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Bitbillions has released something that only a couple of months ago was not even thought of. In it’s most basic form it is an affiliate shop that bitbillion members can promote and earn from but there is much more to it than that. For starters it allows members to promote products from many different affiliate companies without having to join them. This alone is an advantage as it means members do not have to meet each individual companies restrictions. It means members do not have to go searching for products in the different networks. And it allows members from some countries to not have to pay expensive withdrawal fees.

The next great benefit is that marketing materials for each individual product is available from the shop. For logged in members the marketing materials will be visible however visitors to the shop will not see them. That makes it a lot easier for members to promote products. Normally they would have to signup for each products affiliate page which puts them on a mailing list for the owners of the product. Often that results in tons of emails clogging up their inboxes often irrelevant to their promotions. Instead shop@bitbillions has all the promotional banners, emails, videos etc available from the one place without having to signup to any extra mailing lists. shop@bitbillions has also developed product widgets that you can add to your own webpages to sell the products.

Referral commissions are rare in affiliate marketing. Some networks have limited programs allowing you to earn from referrals but not many. Shop@bitbillions has 7 level roll up referral commissions. That means you can earn from sales that your referrals have made down 7 levels. In fact it goes beyond 7 levels because there is a qualification involved and for those not qualified the commission will roll up to those that are. So what is the qualification I hear you ask? To earn 7 level roll up commissions a member must have what is called a shop campaign.

A shop campaign costs $45 per year, yes that is correct, per year, not monthly, not weekly but yearly. What do you get for a shop campaign? Quite a bit for the small amount you pay;

  • 50% Commission on your own sales,
  • 50% Direct Referral Commission on campaigns,
  • 10% Direct Referral Commission on Sales,
  • 3% 7 Level Roll Up Commissions on Sales and Campaigns,
  • Your shop links rotated in the companies advertising,
  • Extra traffic from your referrals,

In comparison those that do not have a shop campaign get

  • 25% Commission on your own sales,
  • 25% Direct Referral Commission on campaigns,
  • 5% Direct Referral Commission on Sales.

That is all in addition to the access to marketing materials.


What’s the catch?

Well there is none. It is a win win situation for promoters and the company. While there are great benefits available for people promoting the product and even promoting the shop campaigns, the company also makes money. The more money the members make, the more money the company makes so everyone is happy.

Why shouldn’t I just promote products myself from the affiliate network and get all the commission?

This is a good question and there is nothing stopping people from doing exactly that. In fact people have been doing it for years but look at what they have to do and what they miss out on.

A member promoting on his or her own will make the full commission and rightly so. To do so they will have to signup and be accepted for all the affiliate networks. They will then have to signup to the individual product affiliate pages. They will have to submit websites and methods they are promoting with and have them deemed suitable by the affiliate network. Often they will have a waiting period to be accepted. Sometimes they will have minimum commissions they have to earn before they can withdraw. Some networks do not allow people from certain countries to promote their products and/or withdraw money. Some have large withdrawal fees, like the $35USD fee per withdrawal on clickbank (for certain countries).

So basically for some people this is the only option. For others it makes sense to be able to build up a growing sustainable income with residual ongoing commissions.  The e-commerce market is growing massively as you can see by the chart below and you can be part of it.

ECommerce 2012 to 2018

Shop@bitbillions allows anyone the opportunity to take part in the E-Commerce market. By making it easier to find and market products bitbillions hopes to be able to help thousands of people make money online.

To check out the shop opportunity click the picture below.

Bitbillions Shop

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