Tagvillage is about to Explode

It has taken longer than expected but finally Tagvillage is about to release major changes to the site and mass market directly to publishers and advertisers. Read the latest news replicated below for your convenience. This is a real exciting time for the company and it’s members. If you are quick you may be able to take advantage of the Millionaire Club which opens in a couple of days. you will have to be quick though because it is limited. Read more about it below.


Announcing The Millionaires Club

May 11, 2012

The past few weeks we find ourselves discussing a common topic around corporate headquarters. We seem to continuosly talk about the impact advertisers and publishers will have on Tag Trading. We are just days away from huge changes that will forever change the construction of the tagvillage membership. We will soon see an influx of professionals and businesses as members. Due to these changes, we think our members are going to view referrals in a completely new way.

Not too long from now, we will open up unique channels for advertisers and publishers to join tagvillage. Advertisers will register with our site and create unique advertiser profiles. They will have their own unique account management tools that are custom designed for advertisers. Publishers will register with our site and create unique publisher profiles. They will also have their own unique account management tools that are custom designed for publishers. Both advertisers and publishers will begin creating lists of targeted Tags.

As we are putting the finishing touches on the platforms for advertisers and publishers, we are beginning to see how these new members will impact Tag Trading. Think about the following situation. Imagine there are 3 or 4 publishers who join tagvillage and they all publish sites related to cooking. Now, imagine that 3 or 4 advertisers join tagvillage who have goods or services also related to cooking. All of these publishers and advertisers will be targeting the same types of Tags.

As these 4 publishers and 4 advertisers begin targeting cooking Tags, they will discover they also desire to own the Tags they are targeting. If there are 4 advertisers and 4 publishers fighting to own the same sets of Tags, what do you think will happen to the value of these Tags? They will continue to rise until the investment thresholds of these advertisers and publishers are reached. Since advertisers and publishers are actual businesses, they should have much higher investment thresholds than individual Tag Traders.

Think about this from the view of a referrer. What if you had a few referrals who were advertisers or publishers? What if these referrals were fighting to control niche Tags that relate to their websites, products, or services? How would that impact your income?

Say, for example, that a few major shoe websites joined tagvillage and published our ad widget. Also, a few major shoe manufacturers and shoe retailers join as advertisers. Very soon, these major businesses are trading shoe related Tags back and forth, higher and higher in price. What if your referral was a major shoe manufacturer and they spent $5,000 for a shoe related Tag and then their competition purchased it from them? What type of commission would you earn if your referral sold a Tag for $6,500? You would earn $325 from that sale.

Interesting. Imagine the income you could make if you had a few major advertisers or publishers as referrals! Just by your referrals fighting over the Tags that relate to their businesses, you could be earning HUGE monthly paychecks!

We are a few short days aways from a major event. Very soon, tagvillage will be making direct sales presentations to thousands of publishers and advertisers. These publishers and advertisers will be registering with tagvillage, building their profiles, and creating their targeted Tags lists. And, they will begin to fight with each other to own Tags related to their websites, products, and services.

Most of these advertisers and publishers will register directly with tagvillage and will be ‘house’ referrals. So, we started thinking, what if tagvillage offered these advertisers and publishers to our existing members as referrals? This would be an AMAZING way to REWARD our members. You are part of our original membership. You believed in tagvillage and helped us build it from the very beginning. So, we feel we should reward you with a PLATINUM OPPORTUNITY!

Watch the BackOffice this weekend for the announcement of the Millionaires Club. We truly appreciate you. We know you believed in tagvillage in the earliest stages and you have contributed greatly to our growth. Therefore, we want to reward you with the MOST INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY that will ever exist for tagvillage members. This weekend, we will announce an extremely limited opportunity for our original members to get TONS of advertisers and publishers as REFERRALS!

Just imagine if you had 5 or 10 professional advertisers and publishers as your referrals! Imagine if they were constantly buying and selling Tags for $5,000 or $10,000 or $25,000 at a time! How much commission would you be earning every time your major referrals sold a Tag worth $25,000? Incredible!

CLICK HERE – to join the Millionaires Club!

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