Tagvillage Millionaire Club Extra Special Weekend Promotion

This weekend Tagvillage are putting on a special promotion with the Millionaire Club. They are not releasing details but already have said that there will be Early Bird Bonuses like when it first was released. We do not know if it will be a discounted price, extra referrals, extra positions, pif credits when you buy, or something else. All we know is what is on the site which is

  • Don’t Miss This!
  • THIS WEEKEND ONLY! There will be a HUGE SPECIAL for Millionaires Club Memberships! From 1PM CDT USA on Friday, June 8, 2012 until Midnight CDT USA on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

The Millionaire Club is only open for purchases in June and so far there has been 777 positions bought. There is also 1776 bonus referrals that have been qualified for. The lists are posted on the site.

Get Your Positions HERE

note: you need to register on the site

Why should you take part in this? Well simply put this could be one of the biggest ROIs you will ever see and you only get one chance to take part in it. Unfortunately it is a bit of an unknown quantity right now. The problem is if you do not get positions and the people that do end up getting a return of 10x, 100x, even 1000x their investment, how will you feel? Since the club is only open to purchase positions until the send of June you cannot delay and see what happens before getting some.

Let’s think about why this is so good. A mogul pack costs $120 and you get 3 positions plus 5 bonus referrals. Each position and bonus referral is guaranteed to get an advertiser or publisher. The positions may give you 3, 10, 30, or more refs but only 1 per position is guaranteed to be a publisher or advertiser. So this gives you a minimum figure to work with.

Why is this important?

It means you will get at least 8 publishers and/or advertisers. These types of referrals are ones that could have big money to spend. SO with 8 that means on average it cost you $15 for each of them (less if you get more or get the packs on special).

Because of the way commissions are structured that would mean that to make your money back on a referral they would need to turn over $300 in one of the three areas. Those areas being tag trading, advertising and publishing. Note that publishing is not costing them anything and the $300 turnover is money they would have earned from clicks on the widgets on their sites.

In short, if a referral has $300 in turnover you have your investment back.

Once you know what your minimum figures are you can think about possibilities. We are talking about advertisers. So much money is spent on advertising and online advertising is rapidly increasing. Is it hard to believe you could have an advertiser that spends $300? Not at all, in fact there are advertisers that will spend more than that per day!

What sort of return would that give you? Well let’s work it out…

$300 per day x 30 days = $9000

5% of $9000 =

$450 per month commission

That is talking about just one good advertiser, and it is only one month. Your commissions on them will be month after month after month…

Do you see the potential here yet? The key is that these referrals are going to be contacted by the company directly. That means they will be able to get far better ones than what the average person would.

Let me show you what bigger advertisers spend.

Here is a current list from keywordspy

Ad Spenders

I am not sure what period that spend is made. I think it may be monthly but it might not be. Now based on the bottom one it is $244,519. Let’s say they were to put 10% of their budget into tagvillage advertising a month. That would be $24,519 which would net you $1225 for the month from that one advertiser.

Here is a different approach. Let’s say that you did not get a fantastic advertiser like the one above, but you did get 3 Mogul packs costing $360 total giving you 24 guaranteed referrals. You got lucky and got 25 refs to make the figures easier. As I said you did not get a great advertiser like above but lets say that each one you did get turned over $100 a week. Here is what you would get.

$100 x 25 x 4 = $10,000 mth

$10,00 x 5%=

$500 per month

In fact with the 3 mogul packs to get your money returned to you in a 12 month period you would only need each referral to average $25 per month turnover. That is less than what some spend per day, or even on a single banner. Have a look at what is charged on a forum that I use below.

Forum Ad CostDespite the prices the forum has ads filling its positions constantly. This just proves that there is plenty of money spent on advertising. This is your chance to get a piece of it.

I hope this opens your eyes a little to the opportunity that Tagvillage is making for all of us. There are several ways to earn on Tagvillage and referrals are the most passive way. Good publisher and advertiser referrals could be the jackpot you have been searching for and may pay you extremely well.

So if you haven’t already joined Tagvillage join HERE

and check out the Millionaire Club because it might just make some millionaires over the next few years.

Tell me what do you think of it?

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5 Responses to “Tagvillage Millionaire Club Extra Special Weekend Promotion”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m hesitant for one reason. There are literally tons and tons of people with blogs or small websites just starting up and looking to make some profit. Many of these publishers will never see much of anything. They end up quitting blogging, never get any traffic, or just stop their website all together.

    Now say you bought one mogul membership. Since it is publishers and advertisers you could end up getting unlucky and get 8 such publishers that make you hardly anything. I did try buying one of their referral tags that was promised to have someone with a funded account and active already. I’ve never seen any activity from any of them. Granted these were tag trader referrals so yes a little different, but still I felt I got burned on that deal (though I did get a great tag, let’s be honest I bought it for the referrals), and am hesitant to get into another referral “opportunity”.

    I do hope it works out really great for everyone involved though. I’m just unsure if I’ll be one of those people or not. This is just my opinion on it. A great post and overview of the potential though!

    • admin says:

      Yes Jennifer the referral tag promotions were different and you are correct in what you say. I also got some and did not find any of those ones to be any good. Unfortunately that is common with the normal referrals that aren’t advertisers or publishers. I do think that the small blog owners are probably not the ones that Tagvillage are going to be contacting though. They will be working off lists that I think originate from advertisers and publishers that are already connected to the ad networks that Tagvillage contracted with. So there will likely be some very good ones in there. Until it happens though we will not know. The other point is with the one mogul membership you got you could get more than 8, it is just that you are guaranteed a minimum of 8 advertiser/publishers.

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah I’m really looking forward to this. It is a slight gamble for each person but good in wveryway.

  3. asif says:

    I don’t think this is good for earning. Its just time wasting and time consuming on a work which is not giving you much profit. There are many other sites where any one can earn more and more. Disappointed from this site.

    • David Newman says:

      This is one of the consequences of building a real business and not a fly by night business. The big profits in Tagvillage have yet to be seen and it is with the advertisers and publishers that are on offer with the Millionaire Club that will change that. First they have to get the platform launched though. This is not just some get rich quick scheme that has no real business behind it. So yes it is slower than others but when they are long gone and have many people complaining of the money they lost, Tagvillage will still be growing. If you want a quick buck, go to the hyip style programs, just be prepared that you may lose the buck as well. If you want something long term build a portfolio of tags and referrals at Tagvillage. Best option do a bit of both.

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