Tagvillage Christmas Presents Tagvertising Commissions

Tagvertising Commissions

Tagvillage are set to launch the most important aspect of the business so far, Tagvertising commissions. This means all the people that have worked hard to build up a big tag inventory will start to see which ones are going to start paying off. Tagvertising commissions are paid to members who own the tag that is targeted by advertisers. They will get 20% of the payments made on a ppc model. This means that every time someone clicks on a ad, the tags that have been targeted earn from it. All the members that own those tags will get a return. It may not be a lot but as Tagvillage grows so will the commissions.

There is an announcement due to be made in the next couple of days and it is expected that the details of tagvertising commissions starting may be included in it. Many members see this as the real justification of Tagvillage as it is something that was not achieved by previous programs.

Moving Forward

There have been some big things happening at Tagvillage. A big financial announcement is also on the way and the pace of growth is set to reach new heights.  2011 was steady but a lot slower than Tagvillage expected and development suffered as a result. This will be a distant memory as the announcement to be made involves a very big change that will see development rapidly increase.

The one thing you have to admit is that Tagvillage have managed to quietly go along and improve constantly. This is still early stages yet they are profitable and paying members daily. There have been some changes top original plans and they have all led us to where we are now. Tagvillage have so far managed to give over $25,000 to charities which is a great feat. It is still way short of what they want to be giving, in fact they would like to see that become a weekly or even daily amount when they are big.


There is so much going on at the site with contests, promotions etc it is hard to keep up. We move into the final month of the $500K Tag Guru contest and still there is the opportunity for anyone to earn from it. Another contest Star Light Star Bright contest recently ended and winners will be announced on 05Dec11.  Currently there is a promotion on this weekend for anyone that deposits goes into a draw where they could win 100 credits. Other recent promnotions have included double credits, Tag hunts and more. It seems there is always something going on.

Tagvillage contest


To speed up development and add an arm to Tagvillage they used GoFundMe to raise funds for faster development of the tagvertising platform. Some wondered why they would need this extra money when they are giving away so much money in contests and promotions. I can answer that in telling you that it is two separate pools of money. One is Operating  and the other is Research and Development. Those that donate are invited into a special club with some cool benefits. It is rather beneficial to donate and Tagvillage have made it more than worthwhile for those that believe in the purpose.


Tagvillage Change the World


Tagvillage has a strong emphasis on charity so much so they have even branched off to make another cause type website bandedyoke.org. So far Tagvillage has been able to give over $25,600 to different causes and this is just the beginning. There are three causes it is focusing on helping extra in December.

Just by being an active member of tagvillage, you will change lives this December. We are focusing our efforts on 3 cause projects from now until the end of the year. Together we can make a huge impact on these three projects, just by trading Tags!

Tagvillage Charity

Project One: Farm Animals for Families

World Vision

1 Goat: $75 | 2 Chickens: $25 | 1 Cow: $500 | 13 Farm Animals: $500 | 28 Farm animals: $2000
World Vision


Project Two: Smiles for Life


1 Smile for LIFE: $250



Project Three: Stop Girl Trafficking in Nepal

American Himalayan Foundation

Save one little girl’s life for 1 year: $100

Girl Trafficking AHF


There really is a lot to look forward to here. If you like helping people, like helping charities, like making money online, then you should be joining Tagvillage.

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