Tagvillage – Weekend Special

Here are the details of the weekend promotion for the Millionaire Club positions and a screenshot showing new advertising on the site

If you aren’t a member sign up at http://budurl.com/tagvillage

We are planning to extend the distribution period so that members of the Millionaires Club will receive the maximum number of referrals possible! Details coming next week…

From now until Midnight CDT USA, Sunday, June 10, 2012: 

Base Member: $50 $40.00 USD

1 Position in List

Power Member: $90 $70.00 USD

2 Positions in List
2 Bonus Referrals*

Mogul Member: $120 $90.00 USD

3 Positions in List
5 Bonus Referrals*


1st 200 Positions Sold 3 Bonus Referrals per position*
This will be a one-time bonus for the very 200 positions sold during this weekend special only.

*All bonus referrals are guaranteed to either be an advertiser or publisher member!


Tagvillage Ads

Tagvillage Millionaire Club Extra Special Weekend Promotion

This weekend Tagvillage are putting on a special promotion with the Millionaire Club. They are not releasing details but already have said that there will be Early Bird Bonuses like when it first was released. We do not know if it will be a discounted price, extra referrals, extra positions, pif credits when you buy, or something else. All we know is what is on the site which is

  • Don’t Miss This!
  • THIS WEEKEND ONLY! There will be a HUGE SPECIAL for Millionaires Club Memberships! From 1PM CDT USA on Friday, June 8, 2012 until Midnight CDT USA on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

The Millionaire Club is only open for purchases in June and so far there has been 777 positions bought. There is also 1776 bonus referrals that have been qualified for. The lists are posted on the site.

Get Your Positions HERE

note: you need to register on the site

Why should you take part in this? Well simply put this could be one of the biggest ROIs you will ever see and you only get one chance to take part in it. Unfortunately it is a bit of an unknown quantity right now. The problem is if you do not get positions and the people that do end up getting a return of 10x, 100x, even 1000x their investment, how will you feel? Since the club is only open to purchase positions until the send of June you cannot delay and see what happens before getting some.

Let’s think about why this is so good. A mogul pack costs $120 and you get 3 positions plus 5 bonus referrals. Each position and bonus referral is guaranteed to get an advertiser or publisher. The positions may give you 3, 10, 30, or more refs but only 1 per position is guaranteed to be a publisher or advertiser. So this gives you a minimum figure to work with.

Why is this important?

It means you will get at least 8 publishers and/or advertisers. These types of referrals are ones that could have big money to spend. SO with 8 that means on average it cost you $15 for each of them (less if you get more or get the packs on special).

Because of the way commissions are structured that would mean that to make your money back on a referral they would need to turn over $300 in one of the three areas. Those areas being tag trading, advertising and publishing. Note that publishing is not costing them anything and the $300 turnover is money they would have earned from clicks on the widgets on their sites.

In short, if a referral has $300 in turnover you have your investment back.

Once you know what your minimum figures are you can think about possibilities. We are talking about advertisers. So much money is spent on advertising and online advertising is rapidly increasing. Is it hard to believe you could have an advertiser that spends $300? Not at all, in fact there are advertisers that will spend more than that per day!

What sort of return would that give you? Well let’s work it out…

$300 per day x 30 days = $9000

5% of $9000 =

$450 per month commission

That is talking about just one good advertiser, and it is only one month. Your commissions on them will be month after month after month…

Do you see the potential here yet? The key is that these referrals are going to be contacted by the company directly. That means they will be able to get far better ones than what the average person would.

Let me show you what bigger advertisers spend.

Here is a current list from keywordspy

Ad Spenders

I am not sure what period that spend is made. I think it may be monthly but it might not be. Now based on the bottom one it is $244,519. Let’s say they were to put 10% of their budget into tagvillage advertising a month. That would be $24,519 which would net you $1225 for the month from that one advertiser.

Here is a different approach. Let’s say that you did not get a fantastic advertiser like the one above, but you did get 3 Mogul packs costing $360 total giving you 24 guaranteed referrals. You got lucky and got 25 refs to make the figures easier. As I said you did not get a great advertiser like above but lets say that each one you did get turned over $100 a week. Here is what you would get.

$100 x 25 x 4 = $10,000 mth

$10,00 x 5%=

$500 per month

In fact with the 3 mogul packs to get your money returned to you in a 12 month period you would only need each referral to average $25 per month turnover. That is less than what some spend per day, or even on a single banner. Have a look at what is charged on a forum that I use below.

Forum Ad CostDespite the prices the forum has ads filling its positions constantly. This just proves that there is plenty of money spent on advertising. This is your chance to get a piece of it.

I hope this opens your eyes a little to the opportunity that Tagvillage is making for all of us. There are several ways to earn on Tagvillage and referrals are the most passive way. Good publisher and advertiser referrals could be the jackpot you have been searching for and may pay you extremely well.

So if you haven’t already joined Tagvillage join HERE

and check out the Millionaire Club because it might just make some millionaires over the next few years.

Tell me what do you think of it?

Tagvillage – The Change has begun

After all the waiting there are major changes beginning to happen on the Tagvillage site. The backoffice is transforming into a new dashboard. There is now the ability to make publishers, advertiser and cause profiles. This is just the start as once the momentum builds it will not stop.

The Millionaire Club lists have been posted and there is a big promotion coming up this weekend for it. At time of writing 777 positions have been purchased. The positions are limited and if they do not all sell there will not be another chance to get them. This is a very exciting time for the company and its members.

New descriptions of what the different parts of tagvillage, tag traders, advertisers, publishers and causes.  This is a step in preparation to marketing to each of the different types of members that will be joining the site.


Here are some screenshots and the new description for Publishers.

Join Tagvillage

The backoffice

Join tagvillage

The Dashboard

What if there were…
a TRANSPARENT online advertising network

– complete advertiser details were disclosed
– you knew every single ad that appeared on your pages
– you could find keyword indexing data for any page on your site
– you could find keyword targeting data for any advertiser
an advertising system that let you communicate directly with the advertisers

– establish direct relationships with your top performing advertisers
– communicate directly with all advertisers to improve results
– custom tailor ad content or keyword targeting for maximum, advertiser-specific results
an advertising platform that offered you control over the keywords indexed and targeted on your site

– ability to choose exactly which keywords were targeted by ads displayed on your pages
– ability to control the indexing priority (relevance) of any keyword on a page
– ability to custom tailor keyword indexing for page specific ad delivery
an ad network that benefited charitable causes automatically

– a minimum of 10% of every dollar donated to worthy causes
– the ability for each publisher to direct where donations are sent that result from their advertising activity
– the ability to work directly with a specific cause to raise awareness and brand your organization as a supporter

Help us build it!

tagvillage is a business working tirelessly to build all of this and more. We are seeking expert publishers to join our community and help us build the most unique ad network ever. Our task is to create an online ad distribution system that is effective, efficient, powerful, and philanthropic. We need your help. We fully respect and appreciate any advice, suggestions, criticisms, and other constructive input you can bring to the table. Your input will help us deliver the most incredible advertising platform ever.

Over the next few months, tagvillage will be testing advertising widgets with thousands of quality publishers. We will be custom tailoring our system to be completely transparent on all levels. We will be developing anti-fraud systems and other security processes to ensure quality. We will be custom designing ad delivery mechanisms and creative content. Your ideas will be incredibly well received during this process. Please join tagvillage now and help us build the perfect ad network for you!

Don’t watch what happens, join now to be part of it 

Join using this link http://budurl.com/tagvillage

Zeek Rewards Cashback for my Friends

We all love to make money and when we find something good we share it right. Still even when friends share there is a risk so I want to take the risk away, or at least greatly reduce it for you.

For a limited time I am offerring a cashback for people that join me in Zeek Rewards. This is a limited offer and I need to ensure that the best people get the benefit. I also need to try to make sure you get started in the right way so that you are earning money from day 1.

So here is the deal.

I am going to give a $10 cashback to the first 10 people that qualify by doing the 4 steps below and $5 cashback for the next 10.

  1. Signup using this link http://budurl.com/dailyrewards  (ensure it says welcome from David Newman)
  2. Upgrade to Silver, Gold or Diamond affiliate
  3. Place your ad to share in the profit share for the first 10 days
  4. Email me with Zeek Rewards Cashback Offer in the subject line letting me know your id
So you can see this is limited to the first 20 people that qualify. If I have a good response I may increase the number.
Zeek Rewards has been a very good and easy company to work with and has done a lot to ensure it complies with legal regulations. It is here to stay and I have full confidence in it. It is that reason I am very comfortable recommending it. I have been able to withdraw hundreds from it over the last few months and I have many friends who have also benefited greatly. Now I want to help more people with it.
If you are already a member with Zeek Rewards feel free to share your experience of it by commenting below.


Tagvillage – Method for Choosing Tags

Choosing Tags is often one of the hardest things for people to do and there is no set method that is going to guarantee success. Still so many people are not sure how to choose tags so I made a video showing how I go about it. With lists of 10,000 tags being posted on the site each day you have to have some plan on which ones to buy. This is one of my methods and because the stats are from other networks there is no way of knowing how well it will work with Tagvillage. So feel free to use my method if you like but I do not accept any responsibility that tags you buy will be good or bad.

I would love to have your comments on the video and please if you like it give it a thumbs up.

Skype Helps Hackers

Skype Hacked

With over 600 million users you would think Skype would have systems in place to combat hackers as fast as possible after being found out. Instead I have found that Skype has a loophole allowing hackers 24 hours use of an account and the user cannot stop them. This is something that I am sure many hackers are finding quite amusing and using to their advantage. Customer support are powerless to do anything about it because it is the Skype policy and security measures that allows this. Yes you read that correctly, it is Skypes security measures to protect your account that allows hackers to use your account for 24 hours untouched!

I have used Skype for a couple of years now and have seen many other peoples accounts get hacked. It is usually easy to tell as the person will get in contact with you saying they need help, then ask for funds to be sent to them in paypal, payza (previously alertpay), Liberty Reserve or Western Union. Sometimes they say they will send one payment processor funds in return for another, of course they ask for you to send first. Because they are using the messaging element of Skype you cannot see that it is not the person you think it is. Other hackers use credits that are associated with the Skype account.

Today my Skype account was hacked for the first time. I realized it almost straight away as I was using it at the time and it suddenly logged off. I tried to log back in but it would not accept my password. After several attempts I tried the forgotten password link. It asked for my email which I put in and it said that there was no record of that email in the Skype system. Strange, I checked my email to make sure I had the correct one and noticed that there was an email from Skype informing me that my email was successfully changed to one that I did not recognize. I now knew I had been hacked. I immediately changed my password to the email account.

This is where I thought great I am on top of this I will just contact support and they will fix it straight away for me. Little did I know how wrong I was. The first hurdle was finding where to contacy support directly. The support page yielded varying results and I eventually found a link provided by someone else to live chat support.

It took about 10 minutes to be connected to an agent, I was 2nd on the list. After asking for my Skype name and email, which I had already put in the box prior to being connected, the agent asked my real name then asked what the problem was. I told the agent that my account was hacked, they had changed the email and my password would not work. The agent then said they would pass me on to someone that would help me. Ok, I thought that was why I was talking to them but I will give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they were just the person to pass me onto the correct department.

The next customer support Margaret D came on and proceeded to ask me the same questions. Then said she would review the conversation so far. There was only about 12 lines of chat with the previous support agent but it still took over 5 minutes before I mentioned it was taking a long time to read. She then went through several processes that got nowhere and after 32 minutes came up with the  line, ‘So you changed your email’. A comment I couldn’t believe as from the very start I had told her that someone else did it.

By this stage frustration was setting in and I started another chat with another support member. This one seemed to have a better handle on things. Then Margaret D came back and told me she had changed my email back to the one I wanted. Finally I’m getting somewhere, or so I thought. I was then given a link to reset my password, that is when the problems showed. I tried to reset my password but I got a message saying that I could not reset it because I had already reached the limit of password resets for the day. Essentially because the hacker reset  the password I was not able to reset it back to one of my own.

skype password reset

During this time I had already heard from friends on facebook that the hacker was asking people to help by sending them money. I also had found an email in my account showing that the hacker had changed the password about half an hour prior to changing the email address. Strangely it was in arabic.



Token password
Reset your password using this temporary symbol. Please note that this link remains active for 6 hours only since it is received. After the end of this time period, the symbolwill not work and you will need to send a request to change the password. 


On informing the support of the message they said that I would have to wait for 24 hours before trying to reset the password again. I wasn’t happy with that response and asked that they do something about it. I was told that nothing could be done until 24 hours later when I could reset the password. Since the email had been changed I thought that was the end of the issue after 55 minutes with customer support. That was until I was told half an hour later that the hacker was still soliciting money from people from my Skype account. This would be because they do not need my email, they only need the Skype name and password to login.

Back to square one and back into Skype customer support. I immediately requested that I be put onto someone that would be the best person there to solve my problem. Maria Rona N was confident saying,

 I’m going to use all my available resources to help you out with your Skype concern.

It seems those resources do not count for much as once again the same sticking point remained. Despite another hour trying to resolve the issue and requesting to have higher level support do something, in the end I still had to wait 24 hours before trying to reset my password again, meanwhile the hacker goes about his business. Apparently level two support were too busy to look into the problem but I was told they would send an email as they do not deal in chat. Seems like no support at all from level two. I received an email from Maria which read;

Summary of the problem: Non-Paying Customers’ account is taken over. Unable to reset password because of the 24 hour restriction. Customer demands for higher level position to solve this issue.

Actions expected: Email customer for the best resolution regarding his issue.

So here I am 14 hours later and I have not received an email for the best resolution. I would not be surprised if I receive one later, more than 24 hours after the complaint, stating I should wait for 24 hours then try to reset the password.

But what happens if the hacker changes the email address again or they reset the password again before I do, then I will have to go through the process again. Skype will not record details of hackers email addresses hiding behind privacy laws. So this same person can hack other peoples account and change it to the same email. In fact according to Google this email has been used before.

So congratulations Skype, you have successfully implemented policies and systems that give hackers at least 24 hours of uninterrupted use of another persons account. Plenty of time for them to get in touch with the majority of that persons contacts to scam them, use any credit they have and generally do as much harm as they can.

It seems this is not an uncommon problem. Google ‘skype hacked’ and you will find lots of stories of people having calls made on their accounts, passwords changed and emails changed. Many of the stories say that when Skype were contacted they blamed the user for lack of security, often not offering a refund for the fraudulent charges on the account.

Most companies would try to make it as hard as possible for criminals to break the law. Instead Skype seems to have made friends with them by making things easy for them and harder for their customers. Strange way to do business and I think a company so big can and should introduce better measures.

Have you had your Skype hacked? Tell your story in the comments.

An actual account by

David Newman

Tagvillage Release Millionaire Club Details

Tagvillage have set the bar high and are delivering an opportunity for members to share in what will be the first rapid growth stage since they first launched. I have never seen a promotion like this. Sure other businesses have had co-ops and rotators but none have given guarantees. Tagvillage are so confident in the future they are giving guarantees that for every position and bonus position owned an advertiser or publisher will be given. That would be in addition to any normal referrals ie tag traders (or older inactive referrals). Considering the advertisers and publishers are the ones that will be spending the most money on the site, they are very highly valued referrals and could make members a large amount of commissions.

Every member that does not have a sponsor (house referrals) will be distributed to members taking part. Admitably a lot of those will not be active and hence not worth anything, but it is the advertisers and publishers that will be joining the site that make the difference. Because tagvillage have set a guarantee we can work out exactly what it will cost as a maximum if members get the minimum guaranteed amount. Of course that price becomes even better if they get more.

Breaking down the three packages available to work out the maximum cost per advertiser/publisher you would get;

Basic: 1 position, gives a guaranteed 1 advertiser or publisher costing $50 each

Power: 2 positions + 2 bonus, gives a guaranteed 4 advertiser or publisher costing $22.50 each

Mogul: 3 positions + 5 bonus, gives a guaranteed 8 advertiser or publisher costing $15 each

So to make their money back they would need an advertiser to spend just $300 on advertising, or a publisher to earn $300 through the widgets. That is a small amount especially considering that some advertisers will spend that or more in a day. Also once they have these as referrals they will earn commissions from them forever more as long as they use the site. That isn’t even including any tag trading they would do. One tag sale could give a higher commission then the cost of the referral.

Remember members could get multiple referrals of all types for their positions during the 90 days. Imagine they could get 1, 3, 5, even 10 referrals before they even get their bonus ones. This is a great deal and one that may never be repeated. Those that take advantage may find themselves benefiting from massive growth and could look back at this moment as being the defining one for their success.

To take advantage of the Millionaire Club you must be a Tagvillage member first. You have until the end of June to get your positions unless they run out first so don’t risk missing out.

Join Tagvillage by clicking the red button. Full Millionaire Club details are underneath it.

 Register here


The Millionaires Club


The tagvillage Millionaires Club is an exclusive referrals pool. Members get advertiser and publisher referrals along with standard Tag Trader referrals! Each position on the List is rewarded with referrals. The more positions a member has, the more referrals they will receive!


There are a limited number of positions available, so HURRY and get yours before they are gone. (see complete details below)

Base Member: Power Member: Mogul Member:
$50.00 USD
1 Position in List
$90.00 USD
2 Positions in List
2 Bonus Referrals*
$120.00 USD
3 Positions in List
5 Bonus Referrals*


1-25 5 Bonus Referrals per position*
26-100 2 Bonus Referrals per position*
101-300 1 Bonus Referral per position*

This will be a one-time bonus for the very first names to be in these positions.
* All bonus referrals are guaranteed to either be an advertiser or publisher member!


The Millionaires Club Details

1. Limited Positions Available
There are a limited number of positions available on the List. We will stop accepting membership positions if the maximum number of available positions is reached.

2. Limited Time for Membership
Registration for membership in the club will expire on June 30, 2012 at Midnight CDT (USA). We will not accept any more registrations after this time, even if the maximum number of available positions has not been reached.

3. Who is Eligible?
Membership is open to any person that becomes a member of tagvillage BEFORE June 30, 2012.

4. No Limit to Purchases
You may purchase as many positions on the list as you wish as long as their are positions available. To purchase additional positions, simply return to this page and choose your option.

5. 90 Day Distribution Period
We will begin distributing referrals on July 1, 2012 and will continue for 90 days (until September 30, 2012).

6. All House Referrals Distributed
We will distribute ALL house referrals to the names on the List. This will include Tag Trader referrals, Advertiser referrals, and Publisher referrals. Every single house referral that has registered with tagvillage from the very beginning of the website until September 30, 2012 will be distributed.

7. Method of Distribution
Beginning July 1, 2012 we will distribute house referrals evenly to the names on the List through a rotation cycle. The first name on the list will receive a referral and then will be moved to the end of the list. The name that was second will then become first. Each time a name receives a referral, it will be moved to the end of the list and will cycle back to the top as referrals are distributed. We will continuously rotate the names on the list as new advertisers, publishers, and Tag Traders register as house accounts.

8.Advertiser or Publisher Referral Guarantee
We guarantee every single name on the list (position) will receive a minimum of 1 advertiser or publisher as a referral. In the event that a member does NOT receive an advertiser or publisher referral during the 90 Day Distribution Period, we manually award one to them to fulfill this guarantee.

9. Bonus Referral Guarantee
We guarantee all bonus referrals will be either an advertiser or publisher.

10. Bonus Referral Distribution
All bonus referrals will be distributed AFTER the end of the 90 Day Distribution Period. Bonus referrals will be in addition to the referrals you receive during the standard distribution time.

11. No Time Limit to Fulfill Guarantees or Bonus Referrals
We ARE NOT obligated to fulfill all advertiser and/or publisher referral guarantees by September 30, 2012. Although we anticipate more than enough advertiser and publisher accounts to fulfill every obligation, we reserve the right to take as long as necessary to ensure every member of the Millionaires Club receives the number of advertiser and/or publisher referrals they were guaranteed. This includes bonus referrals.

Tagvillage is about to Explode

It has taken longer than expected but finally Tagvillage is about to release major changes to the site and mass market directly to publishers and advertisers. Read the latest news replicated below for your convenience. This is a real exciting time for the company and it’s members. If you are quick you may be able to take advantage of the Millionaire Club which opens in a couple of days. you will have to be quick though because it is limited. Read more about it below.


Announcing The Millionaires Club

May 11, 2012

The past few weeks we find ourselves discussing a common topic around corporate headquarters. We seem to continuosly talk about the impact advertisers and publishers will have on Tag Trading. We are just days away from huge changes that will forever change the construction of the tagvillage membership. We will soon see an influx of professionals and businesses as members. Due to these changes, we think our members are going to view referrals in a completely new way.

Not too long from now, we will open up unique channels for advertisers and publishers to join tagvillage. Advertisers will register with our site and create unique advertiser profiles. They will have their own unique account management tools that are custom designed for advertisers. Publishers will register with our site and create unique publisher profiles. They will also have their own unique account management tools that are custom designed for publishers. Both advertisers and publishers will begin creating lists of targeted Tags.

As we are putting the finishing touches on the platforms for advertisers and publishers, we are beginning to see how these new members will impact Tag Trading. Think about the following situation. Imagine there are 3 or 4 publishers who join tagvillage and they all publish sites related to cooking. Now, imagine that 3 or 4 advertisers join tagvillage who have goods or services also related to cooking. All of these publishers and advertisers will be targeting the same types of Tags.

As these 4 publishers and 4 advertisers begin targeting cooking Tags, they will discover they also desire to own the Tags they are targeting. If there are 4 advertisers and 4 publishers fighting to own the same sets of Tags, what do you think will happen to the value of these Tags? They will continue to rise until the investment thresholds of these advertisers and publishers are reached. Since advertisers and publishers are actual businesses, they should have much higher investment thresholds than individual Tag Traders.

Think about this from the view of a referrer. What if you had a few referrals who were advertisers or publishers? What if these referrals were fighting to control niche Tags that relate to their websites, products, or services? How would that impact your income?

Say, for example, that a few major shoe websites joined tagvillage and published our ad widget. Also, a few major shoe manufacturers and shoe retailers join as advertisers. Very soon, these major businesses are trading shoe related Tags back and forth, higher and higher in price. What if your referral was a major shoe manufacturer and they spent $5,000 for a shoe related Tag and then their competition purchased it from them? What type of commission would you earn if your referral sold a Tag for $6,500? You would earn $325 from that sale.

Interesting. Imagine the income you could make if you had a few major advertisers or publishers as referrals! Just by your referrals fighting over the Tags that relate to their businesses, you could be earning HUGE monthly paychecks!

We are a few short days aways from a major event. Very soon, tagvillage will be making direct sales presentations to thousands of publishers and advertisers. These publishers and advertisers will be registering with tagvillage, building their profiles, and creating their targeted Tags lists. And, they will begin to fight with each other to own Tags related to their websites, products, and services.

Most of these advertisers and publishers will register directly with tagvillage and will be ‘house’ referrals. So, we started thinking, what if tagvillage offered these advertisers and publishers to our existing members as referrals? This would be an AMAZING way to REWARD our members. You are part of our original membership. You believed in tagvillage and helped us build it from the very beginning. So, we feel we should reward you with a PLATINUM OPPORTUNITY!

Watch the BackOffice this weekend for the announcement of the Millionaires Club. We truly appreciate you. We know you believed in tagvillage in the earliest stages and you have contributed greatly to our growth. Therefore, we want to reward you with the MOST INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY that will ever exist for tagvillage members. This weekend, we will announce an extremely limited opportunity for our original members to get TONS of advertisers and publishers as REFERRALS!

Just imagine if you had 5 or 10 professional advertisers and publishers as your referrals! Imagine if they were constantly buying and selling Tags for $5,000 or $10,000 or $25,000 at a time! How much commission would you be earning every time your major referrals sold a Tag worth $25,000? Incredible!

CLICK HERE – to join the Millionaires Club!

Online Advertising Distribution Revolution

There is a lot about Tagvillage on this site and for good reason. It is one of the very few very good opportunities that has a potential that is so good it is not likely to be seen very often in a persons lifetime. It is amazing that people go from opportunity to opportunity while not seeing how massive the potential of what they already have in front of them.

The last news item posted on the tagvillage site detailed where it sees itself and what it really is about. I have reproduced it in part below. To see the full article click here

The Bull’s-Eye in Sight

April 20, 2012

Those of you who have been along for the entire ride have seen many refinements over the past 18 months. I am happy to say, as CEO of the company, I have never before felt more assured that we are on the right path. Today we have a clear objective coupled with a precise plan of attack.

During my lifetime as a businessman, I have learned many important lessons. Among these, I learned what every single truly successful business has that makes them leap to the top. First, every truly successful business has a core purpose, a reason the founders wake up every day and go to work. Second, every truly successful business has identified a real problem in an industry and provided a solution. I must admit to you that until recently, I have always felt we did not have a clearly defined method to attain our core purpose, nor had we identified a real problem so that we may provide the solution.

The past 6 months has been especially important for tagvillage as a business. We struggled through a few financing exercises with investors. We looked deeply into our business model. We looked deeply into our software and development process. I spent 1 month with our development team in Ukraine researching, identifying real problems, and discussing possible solutions. I am happy to say that we now have all the important ingredients to develop a truly successful, dominant business. We know exactly what our core purpose is. We have defined our precise business. We have identified real problems within the industry. We have the resources and knowledge to provide the solutions. We have a clear plan of attack.

What is our core purpose? Causes.

We always wanted to be a resource for humanitarian interests around the world. Therefore, we have set a rule that 100% of our future development shall be centered on Causes. From this day forward, every single product we develop will have Causes at the core. We are about to revolutionize the online advertising industry with a means to continuously apply positive affect to the Causes that advertisers, publishers, and viewers hold dear to their hearts.

What is our true business? Online Advertising Delivery.

We are not a search engine, nor do we have the resources to build one. We are not a social network, nor do we have the ability to compete in this field. We are an online advertising delivery platform. From this day forward, every single product we develop will focus on the efficient, effective delivery of advertisements through multiple online channels, while simultaneously benefiting Causes.

Are there problems or ‘broken’ products in our industry? YES.

After much research, we found the majority of the participants in the $80 Billion online advertising industry share the same three primary complaints:

  1. Transparency
  2. Indexing
  3. Creative Ideas
The most common complaint in the online advertising industry focuses on Transparency. Including Google AdSense and DoubleClick, there is not a single advertising network in existence which provides complete transparency to the participants. Ad networks claim to have thousands of publishers, but they do not disclose them to the advertisers. Publishing networks claim to have thousands of advertisers, but they do not disclose them to the publishers. It is impossible for an advertiser to know exactly where all their ads appeared. What pages were they on? What videos were they next to? What articles were they ‘sponsoring’?

What if there were an advertising network that fully disclosed 100% of every detail to the advertisers and publishers? What if advertisers could get a report of every single page and location on the page where their ads appeared each month? What if publishers were told which ads appeared on their sites, who the advertiser was, what Tag they were targeting, and how much they were bidding? This is what tagvillage is building now. Within the next few months, we will be offering the ONLY online advertising platform that is 100% transparent. Both advertisers and publishers will have access to any and all information they wish, even the information that Google and other networks refuse to disclose.

The second most common complaint revolves around Indexing. Every single advertising network in existence uses search-based indexing. In other words, when a publisher submits their website to the network, a spider reviews the page and then a complex algorithm is used to determine the major keywords or topics of the page. Once these keywords are determined, the page is ‘indexed’ into the ad network database and assigned a small set of primary keywords. From this point forward, all ads displayed on the page must relate to this small set of keywords.

While this is a good solution when it comes to relevance (placing ads on pages that actually relate to the content of the page), it is not a good solution when it comes to variety. Many publishers complain that the ads on their pages are the same ‘ole same ‘ole. The only way to get different ads to appear is to completely rewrite the page and wish that the ad network assigns different keywords when they re-index the page. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

What if publishers were given a say in the indexing of their own pages? What if publishers were allowed to change the set of keywords that were being targeted? What if we only relied partially on computers to do the match-making and we allowed human brains to be involved? This is the solution tagvillage will provide to the indexing problem. Very soon, we will offer the ONLY online advertising platform where publishers have some control over the Tags that are targeted by ads on their pages. If ads get old and stagnant, they can change up their indexing list and suddenly have new, fresh ad content on their sites!

The final major complaint in the industry relates to creativity and suggestions. None of the major ad networks offer creative assistance with ad content or keyword targeting. Networks such as Google provide keyword research tools, but they are not ‘creative suggestors’. Instead, they are simply search-based results. If the owner of a blog about nature searches ‘nature’ or ‘forest’ or ‘bird watching’ on the Google network, he will be given a list of keywords related to past searches involving these words.

What if advertisers were given tools to help them find creative ideas? What if the owner of the nature blog entered ‘nature’ into the system and an actual human suggested he show ads related to ‘eco furniture’ on his blog? A computer could NEVER make this suggestion. A person could. What if an advertiser wanted to create 5 variations of an ad and let thousands of people ‘vote’ on the best one and make creative suggestions?

tagvillage will provide solutions for the creativity problem. We are building tools that will allow publishers to interact with Tag Traders and advertisers so they display ads on their sites more creatively. We are building tools that will allow Tag Traders to ‘suggest’ the Tags publishers and advertisers target. We are building tools to allow advertisers to ‘test’ their ad content and receive creative feedback from thousands of viewers.

In addition to all these solutions, we plan to give Tag Traders some say in the ‘indexing’ and frequency their Tags are targeted by ads. One of the most important aspects we will use to determine if a Tag gets targeted is the value of the Tag. When we have an option between two relevant Tags that could be targeted by an ad on a publisher’s page, we will most often choose the more valuable Tag (the one with the highest price in our system). Therefore, if you want to ensure that your Tags are targeted more than your competitors Tags, you must focus on Tag value.

As you can see, we have a laser focus on a bull’s-eye. We know exactly what our core purpose is. We know exactly what business we are in. We have identified 3 major problems in our industry. We are building the solutions for these problems. I have never before felt more confident in the direction our company is moving. I think we could easily become a powerful force in the online advertising industry. The majority of the industry is complaining about the ‘brokenness’ of the current products offered by our competition. We will soon release a product that solves their problems effectively and efficiently.


Finally a company with foresight and enough integrity to give its customers and members exactly what they want. It is these sorts of companies that drive industries and make enormous amounts of money. This is something you should get involved with.


Help us Change the World

Stick to what works

How often have you heard the phrase, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’. When you have something that is working you stick with it right. The problem in online marketing is many people do not follow through enough to get the things working in the first place. So it seems many people will just jump from one thing to another continually never really getting anything to work. then they wonder how some people have success with just one program.


The hard part is finding what works. The reality is that many programs will work, but most will only work for people that get referrals. There are a few programs that do not require referrals to be able to earn and they can be a lot more attractive to people who are not recruiters. The rewards may be lower without referrals but as long as you can make a profit its all good.


I have often said I prefer the sorts of programs but at the same time some of them I am very wary of as some of them are setup in a ponzi type of way. JSS is one like that and I have reiterated that I cannot see how it can continue on but it is still very popular. Lots of people have made money with it, many with referrals but also others with none. I even talked with one who has made thousands with only one friend as a referral. Admitably that person invested several thousand to start with and after a few months had their money back. That is one way to do it.


I still prefer programs that I know have an outside income like Zeek Rewards. It is the stability of the income that gains a lot of confidence. Also they have done a lot to comply with legal regulations costing a lot of money. This also is a positive and shows they are in for the long term. The site has really grown and many people are making good money from it.


Then there is Tagvillage. This is really the diamond in the rough. Although they have not made people rich there are people earning an income from it but right now it is just in infancy. The money has not really arrived yet. Once the widgets are completed and marketed then things will really start heating up. This is supposed to happen in June 2012. Then the advertising section will be developed and income will once again increase. It is the people that are involved now while it is still being built that will make big returns when everyone else is trying to jump on board.


While these three programs are not necessarily certain to make you money if you join, you are more likely to with these than with many others. When it all comes down to it that is why we are here, to make money.


To join any of the programs listed click it’s name below

JSS – Justbeenpaid

Zeek Rewards


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