. I had no problems with it. So I would suggest give it another go, you should join up as both an advertiser and publisher. Use this link

    For SAB, you can join free but there are also shares in that as well. What you could do is join free and promote it. You will get $2.50 for everyone that buys a $50 share. So if you have enough people do that then you may make enough to get one yourself. For people with not much money to spare that is probably the best way to go.

    I hope that helps

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