Tagvillage Crushes Kooday

Some would say it happened a long time ago but the stats have slowly crept up and there is no doubt now. Tagvillage CEO David Ruebush mentioned some trading statistics a couple of days ago. Prior to the current Tagvillage promotion, where one lucky person is going to win $1,000 click here for details, tag trading was averaging 2,800 people per day trading. Actual trades have jumped from averaging 7500 per day to around 14,000. That has increased to 6,100 people per day. This is further confirmation that Tagvillage is now the premier keyword trading platform. Koodays transactions over the last week have averaged around 3,000 per day even going back 2 weeks the average has been under 5,000 per day. That isn’t people trading, that is total trades so in reality the number of traders would probably be far lower, a reasonable estimate being between 50-200 people trading per day. It’s a far cry from the peak when nearly 2 million trades were made in a single day. The graph below shows the recent dramatic fall. The data is up to end of day 11Jun11. Ignore the zeros at the end as that is from the 12th onwards. As a note the number of trades on 11Jun11 by this data was 1502.

Kooday Trades

It has been an incredible fall from grace for Kooday and it is surprising that the 3 month Alexa rank hasn’t fallen through the floor as well. It is dropping but not as fast as expected. The only real explanation for that is that people must be looking at the site to see if the problems have been fixed but not trading when they see no difference. Failure of the payment system, delayed and missing payments, lack of development, failure to deliver on promises are the main reason it has fallen apart. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any solution in the short term.

Kooday Vs Tagvillage Traffic

Tagvillage are increasing their traffic rank while Kooday progressively move lower.


Tagvillage have definately benefited from Koodays problems. It is fair to say that many Kooday members have joined Tagvillage seeing it as a better alternative. Every statistic on Alexa has Tagvillage beating Kooday and on most by a very long way. With so many promotions and features being added to Tagvillage over the coming months it may be a question of how long will Kooday exist at all? The Kooday domain is set to expire on August 2011, unless something drastic happens in the next couple of weeks they might not need to bother renewing it.

Kooday Vs Tagvillage Pageviews

A telling graph with Tagvillage having 10 times more daily pageviews per user than Kooday.

That may sound drastic but it is what a lot of people are thinking will happen. Truth is this is all Koodays own doing. Lack of transparency and information is killing them. Kooday do stand to make a lot of money if they were to deliver on what was promised, unfortunately there has been nothing to show that they have anything that they have mentioned. Many will be hoping for a miracle turnaround but is it too late? Tagvillage are stable, have a vision for the future, have been developing at a good rate and are capturing peoples imaginations now. They are offering more than just a search engine.

Kooday Vs Tagvillage Time on Site

Koodays time on site was previously very stable. Now it is dropping. Tagvillage time on site has been steadily increasing and is about 10 times higher than Kooday.

I suppose the question is going to be if Kooday manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat, or even better a search engine, will people return? Unless things change dramatically the last month may have done irrepairable damage to Koodays reputation and trust rating. Many people may not be prepared to take the chance again.


Kooday Vs Tagvillage Bounce Rate

The bounce rate for Kooday is increasing meaning more people coming to the site are leaving straight away. Still it is under 30% which is a very respectable bounce rate. Tagvillage have an almost unbelieveable rate around 10%. That means only 10% of people coming to the site leave straight away. It is a very low figure and advertisers tke notice of that sort of thing.


I have had some diehard Koodayheads criticize this post for being pro-tagvillage and against Kooday. I just want to say to anyone feeling that way that this post is not biased towards anything. I stick to facts and facts speak for themselves. I will not lie about a company for personal gain, that is just the way I am. I have been asked previously about different companies and I have given my honest appraisal of them where I had knowledge of them, or my opinion on the plan where I didn’t. Feel free to comment, feel free to ask me about anything. Connect with me and you know that you will get honest feedback, not propaganda.

Network Money Makers highly recommend Tagvillage to join and still hope that Kooday manage to turn it around but advise to be wary.

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