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Tagvillage have set the bar high and are delivering an opportunity for members to share in what will be the first rapid growth stage since they first launched. I have never seen a promotion like this. Sure other businesses have had co-ops and rotators but none have given guarantees. Tagvillage are so confident in the future they are giving guarantees that for every position and bonus position owned an advertiser or publisher will be given. That would be in addition to any normal referrals ie tag traders (or older inactive referrals). Considering the advertisers and publishers are the ones that will be spending the most money on the site, they are very highly valued referrals and could make members a large amount of commissions.

Every member that does not have a sponsor (house referrals) will be distributed to members taking part. Admitably a lot of those will not be active and hence not worth anything, but it is the advertisers and publishers that will be joining the site that make the difference. Because tagvillage have set a guarantee we can work out exactly what it will cost as a maximum if members get the minimum guaranteed amount. Of course that price becomes even better if they get more.

Breaking down the three packages available to work out the maximum cost per advertiser/publisher you would get;

Basic: 1 position, gives a guaranteed 1 advertiser or publisher costing $50 each

Power: 2 positions + 2 bonus, gives a guaranteed 4 advertiser or publisher costing $22.50 each

Mogul: 3 positions + 5 bonus, gives a guaranteed 8 advertiser or publisher costing $15 each

So to make their money back they would need an advertiser to spend just $300 on advertising, or a publisher to earn $300 through the widgets. That is a small amount especially considering that some advertisers will spend that or more in a day. Also once they have these as referrals they will earn commissions from them forever more as long as they use the site. That isn’t even including any tag trading they would do. One tag sale could give a higher commission then the cost of the referral.

Remember members could get multiple referrals of all types for their positions during the 90 days. Imagine they could get 1, 3, 5, even 10 referrals before they even get their bonus ones. This is a great deal and one that may never be repeated. Those that take advantage may find themselves benefiting from massive growth and could look back at this moment as being the defining one for their success.

To take advantage of the Millionaire Club you must be a Tagvillage member first. You have until the end of June to get your positions unless they run out first so don’t risk missing out.

Join Tagvillage by clicking the red button. Full Millionaire Club details are underneath it.

 Register here


The Millionaires Club


The tagvillage Millionaires Club is an exclusive referrals pool. Members get advertiser and publisher referrals along with standard Tag Trader referrals! Each position on the List is rewarded with referrals. The more positions a member has, the more referrals they will receive!


There are a limited number of positions available, so HURRY and get yours before they are gone. (see complete details below)

Base Member: Power Member: Mogul Member:
$50.00 USD
1 Position in List
$90.00 USD
2 Positions in List
2 Bonus Referrals*
$120.00 USD
3 Positions in List
5 Bonus Referrals*


1-25 5 Bonus Referrals per position*
26-100 2 Bonus Referrals per position*
101-300 1 Bonus Referral per position*

This will be a one-time bonus for the very first names to be in these positions.
* All bonus referrals are guaranteed to either be an advertiser or publisher member!


The Millionaires Club Details

1. Limited Positions Available
There are a limited number of positions available on the List. We will stop accepting membership positions if the maximum number of available positions is reached.

2. Limited Time for Membership
Registration for membership in the club will expire on June 30, 2012 at Midnight CDT (USA). We will not accept any more registrations after this time, even if the maximum number of available positions has not been reached.

3. Who is Eligible?
Membership is open to any person that becomes a member of tagvillage BEFORE June 30, 2012.

4. No Limit to Purchases
You may purchase as many positions on the list as you wish as long as their are positions available. To purchase additional positions, simply return to this page and choose your option.

5. 90 Day Distribution Period
We will begin distributing referrals on July 1, 2012 and will continue for 90 days (until September 30, 2012).

6. All House Referrals Distributed
We will distribute ALL house referrals to the names on the List. This will include Tag Trader referrals, Advertiser referrals, and Publisher referrals. Every single house referral that has registered with tagvillage from the very beginning of the website until September 30, 2012 will be distributed.

7. Method of Distribution
Beginning July 1, 2012 we will distribute house referrals evenly to the names on the List through a rotation cycle. The first name on the list will receive a referral and then will be moved to the end of the list. The name that was second will then become first. Each time a name receives a referral, it will be moved to the end of the list and will cycle back to the top as referrals are distributed. We will continuously rotate the names on the list as new advertisers, publishers, and Tag Traders register as house accounts.

8.Advertiser or Publisher Referral Guarantee
We guarantee every single name on the list (position) will receive a minimum of 1 advertiser or publisher as a referral. In the event that a member does NOT receive an advertiser or publisher referral during the 90 Day Distribution Period, we manually award one to them to fulfill this guarantee.

9. Bonus Referral Guarantee
We guarantee all bonus referrals will be either an advertiser or publisher.

10. Bonus Referral Distribution
All bonus referrals will be distributed AFTER the end of the 90 Day Distribution Period. Bonus referrals will be in addition to the referrals you receive during the standard distribution time.

11. No Time Limit to Fulfill Guarantees or Bonus Referrals
We ARE NOT obligated to fulfill all advertiser and/or publisher referral guarantees by September 30, 2012. Although we anticipate more than enough advertiser and publisher accounts to fulfill every obligation, we reserve the right to take as long as necessary to ensure every member of the Millionaires Club receives the number of advertiser and/or publisher referrals they were guaranteed. This includes bonus referrals.

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