Bitbillions Release Shop@bitbillions to help Members Make Money Online

Shop Logo

Bitbillions has released something that only a couple of months ago was not even thought of. In it’s most basic form it is an affiliate shop that bitbillion members can promote and earn from but there is much more to it than that. For starters it allows members to promote products from many different affiliate companies without having to join them. This alone is an advantage as it means members do not have to meet each individual companies restrictions. It means members do not have to go searching for products in the different networks. And it allows members from some countries to not have to pay expensive withdrawal fees.

The next great benefit is that marketing materials for each individual product is available from the shop. For logged in members the marketing materials will be visible however visitors to the shop will not see them. That makes it a lot easier for members to promote products. Normally they would have to signup for each products affiliate page which puts them on a mailing list for the owners of the product. Often that results in tons of emails clogging up their inboxes often irrelevant to their promotions. Instead shop@bitbillions has all the promotional banners, emails, videos etc available from the one place without having to signup to any extra mailing lists. shop@bitbillions has also developed product widgets that you can add to your own webpages to sell the products.

Referral commissions are rare in affiliate marketing. Some networks have limited programs allowing you to earn from referrals but not many. Shop@bitbillions has 7 level roll up referral commissions. That means you can earn from sales that your referrals have made down 7 levels. In fact it goes beyond 7 levels because there is a qualification involved and for those not qualified the commission will roll up to those that are. So what is the qualification I hear you ask? To earn 7 level roll up commissions a member must have what is called a shop campaign.

A shop campaign costs $45 per year, yes that is correct, per year, not monthly, not weekly but yearly. What do you get for a shop campaign? Quite a bit for the small amount you pay;

  • 50% Commission on your own sales,
  • 50% Direct Referral Commission on campaigns,
  • 10% Direct Referral Commission on Sales,
  • 3% 7 Level Roll Up Commissions on Sales and Campaigns,
  • Your shop links rotated in the companies advertising,
  • Extra traffic from your referrals,

In comparison those that do not have a shop campaign get

  • 25% Commission on your own sales,
  • 25% Direct Referral Commission on campaigns,
  • 5% Direct Referral Commission on Sales.

That is all in addition to the access to marketing materials.


What’s the catch?

Well there is none. It is a win win situation for promoters and the company. While there are great benefits available for people promoting the product and even promoting the shop campaigns, the company also makes money. The more money the members make, the more money the company makes so everyone is happy.

Why shouldn’t I just promote products myself from the affiliate network and get all the commission?

This is a good question and there is nothing stopping people from doing exactly that. In fact people have been doing it for years but look at what they have to do and what they miss out on.

A member promoting on his or her own will make the full commission and rightly so. To do so they will have to signup and be accepted for all the affiliate networks. They will then have to signup to the individual product affiliate pages. They will have to submit websites and methods they are promoting with and have them deemed suitable by the affiliate network. Often they will have a waiting period to be accepted. Sometimes they will have minimum commissions they have to earn before they can withdraw. Some networks do not allow people from certain countries to promote their products and/or withdraw money. Some have large withdrawal fees, like the $35USD fee per withdrawal on clickbank (for certain countries).

So basically for some people this is the only option. For others it makes sense to be able to build up a growing sustainable income with residual ongoing commissions.  The e-commerce market is growing massively as you can see by the chart below and you can be part of it.

ECommerce 2012 to 2018

Shop@bitbillions allows anyone the opportunity to take part in the E-Commerce market. By making it easier to find and market products bitbillions hopes to be able to help thousands of people make money online.

To check out the shop opportunity click the picture below.

Bitbillions Shop

Preservation of Wealth goes Scam

Preservation of Wealth has cheques bouncing, coins not being delivered, is failing to answer customer support emails and failing to pay commissions.

GBBG decided over a month ago that they needed to disassociate with Preservation of Wealth. They informed members to stop their coin optionships. Unfortunately after numerous attempts to talk with the company and hoping they would come through with payments it had to come to an end. GBBG recomends that you


With Team GBBG members still owed thousands of commissions and some still awaiting coin orders that are months late, it is strange that Preservation of Wealth is not answering support emails. To make it even stranger recently Preservation of Wealth has held two webinars in the last two weeks and sent out an email to associates about them. What is strange is that they held the webinar only 15 hours after the email was sent. This meant that the majority of members did not know about the webinar until after it was already over.

According to the email this is what they were going to cover

The webinar will take about 20 minutes. We will cover bullion, optionship, commissions, management and how we will move forward with the continuation of POW’s original purpose and mission.

To add insult they had this to add

The most important things to us are taking care of POW Associates and Customers. The way we are moving forward is the best option.

I put it to Preservation of Wealth if they want to take care of customers they might start by answering customer support emails and paying commissions that were fairly earned. I have tried to find any information of what was shared at the webinars but cannot find any mention of them anywhere online.

Various media that previously supported Preservation of Wealth also show signs of the problems. Here are some facebook comments I have found.

Hi you owe me silver. I have left over 100 voice mails , 100 texts and 100 emails. Message me back


Have you gone out of business? I have been trying to reach you via phone and email since Friday with no response. Now the phone says “Your call can not be completed as dialed” I’d appreciate knowing what is going on. I am trying to make a transaction.
Does anyone know what’s happening at POW? There are many, many complaints at the BBB and on various other internet sites. I have outstanding paid orders dating back to Oct 2013. POW does not answer the telephone or return my calls. I have been very patient but now I have been forced to see legal help. If anyone can help me please message me. Thanks, Rick LeBlond


As a side note one member that was being ignored by customer support tried to leave an email from a different email address asking if POW could help in the purchase of about $10,000 of Silver. Surprise, surprise they responded within 15 minutes. That begs the question , why are they not answering the other emails?

Preservation of Wealth Scam


Preservation of Wealth New $500 Fast Start Bonus

***UPDATE – Preservation of Wealth has not been paying commissions to all members. It is not answering customer support emails. They have had commission cheques bounce. We recommend you do not join Preservation of Wealth***


Everyone when they start with a company want to EARN BIG. The only thing they want more than that is to EARN FAST. Preservation of Wealth recently went through some challenges within the company resulting in staff changes and an enhanced compensation plan. The most significant changes are the introduction of the $500 FAST START BONUS and the ability for members in all countries to buy bullion.


This is a fantastic incentive for members to get on track right at the start of their business. The $500 fast start bonus rewards members $500 extra on top of the commissions they already qualify for. To earn the bonus a member needs to qualify at the Executive level in the first 30 days after joining. To qualify as an Executive a member needs to directly sponsor 3 members on each side. Members will earn direct commissions for each referral as well as any team commissions plus the $500.

As an example:

  • Bob joins on the 5th of May.
  • He has until the 4th of June to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus.
  • Bob refers 6 members within first 30 days and places 3 on his left leg and 3 on his right leg.
  • For each Premium member he earns $100 direct commission and 150BV (business volume).
  • For each Associate Plus member he earns $15 direct commission and 50BV.
  • For any combination of 300BV on the left and right a $100 team commission will be paid.

As far as monetry rewards it would depend on the mix of Premium and Associate Plus memberships to be able to work out the total commissions that could be paid in the month.

If 6 referrals all joined at premium membership a member would get:
Direct Referral Commission 6 x $100 = $600
Team Commissions 1 x $100 (with 150BV left over on each leg)
Fast Start Bonus $500
Total $1200

If 6 referrals all joined at Associate Plus membership a member would get:
Direct Referral Commission 6 x $15 = $90
Team Commissions $0 (with 150BV left over on each leg)
Fast Start Bonus $500
Total $590

Remember this is the first months commission and is based on no other members joining. It could be much more. If just one of your direct referrals qualified for the fast start bonus and his refs joined at premium level that would add another $300 commissions.

Cost Price Bullion

Previously bullion was only available to Preservation of Wealth premium memberships. With changes to the compensation plan now anyone that qualifies as a consultant can purchase bullion. To qualify as a consultant only requires directly sponsoring one person on each leg. This opens up the possibility to purchase bullion for the majority of the membership.


Preservation of Wealth has solidified their compensation plan, adding benefits to encourage member growth.

The potential is huge and the Fast start bonus is a great incentive for new members.

There has never been a better time to join

Join Preservation of Wealth

GBBG Bitbillions closing in on 100,000 members

It seems a long time ago that Bitbillions began with little fanfare and struggled in it’s quest to build up a solid foundation of Founder memberships. Although the struggle as never truely abated GBBG Bitbillions is in a very solid position as it approaches 100,000 members. It should achieve the milestone near the end of April or in the first half of May 2014. This is a very significant milestone that should not be taken lightly. Although the majority of members are free, there is currently 7,500 paid memberships and over 1,200 paying members on the earning sources.

What does this mean for GBBG Bitbillions?

Well first and foremost it means they are moving toward their target of 6,715 Co-Founder positions. There is currently 2,679 co-founder positions left. Once they have sold the company will move into the Matrix Stage. This will be a very exciting time for members as it marks the beginning of monthly revenue sharing. This will be the payday for all the points members have been earning.

It was mentioned in my last post that GBBG Bitbillions made their 4th earning source Preservation of Wealth. GBBG is already making some income from this. They plan to make some marketing materials to help members with their recruiting methods. They have already designed some banners like the one below. There is also plans to specific webinars for Preservation of Wealth. The belief is that many members can begin to make some good money from this earning source alone. There is already members that have earned commissions even in this early stage.

Bitfeud, Mybitcoinrewards and Iwantacar all have continued to grow. Now with over 66,000 members in the earning sources traffic continues to grow. Recent advertising on the websites will mean incoming revenues will continue to grow as well. It is all looking very good for GBBG members.

So what is next for GBBG Bitbillions?

Development on 3rd party client software continues. It was hoped it would already be released but GBBG want to make sure they have the most secure developments available. They will not release something that will not make the company look good. SO they are making sure everything is perfect. When this software is released it will be branded as made by GBBG (not owned). This will send a message to all the non-believers that GBBG is a company to be taken notice of. They are here to stay and are going to make an impact.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. Co-Founder positions are selling and they will never again be offered once they are gone. So if you haven’t taken the plunge and joined yet do it now.

Register Here Joins Preservation of Wealth

***UPDATE – Preservation of Wealth has not been paying commissions to all members. It is not answering customer support emails. They have had commission cheques bounce. GBBG now recommends you do not join Preservation of Wealth***


GBBG BitBillions are looking to help it’s members make some money outside of the business. The opportunity to build up an investment and make money in the process was too good to pass up. Here is what they say;

An awesome opportunity to build wealth with your very own international SILVER AND GOLD business. Also, an even better opportunity to leverage the marketing power of the GBBG network to help you build your business! With over 1,000,000 unique visitors each month and over 10,000,000 banner impressions, GBBG will help you grow your business. FOR FREE!

Every person who joins this opportunity with GBBG can earn weekly commissions and build a valuable stockpile of MS70 Numismatic Silver Coins. But better still, 100% of the activity benefits the entire GBBG network. Why? Because GBBG earns weekly commissions on coins purchased by the entire GBBG team. These funds will be poured into the GBBG matrix pools and shared with our members!

GBBG Collective Support

When you join this opportunity with GBBG you will receive the following support:

  • Official GBBG Webinars to help grow your downline
  • Your referring link rotated in all GBBG promotions
  • VIP and top Team Leaders working with you to promote and build

Important Details

This is your chance to truly become wealthy! Each month you will receive an MS70 Numismatic Silver Coin. The company offers a 4 year 100% buy-back guarantee on all coins. For up to 4 years, you can sell your coins back to the company for the exact same price you paid. So, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO RISK and EVERYTHING TO GAIN! You can build an amazing lifetime of residual income and amass a wealthy stockpile of Silver and Gold. In addition, you get 5,000 GBBG Points each month you receive your Optionship coin. This further increases your share of the residual income granted to you through the GBBG Matrix pools. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Join the GBBG Preservation of Wealth team today and work with us.

This is something you do not want to miss out on. What other company offers to put your link on their websites that have generated millions of views. I’m betting none. Click the banner below for more information


Gold Bullion Silver Bullion Gold and Silver Coins

GBBG BitBillions Passes 70,000 Memberships

As GBBG Bitbillions closes in on one year since first showing up online, milestones are being passed and growth continues to be consistant. At the time of writing the total GBBG membership is above 70,000 with activations on Mybitcoinrewards, Iwantacar and Bitfeud all pushing up well over 10,000

GBBG Bitbillions Membership Co-founder positions recently passed the founder positions  and is now over half way filled. This means it is now on the down hill run towards getting the matrix developed. Remember that once the co-founder positions are sold and the matrix is built, members will begin earning revenue share. Although it is likely that the amounts will begin small, they are likely to increase from that point forward. As more people realize that GBBG is a real company that s not going to scam them and will reward them for their efforts it is expected that membership growth will begin to rapidly increase speed.

Right now the key is selling the remaining co-founder positions. That is the milestone that will trigger the next phase of the business.

So what makes GBBG Bitbillions different from other programs? It may seem obvious but a compensation plan that does not overcompensate is a big part of it. The biggest problem with most programs is that they have compensation plans that are unsustainable. This is commonly what is known as a ponzi. With those sorts of compensation models the money coming in has to increase to sustain the money going out. When it doesn’t it crashes. GBBG Bitbillions is much different. It compensates based on actual revenue. If nothing comes in then nothing goes out. This is what is regarded as a sustainable compensation plan and can continue indefinitely.

The down side of a real compensation plan is members do not make unrealistic and quick returns. Why is that a bad thing? Well the funny thing about that is that it is not a bad thing, just that members see it as being bad. Too many people are looking for a quick buck with little to no effort to earn it. That is an unrealistic expectation but many people that have been led on by scams believe it is possible. So the reason a real compensation has a down side is that people want more. They see they will not earn big money quickly and do not join because of it.

The up side is obvious. Being sustainable members will earn for the long term instead of short term. An ongoing increasing income is achievable for those that build a business. Sure it will take longer to get to the stage of making the big bucks but when you do it will not suddenly disappear.

If you are after quick returns you will probably not get them here. If you are after a growing long term business then this is one to get involved with.


You need to have a referral link to join so if you do not have one click the button below.

Register here




GBBG BitBillions Passes 20K Members

Some thought it would not get anywhere but GBBG Bitbillions has really made some remarkable progress in the last couple of months. The 20,000 member milestone was passed yesterday but it is co-founders that are really needed to move the company forward. Currently there is 321 co-founders with the matrix set to be set once all 6715 co founder positions are sold. Each position is $30 so that seems a long way off. Now that BitBillions has released earning sources and paid it’s first monthly referral commission payments there should be more faith in the company.

Big things are happening with the release of GBBG-Ware. This is the newest addition to the GBBG portfolio of websites. GBBG-Ware is a software development hub which will have a specialist area for bitcoin projects. Already it has secured it’s first contract worth tens of thousands of dollars. This one site may be a huge earner for the GBBG parent company and the members that will get revenue share.


Over 20 bitcoins ($8K USD) were paid out in commissions for the November commission payments. The top earner received over $3K of it. This is just the start with much bigger things coming and the revenue share has not yet begun.

If you have sat on the fence now is the time to have a serious look. GBBG is coming of age and the future looks very bright.


Join at

BitBillions – How to Earn with it

There seems to be some confusion as to how to earn and who earns with BitBillions.

Here is how it all works:



Commissions will be distributed on 15th of each month with the first starting in November 2013. This will include all commissions from all programs owned by GBBG. Currently that is BitBillions, BitFeud, My Bitcoin Rewards and I Want A Car websites. Because the matrix will not be implemented until all of the co-founder positions are taken, the matrix pool commissions will accumulate until then. The commissions for the parent site GBBG Bitbillions are split up into 6 pools. They are the Upgrade Comp Pool, Founders Pool, Co-Founders Pool, Members Pool, Matrix Pool and Direct Ref Pool. A description of each follows further down in the post.

Transparency Page

Bitbillions AccountingThe amounts available for distribution are on the transparency page of each site. The Bitbillions transparency page lists all the revenue share amounts. The individual earning centers like BitFeud, My Bitcoin Rewards and the I Want a Car websites have the amounts applicable to their programs. It also includes the accounting method which is a breakdown of how all the money is distributed.

Bitbillions Revenue

Commission Pools

All commissions are paid in bitcoin so it is important that you have your bitcoin wallet details filled in your account area. If you don’t you will not be able to receive your commissions.

Upgrade Comp Pool

The upgrade Comp Pool is basically a referral commission pool. If you have anyone that joins or upgrades to a co-founder position you will earn $12 worth of bitcoin for each one. You could also upgrade a position under you and get the commission effectively giving you a big discount on your position. The commission that you have earned is shown on the Earnings – Referral Upgrades Tab in your member area.

Founders Pool – 10% revenue share

Founder members will earn their share in proportion with the number of points they have generated from the projects. That means that if a Founder or any other member does not participate and earn any points then they WILL NOT earn anything from the Founder Pool, the Co-Founder pool or the Members pool. That is why it is important to participate.

Example: If there is 100,000 points and there is $1000 to distribute each point would be worth $0.01. Likewise if there was $1 million to distribute each point would be worth $10. So the more points you generate the bigger your part of the share you will receive.

Co-Founders Pool – 10% revenue share

The co-founders pool works in the same way as the founders pool. Founders and co-founders both share in this pool.

Members Pool – 30% revenue share

The members pool works in the same way as the Founders and co-founders pool except all members that have generated points share in proportion to the points they have generated.

 Matrix Pool

The matrix pool, when implemented, will pay members the equivalent of 7% of each of the members in their matrix earnings. That means if someone in your matix earns $100, you would earn $7. This commission is not dependant on you earning points, so members that have built up a downline could earn without participating in the programs, making it truely passive.

Example: A full matrix is 3,279 members so this could be hugely profitable. For example with a full matrix if each member on average earned $10 then you would get 7% of $32,790 which is $2295 a month.

 Direct Referral Pool

The direct referral pool enables you to earn even if the member sponsored is outside your matrix. You will earn an additional 7% of what that member earned, similar to the Matrix Pool.

Example: You have 10 referrals that earned on average $10 each (total $100). You would earn $7 in Direct Referral Pool.


The matrix will not be built until all the co-founder positions are taken. Bcause of that the bitcoin accumulated for distribution will continue to accumulate until such time as the matrix is set. It is the only commission that will be delayed.

Another important thing to remember is to join the earning centers, even if just as a free member so you can earn points. The more points you get, the more revenue share you will get.

Bit Billions Logo

If you need more information feel free to contact me

Skype: aussie_striker

BitBillions is the Real Thing

When GBBG Bitbillions began there was a lot of questions that sprung up. Mainly due to the secretive nature it portrayed. There were skeptics saying it would disappear within a month. Others were saying there would never be anything more than the site itself, no development would be made. This did not help with promotion and growth was slow.

The original goal was to have 50,000 founder members in the first few months, that didn’t happen. Persistance and some special offers later ensued before Founder positions were closed off to further purchase. So with 3285 Founder members you can no longer get one…unless you buy a position from someone that has one already. This is something that will be possible in future as BitBillions plans to make a marketpace for members to be able to sell their positions if they so choose.


While all this was happening there was talk about upcoming revenue producing projects. Roll the clock forward a couple of months to where we are now. Bitbillions has now released the Dream Car Project. This is a site where participants can win a car. There is several levels members can be involved at ranging from free to $9 a month. The various levels allow members a greater chance to earn entries. The significance of now having a revenue producing project should not be underestimated. Although at this stage there is not a huge following, it is a start and gives credibility to the whole concept.

Now with things starting to move, those that got involved early need to get motivated to promote. The site has proven it is for real but now needs the growth to fulfill its potential. GBBG Bitbillions has now released co-founder positions for $30 each. These positions will entitle their owners to share in revenue for the 2nd pool of 10% of company revenue in addition to the main revenue share. The first 10% is for Founders only who also share in all other pools.

The matrix is going to be released once the co-founder positions are filled. Right now at time of writing there is 6685 co-founder positions to fill. This is a key figure, once it is fulfilled there will not be any more made available…ever.

Why would you bother getting a co-founder position? Is it a risk? Will it be worthwhile? These are questions people are asking and here are the answers as I see them.

The co-founder positions will give you exclusive revenue share additional to what free GBBG members will get. Over time this could end up becoming substantial. Because you will not be able to get more positions in the future you only have this one opportunity to get them. This will mean that with success the positions will become quite valuable.

Co-Founder positions will be placed before free positions into the matrix. This means more revenue from the matrix commissions.

What is the downside? Well it costs $30…It is a one time cost so really that is not much of a downside for something that may be worth a whole lot more in the future.


Is it worth it…simple answer YES.

Get your co-founder position while you can

Tagvillage Ressurection

Have you seen the rise in activity regarding tagvillage? Did you think they would ever release the Ad Platform? Did you think they were dead and burried? Well guess what…tagvillage is about to push the Ad Platform out of demo mode and start making some money.

tagvillage is back!

Many people wrote tagvillage off months ago but now it is starting to gain momentum. It started facing problems in the middle of 2012 when they were hit with a very well organised fraud setup. This effectively stole all of tagvillages money. Despite this tagvillage continued to develop the site at a reduced pace, in the words of tagvillage CEO David Ruebush

We used to have 12 full time developers and a support staff as well. When 100% of our money was stolen from all of us (members included), it really hurt. We had to scale back operations dramatically. We survived though. Development and testing takes a TON of time when you go from 12 programmers down to 1. Bug fixing is even harder.

 Another part that suffered from losing the money was marketing. Once again the CEO commented on facebook about it

When tagvillage had a full budget and bank account, we had an aggressive marketing plan. When 100% of our money was stolen from us, we had to make changes. Our marketing plan right now is for me to personally call and work with publishers and advertisers. As we grow, we will set aside funds for marketing and advertising. We are doing what we can with what we have. It is going to be slow and small at first. But we will take each step one at a time.

2013 Tagvillage RecoversTagvillage Front

A lot has changed in 2013. Plans have been set but had to be adjusted. Deadlines have not been met but still tagvillage has survived. Not only has it survived it has now made it to the stage that the Ad Platform is ready. Right now it is in a final week of demo mode. What that means is that it is live on the site but money is not being taken from advertisers and commissions are not being paid to publishers and tag traders yet. Once it moves out of demo mode things should progressively get better.

The biggest issue the members have had is withdrawals. In October withdrawals were stopped due to the money that was stolen. It was hoped that they would be able to resume as soon as possible. Unfortunately with less trading leading to less money coming in, the delay in the Ad Platform being finished and lack of any capital coming in, tagvillage had to leave withdrawals closed.

With pressure on there was every chance that tagvillage would fold. There was one good thing that came out of the issues, new fraud detection systems that tagvillage developed. David Ruebush explained it like this;

I hope we can get trading back up where it used to be. I will do everything I can to gain your trust back in our little company. It was devastating when we realized all your money had been stolen from us. Most of our inside management and ownership actually pushed for us to file bankruptcy and shut down. I did not agree. I feel we owe it to our members to live through this. I know someone out there is holding all our member’s money. They are evil losers who stole our funds. However, they did not steal our passion. They did not take away our ability or our potential. We survived. We have a better system now. We can move forward.

David RuebushYesterday, our system detected 2 fraudulent credit card charges at 5:01 AM. We froze the accounts immediately and began working to find the truth (was it theft or real). At 6:34 PM I personally spoke with a 22 year old college student in New York who was in tears. She couldn’t pay her rent or electricity bill because a loser somewhere in the world had stolen her identity and ripped off all her money from her bank. tagvillage detected it and reported it immediately to PayPal. Her bank was astonished when WE reported it to them BEFORE her. We got her refund to her immediately. Other businesses where the loser thief used her card may take up to 60 days to get her refunded. We had her money back to her in 12 hours. Our anti-theft system is amazing. We were forced to build this because some losers stole all our money (and yours) back in 2012 in a very complex fraud system. So, while they stole our money, they ignited a fire inside of me to overcome, win, and build a better system. Now, it is time to sell and get all our money back and bunches more!

So the question is now what happens?

tagvillage have had to adjust plans trying to do the best for the members as well as ensuring that the company can continue to operate. To this end in January it was announced about the changes coming in April. Bonus Credits being introduced and the restart (see post here). This was necessary to do and actually returned a full amount of credits to members. Although this helped a lot it still did not solve the biggest issue, there was still more credits in the system with no money to back it up (due to the stolen money).

This meant that there was no way to be able to implement withdrawals without seriously limiting them. A new plan was needed and the initial idea was to freeze members credits so that all new credits were able to be withdrawn. Some members that were made aware of this voiced that they would prefer to be able to use the credits to trade. It was found that this was a viable option and in August that is what will happen.

The big benefit for all members is that they will be able to withdraw, without limits, any regular credits they have. The way it will work as described by the CEO;

Your existing Credit balance will be converted into Trade-Only Credits on the 1st of August. Then, as we can afford to do so, we will convert them back to normal credits over time. It is the best solution we could come up with to get this system restarted and growing again. This allows tagvillage to be 100% payout ready for new members. It also allows tagvillage to be able to payout all advertising commissions for all members. In addition, it allows us to make full payouts to existing members when they sell their Tags to members who have regular credits. 

The money that you have in your account was stolen from you by the people that conducted a massive credit card theft on our company. So, the only way we can overcome this is to recoup it over time from operational profits. I truly wish I had some way to find the band of thieves that stole your money and recover it for you, but I cannot. The only thing I can do is to stay fully engaged and committed to working every day for you. I am calling on advertisers and publishers now every day. We are making some sales every day. It won’t be long before we are getting things moving forward better and better each day. Then, we will make your accounts whole again. I assure you I will work tirelessly until we overcome this. A band of thieves stole your money from you in a very complex credit card fraud ring. Even though they did much harm to you, I will work tirelessly to make your tagvillage investment whole and profitable. I promise you that.

Can tagvillage really get Publishers and Advertisers?

That is going to determine the success or failure. The Ad Platform is a great product, although it does not have all the great features yet, and it will be attractive to both Publishers and Advertisers. The key will be marketing it to get them joining so revenue can grow. This will in turn mean that the tag traders have trading credits converted to regular credits faster which they can withdraw. Marketing is the key.

We need funds. We had our entire financial situation destroyed last year with the credit card theft. So, we are rebuilding. However, I will tell you we are already gaining publishers and advertisers. And, we have several waiting in the wings as soon as we pull out of demo mode. There are just a few glitches left in the system which we expect to resolve this week. Then, it is 100% sell sell sell. I actually have come up with a good way to contact publishers and advertisers. I have been using it now for a few weeks and it works well. I plan to host a webinar soon and show TagTraders how they can get publishers and advertisers to join and target their Tags

Along with withdrawals there has been news about the Millionaire Club and Founders Profit Pool. Although both will not begin in the short term they are still there and will provide members that took part with rewards that they deserve.

This is probably the best time for people to join tagvillage. The bad times have passed and now the future looks bright. There is still work to be done and it will not be super fast growth. Instead it should be expected to start slow and gradually build up. Members should take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with. Now is the time you should check out tagvillage again.

 Tagvillage Cover

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