Stick to what works

How often have you heard the phrase, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’. When you have something that is working you stick with it right. The problem in online marketing is many people do not follow through enough to get the things working in the first place. So it seems many people will just jump from one thing to another continually never really getting anything to work. then they wonder how some people have success with just one program.


The hard part is finding what works. The reality is that many programs will work, but most will only work for people that get referrals. There are a few programs that do not require referrals to be able to earn and they can be a lot more attractive to people who are not recruiters. The rewards may be lower without referrals but as long as you can make a profit its all good.


I have often said I prefer the sorts of programs but at the same time some of them I am very wary of as some of them are setup in a ponzi type of way. JSS is one like that and I have reiterated that I cannot see how it can continue on but it is still very popular. Lots of people have made money with it, many with referrals but also others with none. I even talked with one who has made thousands with only one friend as a referral. Admitably that person invested several thousand to start with and after a few months had their money back. That is one way to do it.


I still prefer programs that I know have an outside income like Zeek Rewards. It is the stability of the income that gains a lot of confidence. Also they have done a lot to comply with legal regulations costing a lot of money. This also is a positive and shows they are in for the long term. The site has really grown and many people are making good money from it.


Then there is Tagvillage. This is really the diamond in the rough. Although they have not made people rich there are people earning an income from it but right now it is just in infancy. The money has not really arrived yet. Once the widgets are completed and marketed then things will really start heating up. This is supposed to happen in June 2012. Then the advertising section will be developed and income will once again increase. It is the people that are involved now while it is still being built that will make big returns when everyone else is trying to jump on board.


While these three programs are not necessarily certain to make you money if you join, you are more likely to with these than with many others. When it all comes down to it that is why we are here, to make money.


To join any of the programs listed click it’s name below

JSS – Justbeenpaid

Zeek Rewards


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