Text Ad Brokers Are Back!

Yes many had thought Text Ad Brokers may have disappeared into the sunset but behind the scenes there was actually something much more sinister going on. The hosting company had frozen Text Ad Brokers data and effectively locked them out of the site. This obviously was a serious issue and one not to be taken lightly. It was only in the last few days that Text Ad Brokers finally broke their silence and let the members know what was going on including a copy of a letter of demand to get their data back.

Well Text Ad Brokers threat of legal action appears to have worked and they now have the data back and the site has returned. In the downtime there were members that had put in for refunds or chargebacks. They now have the chance to reclaim those positions or remain uninvolved. Positions that are not reclaimed will be on sale after 8pm American EST. If you are interested you can try to get some at

Click Here For Fast Cash!!

I had recently disabled my link since the site was not up, so if you tried my links recently, try again, I have reinstated them.


You can also signup at hitcrawler and get your account there as an advertiser or publisher.

If you have money within TextAdBrokers you can also withdraw again if you wish. They are processing withdrawals again.

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