GBBG BitBillions Passes 20K Members

Some thought it would not get anywhere but GBBG Bitbillions has really made some remarkable progress in the last couple of months. The 20,000 member milestone was passed yesterday but it is co-founders that are really needed to move the company forward. Currently there is 321 co-founders with the matrix set to be set once all 6715 co founder positions are sold. Each position is $30 so that seems a long way off. Now that BitBillions has released earning sources and paid it’s first monthly referral commission payments there should be more faith in the company.

Big things are happening with the release of GBBG-Ware. This is the newest addition to the GBBG portfolio of websites. GBBG-Ware is a software development hub which will have a specialist area for bitcoin projects. Already it has secured it’s first contract worth tens of thousands of dollars. This one site may be a huge earner for the GBBG parent company and the members that will get revenue share.


Over 20 bitcoins ($8K USD) were paid out in commissions for the November commission payments. The top earner received over $3K of it. This is just the start with much bigger things coming and the revenue share has not yet begun.

If you have sat on the fence now is the time to have a serious look. GBBG is coming of age and the future looks very bright.


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  1. Co founder says:

    My Team is large over 500 people

  2. Seay says:

    Many thanks each alternate insightful site. Where different may just I recieve that kind of info designed in this great means? I’ve a venture that we’re basically at this point operating upon, and i have ended up for the glimpse out there with regard to similarly info.

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