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Preservation of Wealth goes Scam

Preservation of Wealth has cheques bouncing, coins not being delivered, is failing to answer customer support emails and failing to pay commissions. GBBG decided over a month ago that they needed to disassociate with Preservation of Wealth. They informed members to stop their coin optionships. Unfortunately after numerous attempts to talk with the company and […]

The Truth

In the time I have been involved with online or network marketing I have seen a large amount of different sorts of business opportunities come and go. I have been involved with a number of them mostly with little success. One thing I have learned is that the companies that a lot of people tend […]

Whats Hot?

I was going to write up a post but before I do I wanted to canvas your opinion for what programs you think are really hot and working right now. Comment below and I will probably include them in my next post.

Are you having fun yet?

Sometimes people forget that they need to enjoy what they are doing. It has been awhile since I made an update and although I have had a few false starts making posts and I’ll be honest this one is not going to be greatly detailed either. But I had to put something here so you […]

Tagvillage Contest – Tag Guru Contest $500,000

Tag Guru Contest   tagvillage is giving away $500,000 in prizes! We are hunting for the Tag Guru. Could it be you? What are you waiting for?! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gobble up some amazing cash prizes. This is the easiest contest to win prizes ever! tagvillage is building 6 major […]

Tagvillage Bazaar about to Ramp Up

Well after several auctions Tagvillage has paused the items bazaar to check the data gathered so far prior to ramping up operations to the next level. Here is the info posted.   ITEM BAZAAR PAUSED TEMPORARILY We are checking data and making sure the preliminary launch of the Items Bazaar is good. We will be […]

Updates Coming

Apologies for not having any posts for nearly 3 weeks. I am going to try to get an update up this weekend. If there is anything you want me to write about let me know.

Network Money Makers News

This is the first of what may become a regular item on here, a weekly update of news from several programs to keep you informed on what is happenning. Idealy I would like to do it as a video update but for today I am just going to stick with the basics so I can […]

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