Online Business Updates 25June11

Online often things can happen in a very short time, sometimes good, sometimes not. So here is a wrap up of a few recent events.

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In what was the biggest news recently has been the rapid decline of Kooday. Over the last 2 months it has rapidly lost its appeal as the company stopped paying withdrawals and started having other problems. Now for the 3rd straight week no profit share has been credited to accounts and there are still people that have been waiting for withdrawals from April. Evidence surfaced that incdicated peoples worst fears, that it was all a scam from the start. The crazy part is that the concept if it had of been followed through would stand to make far far more than a scam ever could. There are still a few people holding onto the belief that Kooday is not finished yet but it is more hope than anything else. Brian Lindback is the name behind it and is the priciple person at fault here.

There was only one good thing that came out of Kooday and that can be seen by the company in the next update.



The last few weeks have seen more promotions happening with Tagvillage and moving ever closer to the launch of TSP currently scheduled for 01Jul11 if testing goes well. This is going to be a big move and shift a bit of focus as it will be the 2nd major platform release for Tagvillage. The last month has seen several promotions from various taghunts, instant winners and currently the new referrals $10,000 credits activity promotion. The biggest individual prize recently was $1,000 plus $1,000 to the persons nominated charity. This is just the start. Tagvillage have also already given awaynearly $9,000 to charities. More good news is that Alertpay and Paypal have dropped the reserve requirement as they now have a level of trust with Tagvillage. This should mean that the Donations pending should become available to give out.

  • Updated Daily
  • Active Villagers: 12,708
  • Donations Made: $8725.00
  • Donations Pending: $5509.65

The number of active members is also steadily increasing but Tagvillage wants to rapidly increase the number of active people involved to move to the next phase. It is also one of the only programs online that has a page dedicated to all the people that are running the company, including the developers. No one is hiding here.



Incredible growth as the free membership is pulling in thousands. Over 38,000 have joined in only 9 days. This has to be the fastest growing launch. Launch is scheduled for 01Jul11. For a program that is a one time $10 fee when it launches this looks like it will be very profitable for a lot of people. There is now backoffice where you can see your own referrals. Spillover has not been added to the matrix yet.



Presentation meetings are being held regularly now. Nigeria has launched, iWowWe international is going to be officially launched at Budapest on July 9th. Extra bonuses and recognition has been announced. All is moving forward very well. This along with Tagvillage has great transparency regarding who is behind the company. It is a brick and mortar business. There is going to be a lot happen over the next year for iWowWe so get involved.


10 Million Dollar Blast Club

Once again the club has improved the quality of the leads being produced. They are now using double opt in survey leads from within a week. You basically cannot get any better online. To give an example your leads come with their survey answers which include, the reason they want to start an online business, how much they want to earn, how much they are willing to invest to start, email, address, phone number, date of birth, first and last name. This is high quality leads and if you are smart and get the autoresponder you can have the leads put straight in there. Instant list and now you can compete with the big boys of marketing.

Previously you had to promote the club itself with the leads but now that restriction is off.

Remember there is also the ongoing 3 x $10,000 bonuses that are up for grabs as well when it hits a certain amount of members.


New to look at

This is an interesting one that you can use to promote your business with. It is a social site and is growing well right now. You can join free but there is also a benefit to becoming a paid member. Right now you can pay and get the money back at the end of the month. As it is not the end of the month yet I cannot vouch for that part yet but will let you know if I get the $20 back.

You have to have paid to be able to make groups but you can be a free member to post in them. Now here is where it is a little different.

Revenue streams for Pro Members:

1. paid for being a guide!

2. paid for each Referral!

3. paid per Click Search Engine $0.10/click – $1.50/click!

4. paid for Post up to $0.30!

5. paid for Read up to $0.30!

6. paid for visit up to $0.06

7. paid for being a Pro Member with Flexible Matrix!

8. paid for network!

9. paid for sending mass message for promoting your business Pro Members can open as many groups they want and they get paid for visits to their groups!


Well we will have to see if this really pays but at the very least it is another place to be able to promote your business so at least signup free.

You can go there with this link Celoy


Well it’s late so I will leace it there for now. If you know of any other big updates that I should have on here let me know by commenting.



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