Tagvillage is a advertising network that is just beginning to take shape and begin to market to advertisers and publishers. With unique concepts and the ability for ordinary people to be able to earn from advertising commissions, tagvillage is about to make waves in the industry. Become part of the great opportunity. Read the updates on here and feel free to ask anything you want.


Check out the site now http://budurl.com/tagvillage


What if there were…

a TRANSPARENT online advertising network

– complete advertiser details were disclosed
– you knew every single ad that appeared on your pages
– you could find keyword indexing data for any page on your site
– you could find keyword targeting data for any advertiser
an advertising system that let you communicate directly with the advertisers

– establish direct relationships with your top performing advertisers
– communicate directly with all advertisers to improve results
– custom tailor ad content or keyword targeting for maximum, advertiser-specific results
an advertising platform that offered you control over the keywords indexed and targeted on your site

– ability to choose exactly which keywords were targeted by ads displayed on your pages
– ability to control the indexing priority (relevance) of any keyword on a page
– ability to custom tailor keyword indexing for page specific ad delivery
an ad network that benefited charitable causes automatically

– a minimum of 10% of every dollar donated to worthy causes
– the ability for each publisher to direct where donations are sent that result from their advertising activity
– the ability to work directly with a specific cause to raise awareness and brand your organization as a supporter

Help us build it!

tagvillage is a business working tirelessly to build all of this and more. We are seeking expert publishers to join our community and help us build the most unique ad network ever. Our task is to create an online ad distribution system that is effective, efficient, powerful, and philanthropic. We need your help. We fully respect and appreciate any advice, suggestions, criticisms, and other constructive input you can bring to the table. Your input will help us deliver the most incredible advertising platform ever. 

Over the next few months, tagvillage will be testing advertising widgets with thousands of quality publishers. We will be custom tailoring our system to be completely transparent on all levels. We will be developing anti-fraud systems and other security processes to ensure quality. We will be custom designing ad delivery mechanisms and creative content. Your ideas will be incredibly well received during this process. Please join tagvillage now and help us build the perfect ad network for you! 

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