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Last update the Tag Bazaar had just launched. Now the item Bazaar is about to go live. This is a major update that is sure to really appeal to many more people and build membership. Currently the active member count is at 14,901.

Another Major limited time offer is a High Yield Investment Plan where people can get a 7% pa return for a 2 year period withthe option to convert the investment to Tagvillage shares at the end of the 2 years. This represents a discount to the current share value and in 2 years would that share value would probably be a lot more. The current share value is $1,087 and the investment would be about 20% less than that.

You can readthe official news page by clicking  Tagvillage News

Here is the main bits.

What new things can you expect on the site?

1. High Yield Member Investment Plan
Ever since the launch of tagvillage many members have emailed asking if they can invest in the business and actually own a piece of the company. We truly appreciate our members and wish to offer you an opportunity to be a true partner. Therefore, we are announcing a brand-new High Yield Member Investment Plan. You can actually own a piece of tagvillage, inc.

2. FREE Credits Special
In order to buy Tags, you need Credits. In order to get bids you need Credits. Since we are about to offer Items in the Bazaar, you will want a lot of bids. So, we are going to help you! In the next few days, a special will appear on the site and will run for a few weeks. For every $5 in Credits you purchase, we will match you with 1 FREE CREDIT! Watch for this special to be live on the site very soon.

3. Pay It Forward Program & Special
In order to attract new referrals, it would be nice to offer them FREE CREDITS! So, we are announcing a new “Pay It Forward” Program. In the next few days, a special will appear on the site and run for a few weeks that will allow you to give FREE CREDITS to your new referrals. For every $5 in Credits you purchase, we will give you 1 FREE Pay It Forward Credit you can use to attract new referrals! Watch for this special to be live on the site very soon. In addition to the free Pay It Forward Credits, you will have the ability to exchange Credits for Pay It Forward Credits and grant them to new referrals. So, you will have a nice program for attracting referrals.

4. Tag Bazaar Changes
Every change mentioned in the past news article (Bazaar Enhancements & Time-Line) will be live on the site within the next 14 days! We are almost finished developing each of them. As they are finished, they will be released live on the site. So, watch for each of these changes to appear over the next 14 days.

5. Items In The Bazaar
We know you have been waiting. So, we are happy to announce the Items platform is almost ready to go live on the site! There are a few small details that remain to be finished. They will not take long. Our developers tell us the Items platform could be ready within hours. We are running final tests and fixing final issues. Therefore, we are prepared to state that Items may appear in the Bazaar any time now. They may appear in a few hours. Or they may appear in a few days. The development team guaranteed our CEO that Items will be live in the Bazaar some day between September 1, 2011 and September 10, 2011. So, get ready. Watch the Bazaar. They will appear any time now!

In addition to the Items in the Bazaar, you will start earning actual Tagvertising commissions! So get ready! You are only days away from seeing the true benefits of Tag ownership. Why do you really own Tags? To get Tagvertising commissions. So, here they come!


Tagvillage donations

If you haven’t yet joined now is the time to see what is going on.

CLICK HERE to join Tagvillage

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