Tagvillage CEO Interview

I recently conducted an interview with Tagvillage CEO David Ruebush. We went through a lot of questions that members wanted answers to. Questions related to withdrawals, the Ad Platform, the website, Millionaires Club, Founders Profit Pool, Partnerships and more. A lot of great info came out of the interview with all the questions being answered in a full and meaningful way. All members should listen to the interview as it will give you a lot of information about what has been happening over the last few months and what will happen over the next few.


I also have a MP3 version for people that cannot view the video


Overall despite a lot of setbacks Tagvillage has come through and is closer than ever to delivering the Ad Platform. Once it does it will be a big change to everything, progress, capital, revenue. There is a lot to look forward to and members should be reinvigorated after listening to the interview.

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BitBillions Special Offer

BitBillions is still in early days with just over a month till the official launch. Since the prelaunch  began Bitbillions set Founder positions to be priced at the rate of 1 bitcoin value. In turn bitcoin enjoyed a rapid rise in value. this made the cost of Bitbillions Founder positions less affordable for many. A promotion selling founder memberships at 1/2 BTC followed then later the Founder positions were set at a price equivalent to $50.

Although the founder positions have been selling every day it appears to be slow growth and probably not as much as they would like. Right now there is a special promotion letting you get a founder position for just $30. This is the cheapest it has been available since bitcoins were valued that when prelaunch began.

In the last two days Bitbillions had webinars with insiders discussing the business. Unfortunately I was unavailable when they were on but I have heard there was some good discussion.

Why should you get a Bitbillions Founder position?

With so many opportunities out there it is easy to ask this question. Bitbillions is not yet proven as the revenue sharing does not begin till after the official launch in July. I am sure that many people will wait till then before deciding whether to take part or not, so is there any advantage to taking the plunge now. The simple answer is yes.

There is a couple of things to consider here. The most important is the way the compensation plan is structured. There is two main parts, the Monthly Revenue Share and the Monthly Matrix Bonus.

BitBillions Logo

BitBillions Monthly Revenue Share

The revenue share is made up of 6 pools depending on where your position is placed. The first 5,000 positions earn from all of the pools revenue share. Positions 5,001 to 25,000 will miss out on just the first pool. At this stage we wont worry about the other pools because these two pools are the ones currently filling.

The first 5,000 positions alone for the first pool share in 10% of the profits. Because of the way the pools are structured, increasing revenues would mean increasing revenue share for each position in all except the last pool. The positions in the pools will be determined taking into account when a member joined but placing Founder positions first.

This is very important! Founder positions will be placed in the matrix first when it is set in July. This means all Free and Reserve positions will be leap-frogged by Founder positions.

Right now if you get a Founder position you would jump ahead of more than 4700 non-founder positions!

Most importantly you will be in the first revenue pool with a top 5000 position and that is not the only benefit.

BitBillions Monthly Matrix Bonus

Many programs are based on a matrix but I have never seen one that works like this one. Instead of earning from monthly fees or purchases you earn from company revenues based on 7% of what the positions under you on the matrix earned. I think this may confuse many but let me simplify it for you.

If you have 10 people in your matrix and they each earned $100 from the monthly revenue share you would earn 7% of (10 x 100) or 7% of 1000 which gives you a monthly Matrix Bonus of $70. There is going to be points given for people using the applications so not everyone will get the same revenue share.

Obviously if you have more people in your matrix that means more potential bonus for you. That is no different to any other program and because it is company forced matrix you may even get some members forced into your matrix. Especially when the matrix is set in July many Founder positions will have that happen. Like I mentioned right now a founder member jumps over 4700 non founders. All of those will be going under founders somewhere in the matrix.

So you have a choice, you can do nothing and watch, but miss out on getting a early position.

You can get a free position and be last placed in the matrix

You can get a reserve position and be placed in after founder positions

You can take advantage of the founder positions and guarantee yourself to be in all the revenue pools.

For any of these options CLICK HERE

One last thing to check out if you want to really take it up a notch and get on the inside.


Founders VIP Club

Limited to 100 members, the Founders VIP Club is an ultra-exclusive group that will communicate directly with our Fund Managers, inside leaders, and the top developers. This is an extremely rare opportunity to have a hands-on part of the development, vision, and management of GBBG and the BitBillions brand.

Club Features

  • Exclusive Members Area
  • Exclusive Skype Room
  • Exclusive Webinars
  • Exclusive Communication

How to Join

If you are interested in leading and managing GBBG, you may apply for membership in the Founders VIP Club. Membership is open to ALL Founder members. You will be required to submit an application along with an additional donation of a minimum of $250 (USD) in Bitcoins or equivalent value. You agree you are freely donating to the development and advancement of the organization and not expecting anything in return. Applicants may begin the process by sending an email to [email protected] with ‘Founders VIP Club Application’ in the body and your member ID number in the subject line.

Additional Note

Members of the Founders VIP Club will have direct access to the engineers and developers of our software. You will interact directly with them in design, development, testing, and other aspects. You do NOT need to be technically skilled, but we will hope to gather marketing and usefulness feedback from you. Members who display utmost trust and ability may also be asked to assist in day-to-day operations, such as processing incoming donations, referral rewards, etc. In addition, ONLY the members of the Founders VIP Club will meet and interact with the inside leaders and originators of GBBG.


BitBillions VIP

BitBillions How to Sign Up

BitBillions now has an improved process for signing members up. Previously people would have to email bitbillions before receiving a member ID. Now they get it with just the click of a button on the website. They then need to send an email in to apply for membership.

Bitcoin treasure

There is an Alert for members to take note of.

This is the ONLY time you will EVER receive this membership identification number and password! We NEVER re-issue or send this information to you by email. Write this information down! Copy and paste this information and save it to a file! It is your responsibility to guard and protect your details for life. Safely store a copy where ONLY YOU can access this information. If you lose this information, you will NOT be able to restore it. Do NOT email us or ask any other member to help you recover these details. Misplacing this information shall immediately result in forfeiture of membership and assets (such as revenue share) distributed to the bearer of this information. Guard this information as if it were gold bullion. The bearer of these details is automatically considered the owner, therefore, if you allow another person to take this information from you, they will have permission to take your funds, assets, and access to our technology. The person in possession of this information also possesses all membership rights. This is the most important information you will EVER have, guard and protect it at all costs. We suggest you keep copies of this information in a few places.

While this is a very new opportunity it seems that it has not yet really taken hold. The first 5000 positions will get the biggest benefit. Right now there are plenty of these positions available. This is a great time for people to signup and get involved at low cost to a program that will pay them for years into the future.


Part of the reason this has not yet taken off is people that think there is nothing behind this website. They think it is just a scam. Actually it is quite funny as some of the people that think that are the same ones that will put money into programs that pay 2% daily then wonder why they crash. If you study the compensation plan here you will see that it is fully sustainable. Money is only shared when the business is making revenue. By doing that they have to make money. This is your guarantee that they will not crash. If no money is made, no money is distributed. Pretty simple concept and it is how all businesses should operate.


As with any new program time will tell. The product will be very important and BitBilions are looking to make many products in many areas. I suspect the first products will be the more simple ones and more progressive ones will come later. Once products are released many people will start joining and it is the people that took the chance early that will benefit most. Especially those that get in the first 5000 positions. The type of technology they are dealing with is new and already establishing itself. This is a great time to be building this before others realize how easy it will be to do. Yes this can succeed, provided it gets support from the people.


This is tough to say and depends on a few things. If you are someone that will refer a lot of people, then you will make some good commissions just from that alone. It will also help in building your matrix. Remembering you only earn from the matrix if the members in it are earning since you get 7% of what they have earned from revenue share. Really there is no way to say how much you could earn. If BitBillions grows big and starts making millions of dollars revenue then you could earn a big amount of money. If it starts to grow huge then that big amount of money will start becoming life changing amounts. To get it you don’t have to do a lot either, just join, donate and then when the software is out, use it.


As mentioned the process is much easier now. You need to have an affiliate link to get through to the signup page. If you haven’t got one click the one below;

Bitbillions Link

    • After clicking the affiliate link you will be taken to the site.
    • Go through all the pages until you get to one that says Exclusive Membership
    • At the bottom of the page click on I accept the GBBA Agreement
    • The next page gives you the Launch Process and at the bottom click on Sign Me Up
    • You will then have a membership number and password generated for you which will look like
      Member ID Number (username) 14A1grVFaAHAdYtDSsxMYo9necRViqe6wV
      Password FudjHeEWdFXv
    • You then need to submit membership application by inserting your email then clicking Join Now
    • You will receive an email which will give you options to make your donation. First you will need to create a wallet to receive bitcoins (for your commissions). Several options are suggested.
    • You then can either send a bitcoin to your membership ID (which goes to the company and proves you sent it). The alternative is to send a donation via GoFundMe on the page http://www.gofundme.com/bitbillions
    • You will receive an email saying your application for Founder has been accepted, or if you send less that bitcoin equivalent through GFM it will say that you have a reserved position. You will also get login details that you can use to access the member area on the site. You can get your referral link there.
    • One last thing you need to make sure of is that you send your public address from your wallet so that the commissions can be sent to you.

Once you have that setup you can invite others and earn commissions from that. The more referrals you have the more share you will get later from the matrix revenue share bonus.



There is a new program out that could change the way we do everything online. Sounds like hype? Maybe it does but this is real life and the beauty of this is that most of the technology is already there, all it needs is something to pull it all together.

Bit Billions Logo
BitBillions is a top secret new revenue share organization that is poised the cause the largest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen!
There are a VERY LIMITED number of Founder positions that will share in the largest benefits of the company.
You can learn about the opportunity and join using this link:  BitBillions Link

GBBG (aka BitBillions) is an official non-corporation. They are pioneering a highly disruptive cloud-based, peer-to-peer technological platform that is poised to revolutionize the entire global economy. This will virtually eliminate the need for the entire global banking system as well as the products distributed by many Fortune 500 companies. Their systems provide a completely anonymous open-source, cloud-based, peer-to-peer global technology.

The GBBG blueprints project a seamless acquisition of 75% to 80% of the entire global internet and communication traffic by 2020. These figures also parlay into a 75%-80% advertising revenue procuration by GBBG.

What would stop you from adopting a new technology… that allows you to

  1. Connect and surf the internet from any device for FREE
  2. Make unlimited phone calls to any telephone in the world for FREE
  3. Shop, manage your finances, and ‘bank’ your money for FREE (no bank fees ever again)
  4. Use the most current/stable operating system on earth and access all your programs and files FREE (never spend money on an operating system again, such as Windows or iOS)

How Do YOU Earn From This?
Wealth Redistribution Integration
You Make MONEY

$23,344.01 per month, per $1 Million Revenue generated by GBBG


As a decentralized organization without corporate headquarters or shareholders, GBBG is free of any overhead or tangible ‘operations’ to consider. The GBBG network is designed to automatically redistribute generated revenues with every single member of the organization.

The compensation plan can be viewed clicking here:
BitBillions Compensation Page

Every minute of member usage for one of the free services such as browser, chat, international calling, etc. earns a member one point. Each month, 50% of all revenues generated will be divided by the total number of awarded points, resulting in a point value which is then distributed to the membership.

In addition each member is awarded a 7% bonus on the earnings of each person in their matrix through 7 levels. The income potential is staggering as many members will earn tremendous incomes WITHOUT COST, just by using completely free services.


The compensation plan has three parts
1. Referral Commission
2. Monthly Revenue Sharing
3. Monthly Matrix Commissions

Monthly Revenue Sharing
50% of GBBG monthly revenue will be shared with members using the following pool tiers;
10% – First 5000 positions<
5% – 5001-25000<
5% – 25001-50000
5% – 50001-100000
5% – 100001-250000
20% – 250001+

For example if you get a position in the first 5000 positions you will qualify for all 6 pools (see chart below).
So you can imagine how much more that could be worth to you.

BitBillions Compensation


Monthly Matrix Commissions
In addition to the Monthly Revenue Pool Sharing, we pay you a bonus of 7% of the earnings of each person below you in the matrix, down 7 levels! The earlier you join, the more monthly revenue pools you will share. Also, the more members will be below you in the matrix. The more members that are below you in the matrix, the bigger your 7% bonus will be each month.

BitBillions Matrix

If interested in becoming a FOUNDER of this exciting opportunity:

Learn more and join here:  BitBillions Link

This is looking really good but some people have trouble getting started so I will soon make another page detailing the full process.


Tagvillage move into 2013

As one of the surviving 2012 online business opportunities, tagvillage is positioning itself for massive growth in 2013. Many people have let tagvillage slip under the radar thinking it was too hard to earn there. All of that is about to change.

2012 was a mixed year with Zeek Rewards wrapping up and JBP relaunching under a new name Profit Clicking and a new owner as well. It has also come under fire as many members have withdrawals that have been waiting for over two months. Tagvillage has not been immune to critism either. tagvillage has been running on a shoestring budget and developing the advertising platform with limited funds. This has led to much slower development and membership growth has suffered adding to the problem.

2013 is a new year and new opportunity. tagvillage enter the year with one huge advantage they have never previously had. They now have an operating Advertising Platform. This is not just showing advertisements on their own website, this is a fully functioning advertising network which will have a continually growing publisher base.. Admitably they are starting with basic features and will be enhancing them continually to give advertisers and publishers the best system they can. Currently advertisers can setup their advertising for free as tagvillage go into Alpha then Beta phases.

This is the money maker for tagvillage and as it is now in place rapid expansion of the company is planned. There has been a restructure of commissions aligning the company more with the type of business they are involved with. Originally they were going to be search and social, now they are an advertising network. The new commission structure will reward members that build their business even more than before while still allowing anybody to be capable of earning. It is expected most members will be happy with the changes and some will see far greater rewards than they previously have.

Along with the restructure of the commission structure, tagvillage are cleaning up their core software. This is going to achieve a much more streamlined website in the background and sets them up for the future. To allow them to do this there has been a few tough decisions necessary. In essence they are going to perform a restart. This represents a unique opportunity for all members although some may not be happy about the full details.

So Tagvillage are starting 2013 with a bang. Up to now they have struggled along with lack of capital trying to build an ad platform. Now with the platform in Alpha and Beta testing giving advertisers free advertising all is moving forward. But that is a sidenote.

Tagvillage Prelaunch

Tagvillage have come up with a solution to rid all the early fraud that was entered into the system and reward members at the same time. In fact the overall solution is nothing short of genius with every member getting a benefit worth more than they ever put into the company.

So here is the basics

  1. 2011 Tag guru prizes were paid out in January 2013 (50% payment of remaining balance owed).
  2. 2012 Tag Guru prizes announced 15Jan13 and paid on 20Jan13.
  3. On 25th of March a snapshot of members accounts will be taken recording the tag value.
  4. On April 1st 2013 Members will receive two types of credits. TagTrading Credits will be all the cash deposits the member has made less the withdrawals the member has taken. The second type will be Bonus Tagtrading Credits which will be equal to 20% of your tag value as recorded on 25th of March.
  5. On April 1st 2013 Tag Trading will resume with all tags reset. Members will have had all tags removed from their accounts already. Tags will have a starting price of $1.

Affiliate Compensation Plan Overhaul

The compensation plan has also changed to better suit the business model and reward members appropriately. Details of the changes as published in the news areas follows;

  1. Eliminate the Activity Points and Daily Profit Share system entirely
    This system was originally designed to reward members for conducting activity within our social network. It is not valid any longer and the funds could be better used to attract publishers and advertisers so our members will earn more from advertising commissions.
  2. 1.00 Starting Tag Value
    All Tags will start at 1.00 Credits instead of 0.10
  3. 40% Tag Price Increase Per Trade
    Tags will increase in price by 40% instead of 30%
  4. Tag Seller Earns 82% of Retail Price
    When you sell a Tag you will earn 82% of the Retail Price, not 115% of the cost. This allows members to earn slightly better profits when they sell Tags.
  5. Multi-Level Referral Commissions (TagTrading)
    • If your referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 3% of the retail price.
    • If your referral’s referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 2% of the retail price.
    • If your referral’s referral’s referral BUYS a Tag, you will earn 2% of the retail price.
  6. 10% Targeted Tag Advertising Commission
    If you own a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will be paid 10% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
  7. Multi-Level Referral Commissions (Advertising)
    • If your referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn 3% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
    • If your referral’s referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn 2% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
    • If your referral’s referral’s referral owns a Tag that is targeted by an advertiser, you will earn2% of the amount paid by the advertiser.
  8. Millionaires Club
    We will not be paying 5% referral commissions for advertiser or publisher referrals. Therefore, we will amend the Millionaires Club to reflect the new multi-level plan. Under the new plan, the ONLY valuable referrals will be active TagTraders. Therefore, we will distribute only active house referrals that are actively trading Tags. The number of referrals you will receive will not change, but they will be active TagTraders. In this way, you are ensured commissions.
  9. Founders Profit Sharing Pool
    This will not be modified at all. This pool is 100% based on actual advertising revenue, therefore, once we begin earning advertising revenue, we will distribute shares to this pool as originally planned.

What does this all mean for the average member? Well I made a video up which goes through and tells you.

From now until March 25th, 2013, the name of the game is simple. Every single member should be focused entirely on building the maximum value for their Tag inventory. This is also an EXCELLENT time to be getting and training referrals. All new members can join now, build tag value, and get 100% of their investment plus 20% of their inventory value back on April 1st. That is a guaranteed 120% return on investment in 90 days!

In the famous words of the late night advertisements;


Tagvillage needed to ensure they continue to get a stream of income despite having given members a great amount of bonuses with prize payouts. So they came up with a fantastic incentive to deposit during January. Instead of getting 20% bonus credits they have a tiered rate to be able to increase that up to 100%of their March 25th Tag Resale Value.

125.00 – 249.99 21% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
250.00 – 499.99 23% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
500.00 – 999.99 29% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
1,000.00 – 1,999.99 47% of Tag Inventory Resale Value
2,000.00 + 100% of Tag Inventory Resale Value

This is a great time for tagvillage and it’s members, new and old alike.

New Members Big Winners

People always look at what the benefit of joining a program is. The new changes have made tagvillage a much more attractive option for new members. Three levels of referral and targetted tag advertising commissions as well as retail commissions. The compensation is more rewarding than ever. During the pre-launch period members can deposit money and get up to 100% return on April 1st. This makes it a no risk opportunity as all the deposits are returned into their account on that date. They will also get their bonus credits.

The smart option would be to deposit $2000 and use it all to buy tags. At a minimum that will give 2300 tag value meaning $2000 in tag trading credits plus 2300 bonus credits. That is a fantastic return on investment.

If you are not a member already now is the time to get involved. If not you may miss out on a great opportunity. Click below to get started.

Register Here

Get 10 Percent Return On Your Money

Anywhere you can get a 10 percent return per annum on your investment you are doing well. Currently money in the banks are earning between 0-4 percent depending on which country you are from. So why would you bother leaving money in the bank when you earn so little from it. That does not include any bank fees either.

Stockmarket 2So where can you find this 10 percent return? Well most people would look at shares to be the answer but even if the market went up 10% how would you know which shares to get? Then you have broker fees to pay as well whether you make money or not.

Unfortunately we aren’t all stock experts and even those that claim to be are usually only right half of the time. So is the risk worth it? Maybe most will tell you investing in the stockmarket you need to be in for the long term, preferably 10 years or more.

Ok so the stock market isn’t the best option, banks are not going to give us the return, what is left? Well there is one other lessor known option that you may have never heard of. Private companies sometimes offer investment opportunities to raise capital. Two of the main ways companies will do this is to sell shares or offer a set return based on an investment which is basically a loan. Because this can be higher risk when it is a company that is not yet established, so they will generally offer better returns.

So where can you get a 10 percent return right now?

Private company offers do not come along every day and they do not often advertise them. More often they will approach individuals for investment. As lucrative as these offers can be for those that invest in them most of us will not even get to hear about them. Well today I have one to tell you about. The company is a new online advertising network trying to raise $100,000 in capital. They have got shares on available for sale however this article is about getting a 10 percent return. The shares available have no set return so the company decided to make another option available to raise capital.

They have made available $100,000 of 3 Year 10 percent return Notes. The minimum individual investment is $2,500 meaning at most there is only 40 people that can get them. The maximum individual investment is $50,000 so it is possible that just 2 people could fully fund the Notes. The CEO is personally going to talk to each applicant about the business. The notes will earn 10 percent return per annum and will pay interest monthly . The CEO is willing to negotiate some terms, like the way the repayments will work.

A 10 percent return on your money is a huge difference to having it sitting earning nothing. This may be the only time you ever see one of these types of offers and it is limited so do not let it pass by.

10 percent return10 percent return

To apply to take advantage of the offer you need to email [email protected] and request information about the 3 year note. You will be contacted by the CEO. Alternatively you can contact me on skype: aussie_striker and I will help hook you up with the CEO.

Tagvillage Launch the Advertising Platform

Launching the Ad Platform

Exciting times are just ahead for all of us here at tagvillage. On Monday, December 17, 2012, we fully intend to launch the basic, core package of our Advertising Platform. While this long-awaited event signals the end of a tiresome pre-launch development journey, it also signals the beginning of a much longer and more difficult one. Once the core platform is live, we will immediately shift into simultaneous stages of support, product enhancement, platform growth, and marketing. Of utmost importance is that our members maintain the proper expectations.

If all goes according to plan, as of December 17, advertisers will have full capability to build ads, find relevant positions using Tags, and bid on these positions. Publishers will have the capability to embed our ad widget code into their webpages, approve or decline ads bidding for their positions, and display winning advertisements. The basic, core components of an advertising distribution system will be in place and functional. Yet, we expect the initial usage to be low, with a relatively small number of publishers and advertisers participating.

We want to stress heavily, this will be a very basic core system. Initially, advertisers will only be able to build text ads. We will implement image and rich media advertising at a later stage. Initially, advertisers will bid on individual positions using individual Tags. We will implement the ability to bid on multiple positions & Tags (run of network) at a later stage. Initially, we will only track and report pageviews and click-throughs. Later we will implement unique user counts, enhanced demographics, and other statistics.

There are several major advertising networks already in existence. Many of them have been building and developing their products greater than ten years. In some cases, we are more than 18 years behind. There are ad construction and delivery technologies, statistical tracking mechanisms, databases, anti-fraud and security measures, and many other advancements that are simply beyond our current financial or technical resources. Like our competitors, it will take time and money to develop and implement certain levels of technology in our systems. Our goal is to build and deliver the absolute best product we possibly can, with the resources at our current disposal.

Due to our relatively infant stage realities, and due to our current financial and staffing constraints, our plan is to develop, release, and enhance our advertising product slowly and steadily over a long period of time. We truly hope that publishers, advertisers, and TagTraders will see and appreciate the direction we are moving and will bear with us as we build the technology and tools to get us all to the final vision.

We are at a point in our product development cycle where we feel the basic components are complete enough to release to a live platform. However, we do not feel they are complete enough to fully satisfy their obligations. Therefore, we have decided to roll our product out in 3 primary stages:

  • Alpha Launch (pre-beta live testing)
  • Beta Launch (beta stage live testing)
  • Continuous Enhancement (fully-functional but undergoing continuous improvement)


On Monday, December 17, 2012, our plan is to enter our Alpha Launch Stage. We plan to release the core components of our Advertising Platform during this stage for testing and debugging. During this stage, publishers will be able to embed our ad widget code into their sites so that advertisements may display within the widgets. Advertisers will be able to search for relevant positions using Tags and bid on these positions. We will display the ads of winning bidders.

It is very important to note, this Alpha Launch Stage will be a testing and debugging stage. Therefore, we will NOT pay publisher or TagTrader commissions during this stage. Also, we will NOT charge advertisers for their winning bids during this stage. This stage is purely for testing and debugging in a live environment and will not conduct actual cash transactions. We expect this stage to last until February 1, 2013.

Essentially we are saying that advertisers can get FREE ADVERTISING throughout the tagvillage publisher network until February 1, 2013. We plan to use this alpha stage opportunity to attract as many advertisers to our platform as possible. They can test our systems and learn to reach their target audience with no cash risk on their part.

However, we know this creates an important question. What about publishers? How do we expect to get publishers to participate? We understand the reason web publishers embed advertising widgets into their pages is to monetize their sites. Therefore, we have a plan to compensate them for helping us with this alpha test. For every day a publisher has our widget code live on their pages during the alpha stage, we will award them double commissions for the same number of days once we enter the Beta Launch Stage. We feel this is a very attractive offer. Publishers can help us attract TONS of advertisers with FREE ADVERTISING during the alpha stage and then earn DOUBLE COMMISSION for a certain time when we start paying them.


Our goal is to enter our Beta Launch Stage on February 1, 2013, but this date could change depending on alpha stage results. During the beta stage, we will continue to debug and enhance our platform. We intend to add deeper reporting features, better tracking mechanisms, and to enhance anti-cheating and anti-fraud systems. We also intend to begin delivering TagTrader commissions and publisher commissions during this stage. This means TagTraders and publishers will be earning revenue from ads delivered throughout our network. However, we will still NOT be charging advertisers for their bids!

Yes, you read that correct. We plan to pay publishers and TagTraders the commissions they would have earned, had advertisers actually paid for their bids. However, we intend to still allow advertisers to run ads COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE during our Beta Launch Stage. This means more FREE ADVERTISING. We truly hope this will continue to help us attract more and more advertisers to the system.

During the Beta Launch Stage publishers will earn DOUBLE COMMISSION for the number of days during which they participated in the Alpha Launch Stage. So, if a publisher participates in our alpha testing for 30 days, they will receive DOUBLE COMMISSION for 30 days during the beta testing stage. TagTraders will earn normal advertising commissions on their Tags from the beginning of the Beta Launch onward. We plan for the Beta Launch Stage to last until March 1, 2013, but this date could change depending on results.

It is important to note there will NOT be a monthly withdrawal limit for publisher earnings. Withdrawal limits are only designed for the TagTrader platform. Therefore, publishers will be able to withdraw their entire earnings from the get-go. As advertising revenues increase and TagTrading activity increases, we will remove the monthly withdrawal limits for TagTraders as well. Our goal is to transition to a fully-open earnings and withdrawals environment for all members.


After the Beta Launch Stage is complete, we intend to enter a long-term period of continuous product enhancement and support. During this time we will roll out an ever increasing array of upgrades to our technology, database, reporting, tracking, ad creation and delivery, and many other aspects of our platform. We plan for this to be a never-ending process. As we receive feedback from publishers, advertisers, and other industry professionals we will make modifications to deliver a better product. As we review data and usage statistics, we will make enhancements to our systems.

During the Continuous Enhancement Stage advertisers will be paying for their advertisements throughout our network, publishers and TagTraders will be earning advertising commissions, and causes will be receiving donations equal to at least 10% of the revenue generated by our advertising platform. The entire system will be functioning as one cohesive organism. This is the point where tagvillage will be a complete, production stage company. At this stage we will also have full-scale marketing and sales efforts alongside our development and support. We expect to be in this stage of operations for more than 10 years.


At this point, we feel it is important to explain some important details about our upcoming Advertising Platform. We have been stating for some time that tagvillage will NOT be a Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Action (CPA), or Cost per Thousand (CPM) network. However, we haven’t told you our secret. It is now time to reveal the type of network we are developing.

Our opinion is the future of online and mobile advertising lies in ‘Branding’. We do not feel impulse response (CPC) or other antiquated search-based models will continue to deliver viable advertising opportunities for the long-term future. In 2013, online display advertising will generate more revenue than search-based advertising for the first time in history. Why? Because, display advertising is currently the ONLY method to achieve ‘Branding’ online.

In the simplest form, brand advertising is the art of delivering the exact same message to the exact same intended audience over a long period of time. This is possible through some online display advertising channels. However, avenues for branding are quite limited. Some of the best brand advertising opportunities available in today’s market are high volume pages, such as the Yahoo homepage or the Facebook exit page. The trouble is, only a select few businesses can afford these placements. Online brand advertising is simply not viable for average, local or regional businesses. That is, until now.

We believe there are millions of websites in existence that have consistent traffic that is made up of a similar group of people. There are millions of hobby sites, information sites, and other niche websites that attract and retain visitors due to a specific topic or activity. Many of these sites struggle to generate meaningful ad sales revenue because they must either manually sell and deliver ads themselves, or rely on automated search-based systems that produce less than desired results. There simply is not a dependable framework to fairly ‘automate’ a brand advertising (or display) system for small and mid-size websites.

One of the key components to brand advertising is consistency. In order to effectively build a brand, businesses must deliver the exact same message to the exact same audience over a long period of time. This is impossible with search based ad networks. Why? Because, when you place an ad in a search based network, it is delivered randomly throughout many locations based upon keyword matching and traffic demand algorithms. In other words, your ad is randomly distributed in too many places. Search based networks simply cannot ensure the same sets of eyes are seeing your ad every day.

Although many websites have a similar audience demographic, and therefore the ability to deliver a reasonable ‘branding’ opportunity for advertisers, they face many hurdles. To sell and deliver their own advertising content requires them to employ ad sales representatives and build advertising content management systems. They must seek out their advertisers and conduct a high level of manual ‘labor’ to deliver these ads. For the most part, the revenue is not worth the effort.

We have designed a better networking solution for publishers and advertisers. While search-based advertising systems cannot effectively deliver branding opportunities, they do one thing very well. Because they are keyword oriented, they match advertisers with publishers effectively. We realized this key advantage and borrowed from it when designing our system. Through Tags, we will allow advertisers to discover branding opportunities and publishers to discover potential advertisers. In this manner both advertisers and publishers can find each other. We can fairly ‘automate’ the matchmaking process.

However, matchmaking is only part of the process when it comes to brand advertising. The next component is for the advertiser to have the ability to deliver the same message to the same intended audience for a long period of time. So how is this possible with tagvillage? Simple, we will deliver ads based upon a Cost per Time (CPT) basis.

With the tagvillage Advertising Platform, advertisers can find publishers who have sites that attract their intended audience. They can then bid for the opportunity to place their ads in front of this audience for a certain amount of TIME. They are not randomly shot-gunned to millions of different sites and audiences. They are not buying a limited number of impressions and hoping the right audience happens to see their ad. Instead, they are establishing a time-based position in the middle of content that is attracting their intended audience. They can accomplish true branding.

When we first launch our platform, advertisers will bid on positions in 24 hour increments. All ads will be delivered for a minimum of 24 hours at a time per position. Later we will implement more advanced time management and time predictive systems. Our goal is to make online advertising begin to act like traditional television and radio advertising and other standard media platforms. We intend to develop the system that allows publishers to choose exactly WHEN and WHERE to place their ad, so the right audience receives their message consistently.

The Internet is a mature media. Millions of websites exist with established content and viewers. These sites deserve the opportunity to deliver ads based upon their true value: their audience. Many advertisers place ads in certain issues of magazines because they know the exact intended audience will read the issue. Many advertisers place ads in certain time-slots on certain television or radio programs because they know the exact intended audience will view or hear the program.

Why don’t websites capitalize on this fact? Because, for over ten years, the only automated approach to delivering advertising effectively online was search-based keyword and content matching. Today, we have the technology and data to know who is where online, and WHEN. We have the technology to allow advertisers to choose when and where to place an ad so they reach the exact intended WHO. This is the future of online and mobile advertising.

Our core product will be live in just a few days. Everyone will be able to see that tagvillage is legitimately building an online advertising system. This is an extremely well planned, well organized platform. We have constructed millions of lines of code, volumes of data, exhaustive security and anti-cheating measures, and many other technologies. It is now time to transition from product development to product delivery and marketing. Hold on tight! This should be a fun, but sometimes bumpy ride.

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The Rise and Fall of Online Businesses

You’ve all heard the pitch,

“Join now, this is going to be the greatest business and will be around forever, you will make a fortune”

Or something like this


The last couple of months have been a wakeup call to many people that a lot of these so-called businesses are not so stable. Recent events have seen the closure of several higher profile programs leaving many to wonder what happened. It’s quite simple, although the programs themselves said they were legit and safe, they were really operating on a knife edge the whole time. Legally some were never compliant running under the radar while others tried to be compliant but they got too big and could not continue to comply.

So what are people to think for the future? The SEC closed down Zeek Rewards which made some other programs change their compensation, ripping out a lot of the benefits to members. Other programs shortly disappeared and a few high profile owners sold their more successful programs before anyone started to come after them. What is the lesson to be learned?

It is always said to do your due diligence about a program but when you don’t have all the facts how can you? The answer is not a popular one. Any program that is promising to return a daily % rate you can straight away expect that it is operated predominantly as a Ponzi. As much as they try to disguise it and possibly get around the laws minimally that is what they are. You can bet your bottom dollar every HYIP you see advertised is a Ponzi. That is not to say you cannot make money with them but just realize that the return you are getting, someone else is paying for. In the end these programs always hit a point where they fail and people lose money. It isn’t a matter of if , it is a matter of when. Some will last days, some weeks, some months and a very few will last over a year.

Zeek Rewards was a classic case in point. There is still some that hold out for it to come back but the chances are slim. It depends on who you believe, the SEC figures appear to show that the withdrawals were set to overtake revenue in the month after they shut it down. This is a classic Ponzi crash sign. The point that the company has made the most profit and will start losing money. Usually that is when the owners shut it down because they do not have the money to cover the withdrawals. Some programs get around that by stopping withdrawals while still accepting money in, or by having something else absorb the money owed like giving a placement in a matrix that has limited ability to pay out. At the very least this prolongs the program.

There are different programs online and it pays to know what you are getting into. I have just discussed programs that give a % daily, what about MLM’s. Now this is a different thing altogether. Most MLM’s are legit but they require more effort to earn from. They will have a product of some sort with most requiring a monthly purchase. It is easier for MLM’s to be compliant but still some aren’t. If you want to be involved in a MLM a basic thing to think about is are you purchasing something you can use. If the answer is No then it is probably not the one to join. If you want to make big money in MLM you are going to need a big referral base. Don’t believe the hype saying you never need to sponsor, if you don’t you will not make much at all. You must be prepared to put effort in and it certainly helps if you are happy with the product you are promoting.

Something to think about when looking at new programs, the more hype about how much money you are going to make and how easy it is the more likely it will not be as good as it says. The better programs do not rely on a lot of hype instead focusing on the product more. There will be presentations about the compensation but there will also be information about the product is about. If all there is is big hype regarding the compensation it is focused on only the business side and that means the product is probably just there to make it look more legit. Have a look at this banner to see the difference compared to the image at top of this page.

Free Video Email


There are other types of businesses online, affiliate type where you are basically getting customers to a product. You do not need referrals for this but you will need some way of getting customers either through a website or through other marketing methods like email marketing, search engine marketing, offline marketing etc. For most people this is a tougher way to earn as they simply do not get the people to look at the offers.

Adsense and other ad distribution networks will pay you for clicks or traffic to ads on your websites. While this is a good, some would say passive, way to generate money you need traffic. That is not always easy to get but if you have some good websites using an ad network and maybe amazon affiliate or other ads can be worthwhile.

Tagvillage fits into the Ad Networks as well although it goes the step further where you can earn without having a website. Owning your own keywords and getting a % from all revenue that advertisers spend on that keyword. It could be the next big revolution for Ad networks. Tagvillage have not yet got there platform fully operational and expectation is that the publisher platform should be released in October and the advetiser platform in November. They have the advantage of building their product at a time when mobile marketing is in it’s infancy and a lot of other Ad Networks are stuck with old framework for their coding. Add to this the dissatisfaction with Adsense who close down a lot of accounts without giving a reason and that they give 10% of revenue to charities there is a decent market for Tagvillage to fit into.


I like many of you have made and lost money online. I have seen a lot of programs come and go. I have seen some people make a lot of money and others lose a lot of money. I have been involved in good and bad programs, some I knew wouldn’t last, some I thought would.

Stay within your limits and if you want to earn anything online be prepared to put some work in. Do not go for something because it promises the best return or because it it the newest thing around. Those are the most likely to burn you fast. Unfortunately just because a program has been running for a year does not mean it is safe either. Look at what it is and how it compensates it’s members. The harder a business looks like it will be to earn from the more likely it is that it will be legitimate and around for the longer term.

I wish you every success


Tagvillage Founders Profit Pool Tool and News

Have you seen the Tagvillage Founders Profit Pool Tool I made showing how many seats each member is qualified for?

It also shows how many extra seats those members can automatically earn by getting more first level seats or how much they need to trade to get the higher level seats. I put a page on the site here for it but I found that it fits better on my other website. So you can check it out by clicking HERE.


Tagvillage CEO arrives in Kiev

A recent message on skype from the CEO which I have put into point form and highlighted to emphasize the important points. 

Safely in Kiev Ukraine now. Will be working here until August 29th to get our tagvertising system completed. We have already made HUGE strides.

We think we can fully complete the entire Cause platform by Monday. This will include ability for causes to resgister, be approved, be searched using /cause hashtag, and be chosen by publishers to be supported by ad network.

Next we will finish the entire publisher platform by the 1st week of August. This will include capability for publishers to build multiples “sites” and manage multiple widgets per “site”.

We then anticipate completing the entire rest of advertising system for advertisers, bidding, and actually running ads by the end of August. Please note, this is our PLAN, it may change if there are complications. However, at this time, all is going extremely well!

This is the sort of news that members have been hoping for. The next month promises to be the beginning of great things for Tagvillage and its members.

Tagvillage – Founders Profit Pool Promotion

Tagvillage are giving away future profits in what could be one of the best deals ever available. Many people do not realize how good this offer is. People chasing opportunities that they can make quick money are ignoring Tagvillage as it is a longer term program. What many of them find is that they also lose money chasing those opportunities. Tagvillage is a bit more involved and the big rewards have yet to start. This promotion makes it easy for people to be able to get a share of company profits.

For full details of the Tagvillage Profit Pool Promotion Click HERE

Here’s a summary.

As you know, one of the purposes of tagvillage is to pour out financial blessings upon our members. We strive to bless our members and the causes they support. The majority of members have already earned much more than they invested over the past 18 months. Even still, we want to make it better. After all, if it were not for the founding members of tagvillage, we would not be this close to reaching our major advertising platform milestones. We are very close now.

From July 1st 2012 through July 31st 2012:

1. For every $10 worth of Credits you purchase before all the seats are filled, tagvillage will GIVE you one 1st Level Seat in the pool.
2. For every 1st Level Seat you are given you can earn one 2nd Level Bonus Seat by purchasing 20.00 Credits worth of Tags during the same calendar month, before the earnings period begins.
3. For every 2nd Level Bonus Seat you earn, you can earn one 3rd Level Bonus Seat by purchasing 100.00 Credits worth of Tags during the same calendar month, before the earnings period begins.

It is really that simple. Hurry and get your seats! This is a first-come first-served opportunity. We will stop giving out seats when the limits are reached. If there are seats remaining after July 31st, the minimum Credits requirements and Tag purchase requirements will increase each calendar month until all 1st Level Seats are filled.

There is a limited number of seats available in each position in this Profit Sharing Pool. We will stop awarding seats to members when the maximum number of available seats is reached in each level. There are a maximum of 5,000 seats available in the first level. There are a maximum of 5,000 seats available in the 2nd bonus level. There are a maximum of 2,500 seats available in the 3rd bonus level.

Rocket Profits

Profit Pool Monthly Distribution
Upon the 1st day of the month following a month in which a deposit was made into the Profit Pool, tagvillage will divide the sum of the deposit into 3 separate pools, called the 1st Level Pool, the 2nd Level Pool, and the 3rd Level Pool.

  • The 1st Level Pool shall be equal to 25% of the sum deposited into the entire Profit Pool.
  • The 2nd Level Pool shall be 50% of the sum deposited into the entire Profit Pool.
  • The 3rd Level Pool shall be 25% of the sum deposited into the entire Profit Pool.
  • The 1st Level Pool will be divided by the total number of 1st Level Seats occupied by members in the Profit Pool to determine the per-seat value of the 1st Level Pool.
  • The 2nd Level Pool will be divided by the total number of 2nd Level Bonus Seats occupied by members in the Profit Pool to determine the per-seat value of the 2nd Level Pool.
  • The 3rd Level Pool will be divided by the total number of 3rd Level Bonus Seats occupied by members in the Profit Pool to determine the per-seat value of the 3rd Level Pool.

Once the per-seat value is determined for each pool, tagvillage will then distribute these values to the owners of each seat, respectively, and will deposit the value into their account in the form of Credits.

This is something you should not miss out on.


Join Tagvillage HERE

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