Tagvillage Founders Profit Pool Tool and News

Have you seen the Tagvillage Founders Profit Pool Tool I made showing how many seats each member is qualified for?

It also shows how many extra seats those members can automatically earn by getting more first level seats or how much they need to trade to get the higher level seats. I put a page on the site here for it but I found that it fits better on my other website. So you can check it out by clicking HERE.


Tagvillage CEO arrives in Kiev

A recent message on skype from the CEO which I have put into point form and highlighted to emphasize the important points. 

Safely in Kiev Ukraine now. Will be working here until August 29th to get our tagvertising system completed. We have already made HUGE strides.

We think we can fully complete the entire Cause platform by Monday. This will include ability for causes to resgister, be approved, be searched using /cause hashtag, and be chosen by publishers to be supported by ad network.

Next we will finish the entire publisher platform by the 1st week of August. This will include capability for publishers to build multiples “sites” and manage multiple widgets per “site”.

We then anticipate completing the entire rest of advertising system for advertisers, bidding, and actually running ads by the end of August. Please note, this is our PLAN, it may change if there are complications. However, at this time, all is going extremely well!

This is the sort of news that members have been hoping for. The next month promises to be the beginning of great things for Tagvillage and its members.

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