GBBG BitBillions Passes 70,000 Memberships

As GBBG Bitbillions closes in on one year since first showing up online, milestones are being passed and growth continues to be consistant. At the time of writing the total GBBG membership is above 70,000 with activations on Mybitcoinrewards, Iwantacar and Bitfeud all pushing up well over 10,000

GBBG Bitbillions Membership Co-founder positions recently passed the founder positions  and is now over half way filled. This means it is now on the down hill run towards getting the matrix developed. Remember that once the co-founder positions are sold and the matrix is built, members will begin earning revenue share. Although it is likely that the amounts will begin small, they are likely to increase from that point forward. As more people realize that GBBG is a real company that s not going to scam them and will reward them for their efforts it is expected that membership growth will begin to rapidly increase speed.

Right now the key is selling the remaining co-founder positions. That is the milestone that will trigger the next phase of the business.

So what makes GBBG Bitbillions different from other programs? It may seem obvious but a compensation plan that does not overcompensate is a big part of it. The biggest problem with most programs is that they have compensation plans that are unsustainable. This is commonly what is known as a ponzi. With those sorts of compensation models the money coming in has to increase to sustain the money going out. When it doesn’t it crashes. GBBG Bitbillions is much different. It compensates based on actual revenue. If nothing comes in then nothing goes out. This is what is regarded as a sustainable compensation plan and can continue indefinitely.

The down side of a real compensation plan is members do not make unrealistic and quick returns. Why is that a bad thing? Well the funny thing about that is that it is not a bad thing, just that members see it as being bad. Too many people are looking for a quick buck with little to no effort to earn it. That is an unrealistic expectation but many people that have been led on by scams believe it is possible. So the reason a real compensation has a down side is that people want more. They see they will not earn big money quickly and do not join because of it.

The up side is obvious. Being sustainable members will earn for the long term instead of short term. An ongoing increasing income is achievable for those that build a business. Sure it will take longer to get to the stage of making the big bucks but when you do it will not suddenly disappear.

If you are after quick returns you will probably not get them here. If you are after a growing long term business then this is one to get involved with.


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