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One of the hardest parts of making money online is getting people involved with you and your opportunities. A good first impression is very improtant and Tagvillage realise this. To help members with referring they have added incentives in the form of extra credits, pif system with extra credits and now have enhanced the front page with some nice info about that, the Bazaar and a bit more. In development is a video that will be taking pride of place on the front page but we do not know when that will be released.

So the Tagvillage developers are very busy right now as active membership has just passed the 15,000 mark. It has taken 10 months to get that far but with all the enhancement on the site now I wouldn’t be surprised if that doubled in the next 3 months. Have a look at some of the new parts on the front page. You can click on the pics to get a larger view or you can see it all at http:budurl.com/tagvillage

Showing some of the Bazaar items

Tagvillage BazaarRight now this is a static pic but the plan is to make it interactive so that it will show current auctions on it.

Pic to show members what they can earn from

Tagvillage Referral ProgramShowing the donations side of Tagvillage.

Tagvillage Weekly DonationsThis is just something to help people with referral right now. The more members there are involved the bigger the benefits to everyone. The reason for that is more members means more activity. That in turn means that the Bazaar items will move quicker, advertisers will do more advertising, profit share will increase, members make more money from their activity. It isn’t hard to realise that in turn will bring in more members and more activity which completes the cycle.


If you want to make a quick thousand dollars then move onto the next big thing then Tagvillage is not for you. If however you want to build up a business that will grow for years to come and provide more and more benefits to you then you should be getting involved. If you know people that are interested in penny auctions they will love this format as they can win easier, more often for less cost. If you are the one that refers them in then you will share in activity points they are generating and benefit yourself.


Don’t wait till this is huge, the foundation is set get involved now.

Join Tagvillage at http://budurl.com/tagvillage

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