GBBG Bitbillions closing in on 100,000 members

It seems a long time ago that Bitbillions began with little fanfare and struggled in it’s quest to build up a solid foundation of Founder memberships. Although the struggle as never truely abated GBBG Bitbillions is in a very solid position as it approaches 100,000 members. It should achieve the milestone near the end of April or in the first half of May 2014. This is a very significant milestone that should not be taken lightly. Although the majority of members are free, there is currently 7,500 paid memberships and over 1,200 paying members on the earning sources.

What does this mean for GBBG Bitbillions?

Well first and foremost it means they are moving toward their target of 6,715 Co-Founder positions. There is currently 2,679 co-founder positions left. Once they have sold the company will move into the Matrix Stage. This will be a very exciting time for members as it marks the beginning of monthly revenue sharing. This will be the payday for all the points members have been earning.

It was mentioned in my last post that GBBG Bitbillions made their 4th earning source Preservation of Wealth. GBBG is already making some income from this. They plan to make some marketing materials to help members with their recruiting methods. They have already designed some banners like the one below. There is also plans to specific webinars for Preservation of Wealth. The belief is that many members can begin to make some good money from this earning source alone. There is already members that have earned commissions even in this early stage.

Bitfeud, Mybitcoinrewards and Iwantacar all have continued to grow. Now with over 66,000 members in the earning sources traffic continues to grow. Recent advertising on the websites will mean incoming revenues will continue to grow as well. It is all looking very good for GBBG members.

So what is next for GBBG Bitbillions?

Development on 3rd party client software continues. It was hoped it would already be released but GBBG want to make sure they have the most secure developments available. They will not release something that will not make the company look good. SO they are making sure everything is perfect. When this software is released it will be branded as made by GBBG (not owned). This will send a message to all the non-believers that GBBG is a company to be taken notice of. They are here to stay and are going to make an impact.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. Co-Founder positions are selling and they will never again be offered once they are gone. So if you haven’t taken the plunge and joined yet do it now.

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