Text Ad Brokers Payment Plan

TextAdbrokers Earnings

TextAdBrokers has a 2 fold income system. First is through the contextual advertising network hitcrawler.com and second is from our internal commission structure.

Income Structure Part 1

Through our exclusive partnership with hitcrawler.com we will be distributing a total of 25% of their total organic profits to our partners 2 times a month.

hitcrawler.com already has over 3000 publishers contracted to display our contextual advertisments to millions of people every second of every day and expect to grow to 50,000 publishers in 3 short months. Through the combined efforts of textadbrokers.com and hitcrawler.com we are projecting $1,000,000 in contextual advertising sales per day.

Owning a SINGLE partner package with textadbrokers gives you an equal portion in the revenue pool.

So here is the breakdown.

With our current projections we plan to sell out of partner packages within 2 short weeks so we will use full capacity for our example in this situation.

With an estimated $1,000,000 per day in contextual advertising that would lead to a total of $14 Million dollars in TOTAL sales per BI-WEEKLY pay period. A total of 25% of those sales or ($350,000) will be distributed to our 10,000 Partners equally totaling $350 per partner package every 2 weeks. Or $700 per month. That’s not bad for a $25 investment on the ground floor.

TextAdbrokers Earnings


And remember that is RESIDUAL INCOME based on the organic advertising sales of tens of thousands of publishers doing the work for you in through our partnership with hitcrawler.com

We are only allowing 10,000 partner packages to make sure we don’t spread our partner pool too thin. In this example if we had 100,000 partner packages sold (which we could VERY easily do) we would only have a potential earnings of $350 per partner per pay period and we feel its better to maximize every individual partners potential by keeping the pool VERY small.


Just to show you how SMALL OF A MARKETSHARE we would need to accomplish this. Google took in $40 Billion dollars with their contextual advertising network adwords last year. We are positioned to acquire 1/10000th of that market place as our first year goal totaling 40 Million dollars. In the above example we are only showing the potential of hitcrawler reaching $30 Million in its first year.

Imagine being one of our partners at the end of year TWO!

Now keep in mind this is just ONE side of our income structure.

Income Structure Part 2

Now Lets talk about the second income structure inside textadbrokers.com

First off we want to explain the purpose of TextAdBrokers. With hitcrawler.com getting ready to launch in the next few weeks we were contracted to recruit advertisers to display initial content to the contextual advertising network. That’s where YOU come in. We are accepting a total of 10,000 partners who will each have a $10 advertising credit to use the day of hitcrawlers launch totaling $100,000 in advertising on the network on DAY ONE. With over 3,000 publishers inline now to display your content to millions.
When you purchase a $25 Partner Package you are entitled to the same equal share as the other 9,999 limited packages we are selling but there’s money to be made TODAY just helping us recruit partners. Not ONLY will you earn a total of 25% of the organic sales from hitcrawler.com but also a total of 25% of the total sales made here at textadbrokers and that’s if you do NOTHING! We are only accepting 10,000 partners totalling 250,000. Remember 75% of that is being paid in our global instant profit pool and referring members so $187,000 is up for grabs just from maximizing our partner pool. If everyone does their equal part that’s $187 PER PROFIT CENTER up through the opening of hitcrawler.com.

What if your a power promoter?

We are paying 50% of the total Partner Package sale to the up line members. $1.25 per member 10 levels deep with unlimited width. So if you go get 10 people and that duplicated only 4 levels you earned the ENTIRE POOL YOURSELF! Which would be 50% of $250,000. Leaving $62,500 in the profit pool spread evenly to the members of textadbrokers.

Board of Directors. (5%)

We know with any business on average you have 1-2% of its users go above and beyond to build life changing organization, having goals creates a very healthy competitive environment so with that we have created a special bonus for a select few of our partners called the “Board of Directors Pool”. The rewards associated with being in this select few are very attainable by anyone and EXTREMELY lucrative to those who become a part of it.

As you remember from earlier we are distributing 25% of the Total advertising revenue from TAB and hitcrawler.com to our partners, but as an board of director you not only earn equal share of that pool but you would also be part of the VERY select additional pool exclusively issued to our board of director. From our earlier example based on our initial projections each board of directors members would be in a pool for an additional $5,000 per day.

This is based on a projected growth of 12% over 1 year

The Numbers: We expect 100-200 (1-2%) of our partners to take that extra step in growing their business with textadbrokers so based on our earlier example that would be an additional $250-500 PER DAY! Or 7,500-$15,000 per month ADDITIONALLY each board of directors member would earn.

Minimum qualifications.

1st: 20 Personally owned Partner units.

2nd: 10 Personally sponsored Partners who each have one personally sponsored partner.

The qualifications can be met through a multitude of directions being your own promotional efforts PIFs or passing sponsorships to your team.

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