Tagvillage move into 2013

As one of the surviving 2012 online business opportunities, tagvillage is positioning itself for massive growth in 2013. Many people have let tagvillage slip under the radar thinking it was too hard to earn there. All of that is about to change.

2012 was a mixed year with Zeek Rewards wrapping up and JBP relaunching under a new name Profit Clicking and a new owner as well. It has also come under fire as many members have withdrawals that have been waiting for over two months. Tagvillage has not been immune to critism either. tagvillage has been running on a shoestring budget and developing the advertising platform with limited funds. This has led to much slower development and membership growth has suffered adding to the problem.

2013 is a new year and new opportunity. tagvillage enter the year with one huge advantage they have never previously had. They now have an operating Advertising Platform. This is not just showing advertisements on their own website, this is a fully functioning advertising network which will have a continually growing publisher base.. Admitably they are starting with basic features and will be enhancing them continually to give advertisers and publishers the best system they can. Currently advertisers can setup their advertising for free as tagvillage go into Alpha then Beta phases.

This is the money maker for tagvillage and as it is now in place rapid expansion of the company is planned. There has been a restructure of commissions aligning the company more with the type of business they are involved with. Originally they were going to be search and social, now they are an advertising network. The new commission structure will reward members that build their business even more than before while still allowing anybody to be capable of earning. It is expected most members will be happy with the changes and some will see far greater rewards than they previously have.

Along with the restructure of the commission structure, tagvillage are cleaning up their core software. This is going to achieve a much more streamlined website in the background and sets them up for the future. To allow them to do this there has been a few tough decisions necessary. In essence they are going to perform a restart. This represents a unique opportunity for all members although some may not be happy about the full details.

So Tagvillage are starting 2013 with a bang. Up to now they have struggled along with lack of capital trying to build an ad platform. Now with the platform in Alpha and Beta testing giving advertisers free advertising all is moving forward. But that is a sidenote.

Tagvillage Prelaunch

Tagvillage have come up with a solution to rid all the early fraud that was entered into the system and reward members at the same time. In fact the overall solution is nothing short of genius with every member getting a benefit worth more than they ever put into the company.

So here is the basics

  1. 2011 Tag guru prizes were paid out in January 2013 (50% payment of remaining balance owed).
  2. 2012 Tag Guru prizes announced 15Jan13 and paid on 20Jan13.
  3. On 25th of March a snapshot of members accounts will be taken recording the tag value.
  4. On April 1st 2013 Members will receive two types of credits. TagTrading Credits will be all the cash deposits the member has made less the withdrawals the member has taken. The second type will be Bonus Tagtrading Credits which will be equal to 20% of your tag value as recorded on 25th of March.
  5. On April 1st 2013 Tag Trading will resume with all tags reset. Members will have had all tags removed from their accounts already. Tags will have a starting price of $1.

Affiliate Compensation Plan Overhaul

The compensation plan has also changed to better suit the business model and reward members appropriately. Details of the changes as published in the news areas follows;

  1. Eliminate the Activity Points and Daily Profit Share system entirely
    This system was originally designed to reward members for conducting activity within our social network. It is not valid any longer and the funds could be better used to attract publishers and advertisers so our members will earn more from advertising commissions.
  2. 1.00 Starting Tag Value
    All Tags will start at 1.00 Credits instead of 0.10
  3. 40% Tag Price Increase Per Trade
    Tags will increase in price by 40% instead of 30%
  4. Tag Seller Earns 82% of Retail Price
    When you sell a Tag you will earn 82% of the Retail Price, not 115% of the cost. This allows members to earn slightly better profits when they sell Tags.
  5. Multi-Level Referral Commissions (TagTrading)
    • If your referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 3% of the retail price.
    • If your referral’s referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 2% of the retail price.
    • If your referral’s referral’s referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 2% of the retail price.
  6. 10% Targeted Tag Advertising Commission
    If you own a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will be paid 10% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
  7. Multi-Level Referral Commissions (Advertising)
    • If your referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn 3% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
    • If your referral’s referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn 2% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
    • If your referral’s referral’s referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn2% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
  8. Millionaires Club
    We will not be paying 5% referral commissions for advertiser or publisher referrals. Therefore, we will amend the Millionaires Club to reflect the new multi-level plan. Under the new plan, the ONLY valuable referrals will be active TagTraders. Therefore, we will distribute only active house referrals that are actively trading Tags. The number of referrals you will receive will not change, but they will be active TagTraders. In this way, you are ensured commissions.
  9. Founders Profit Sharing Pool
    This will not be modified at all. This pool is 100% based on actual advertising revenue, therefore, once we begin earning advertising revenue, we will distribute shares to this pool as originally planned.

What does this all mean for the average member? Well I made a video up which goes through and tells you.

From now until March 25th, 2013, the name of the game is simple. Every single member should be focused entirely on building the maximum value for their Tag inventory. This is also an EXCELLENT time to be getting and training referrals. All new members can join now, build tag value, and get 100% of their investment plus 20% of their inventory value back on April 1st. That is a guaranteed 120% return on investment in 90 days!

In the famous words of the late night advertisements;


Tagvillage needed to ensure they continue to get a stream of income despite having given members a great amount of bonuses with prize payouts. So they came up with a fantastic incentive to deposit during January. Instead of getting 20% bonus credits they have a tiered rate to be able to increase that up to 100%of their March 25th Tag Resale Value.

125.00 – 249.99 21% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
250.00 – 499.99 23% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
500.00 – 999.99 29% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
1,000.00 – 1,999.99 47% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
2,000.00 + 100% of Tag Inventory Resale Value

This is a great time for tagvillage and it’s members, new and old alike.

New Members Big Winners

People always look at what the benefit of joining a program is. The new changes have made tagvillage a much more attractive option for new members. Three levels of referral and targetted tag advertising commissions as well as retail commissions. The compensation is more rewarding than ever. During the pre-launch period members can deposit money and get up to 100% return on April 1st. This makes it a no risk opportunity as all the deposits are returned into their account on that date. They will also get their bonus credits.

The smart option would be to deposit $2000 and use it all to buy tags. At a minimum that will give 2300 tag value meaning $2000 in tag trading credits plus 2300 bonus credits. That is a fantastic return on investment.

If you are not a member already now is the time to get involved. If not you may miss out on a great opportunity. Click below to get started.

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